Pebble updated to 2.0.2

A quick heads up for you folks glancing at your Pebble smartwatch today with a bit of unease (it's OK to admit it) — there's a firmware update waiting for you. Pebble said the small point increase (we're up to 2.0.2 from 2.0.1) fixes an issue some folks had installing the firmware. So it's a firmware update to fix a firmware update. Anyhoo — head into your Pebble 2.0 app, then go to support, then go to "Check for updates." Then update. Done.


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Pebble firmware updated to fix firmware problem


I have totally lost interest in the Pebble as of today. That moto has got me sprung!

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Wonder if the Moto watch will be waterproof though? I doubt it.. That's one spec that. I'm waiting to find out before I jump ship

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I ordered a steel a month ago and have yet to have it ship. Should I cancel? The idea if Google Now on your wrist is very intriguing.

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Well, don't be hasty! I agree that this Moto 360 looks friggin AWESOME! And this, 2 weeks AFTER I get a new Pebble!!! But when you come down from the clouds, you realize that there are still too many unknowns about this device. For starters, we don't know when it will even be available to purchase... For all we know, it'll be mid October before we have one. That aside, we don't know how much it will cost. Those premium materials and leather (Not to mention the development cost of making such a unique and beautiful device... A circular display) are going to push the price of this baby pretty far up there. I remind you that the Moto X was sold at the same price as a High end phone with last year's specs.... Furthermore, we don't know what features or sensors it will have besides the ones already mentioned by Google's press release... With the Pebble, you know it, You know the battery life, countless reviews have been written about it, there is an entire rapidly expanding app ecosystem that comes with it... You know what you are getting and you can it have soon. With the Moto 360, we still know next to nothing besides the fact that it looks pretty. We don't know how heavy it feels, for instance, We don't know if it will work with all Android devices (Namely... OURS) And as of today, there are 0 apps written for it. So, you can roll the dice and be extremely patient, or be content with the Pebble until we have a better picture of what we are dealing with.

FWIW, Motorola is giving a rough estimate if Summer 2014.

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