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OK, all you parents out there. Here's another one that's sure to keep the kids occupied for a good three, maybe four minutes. Chances are you've sat through an episode or two of PBS Kids' "Super Why" -- and now it's available on Android. For the uninitiated, "Super Why" is an award-winning children's TV show that teaches reading, spelling and story-telling. PBS describes the app as:

The SUPER WHY App for Android helps children achieve the power to read with four fun SUPER WHY interactive literacy games in addition to a colorful virtual sticker book. Young learners can play along with each of the four main characters from the PBS KIDS series: Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red, and, of course, Super Why, while practicing the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing and reading.

The app will cost $2.99 (ask your kids for help -- they probably already know how to buy them), though it's free today on Amazon. Download it at the source link.

Download: Amazon Appstore; Source: PBS

Youtube link for mobile viewing
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This is fantastic! My son loves Super WHY. Thx for the heads up. Just installed it.

Brainerd says:

Oops. Wrong post. Check reply under the next post.

no driver says:

I check the Amazon store daily for the free paid app, but this one wasn't at the top of the list so I missed it. Thanks for making me the coolest dad ever :)

Brainerd says:

It's above the free app of the day. It looks like a banner ad.

redd214 says:

Anyone else having issues with the initial download of the image files? I have been trying for like an hour to download the files over wifi and it keeps freezing on me.

shmutt1980 says:

Here i thought I found something new form amazon, 10 free games in 10 days, thought I was in the appstore online, and its for PC... ugh

Skyeclad says:

I'm also stuck at 20% downloaded for additional content. I submitted a bug report. Probably just server overload.

coolbreeze says:

It gets stuck downloading for me too, hopefully they will have it fixed soon.

sbono13 says:

Odd, SuperWhy shows up as a $3 app for me on the Amazon App Store. Today's free app is "Fast Food Calorie Counter."

kenjancef says:

Same here. Calorie Counter is the free app for me too. Too bad, my son would love this, but not for $3. Oh well...

aarontn says:

Yeah, it's showing up as $3 for me too for some reason.

seangotti79 says:

Blah not free

danbutter says:

I saw the fast food calorie counter too!
What is amazon doing? Starting to target what they think you might like?
Sad as I have kids that would love the app.