Streaming service also announces it will remove 40 hour mobile listening cap Sept. 1

Find yourself drifting off to sleep listening to your classical music station on Pandora every night? Well the latest version of the Pandora app has you covered. A new, and apparently highly-requested, feature of a proper sleep timer has arrived in the latest version of the app. The timer can be accessed by sliding in the settings panel from the right edge and can easily be set to 15, 30 or 60 minutes before the music stops playing. It would be nice to set your own time, but we're not going to look this gift horse in the mouth.

On a related note Pandora has also announced, in its quarterly financial results of all places, that it will stop restricting mobile users to 40 hours of streaming per month starting September 1st. The limit was put in place back in March, and Pandora says that it only affected 4 percent of its monthly active users. Under those circumstances it makes more sense for Pandora to be able to advertise unlimited mobile listening than it does to shut down the highest users it has.

Along with the sleep timer, this update brings support for NissanConnect touch screen and steering wheel controls in select Nissan cars, which is important for listening to your music while driving. You can grab the latest version of the Pandora app at the Play Store link above

Source: Pandora; Via: SlashGear


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Pandora update adds sleep timer, Nissan car integration


Just last night when I was getting ready for bed, I swear, I was saying to myself that I wished Pandora had a sleep timer! Twilight Zone moment when I saw this update.

Posted via Android Central App

Cool, I have another option than just songza. I still like falling asleep to nature sounds, kinda childish, but it works!

Posted via Android Central App

.... Bring back unlimited skipping and I'll think about using it again.

Posted via My sparse LTE Evo

I agree, the listening cap and removing unlimited skipping made me look elsewhere, plus the ads every other song started getting out of hand. I went with Google play music all access and I'll never look back.

Those restrictions pushed nee to slacker, Google music and songza as well. Glad to see that one of those is getting the boot! I like slacker, but Pandora had better playlists for some things.

Posted via Android Central App

Noticed one issue since updating. On my Droid Maxx the lockscreen widget no longer updates the song unless I click into the pandora app and then exit. This is annoying cause I have to open the phone and click into an app just to see what is currently playing