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OK, all you parents out there. Here's another one that's sure to keep the kids occupied for a good three, maybe four minutes. Chances are you've sat through an episode or two of PBS Kids' "Super Why" -- and now it's available on Android. For the uninitiated, "Super Why" is an award-winning children's TV show that teaches reading, spelling and story-telling. PBS describes the app as:

The SUPER WHY App for Android helps children achieve the power to read with four fun SUPER WHY interactive literacy games in addition to a colorful virtual sticker book. Young learners can play along with each of the four main characters from the PBS KIDS series: Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red, and, of course, Super Why, while practicing the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing and reading.

The app will cost $2.99 (ask your kids for help -- they probably already know how to buy them), though it's free today on Amazon. Download it at the source link.

Download: Amazon Appstore; Source: PBS

Youtube link for mobile viewing

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PBS Kids brings 'Super Why' to Android


I check the Amazon store daily for the free paid app, but this one wasn't at the top of the list so I missed it. Thanks for making me the coolest dad ever :)

Anyone else having issues with the initial download of the image files? I have been trying for like an hour to download the files over wifi and it keeps freezing on me.

Here i thought I found something new form amazon, 10 free games in 10 days, thought I was in the appstore online, and its for PC... ugh

I'm also stuck at 20% downloaded for additional content. I submitted a bug report. Probably just server overload.

Odd, SuperWhy shows up as a $3 app for me on the Amazon App Store. Today's free app is "Fast Food Calorie Counter."

Same here. Calorie Counter is the free app for me too. Too bad, my son would love this, but not for $3. Oh well...

I saw the fast food calorie counter too!
What is amazon doing? Starting to target what they think you might like?
Sad as I have kids that would love the app.