Still weighing options when it comes to Android tablets? Well Pandigital is hoping to sway you with their offering of a 9-inch multimedia tablet and eReader all in one. Arriving on AT&T at the end of this month bearing suggested retail price of $279.99. The Pandigital offering comes with an ARM 11 processor, 2GB of integrated memory and an SD, SDHC and MMC card reader that accepts up to 32GB memory in addition to a mini-USB port. On top of all that, included is AT&T wireless connectivity and Wi-Fi built in. Any takers? Oh ya, should be mentioned -- screen is resistive. [Press Release]

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stopsign002 says:

I wont buy a resistive tablet. That's all there is to it

tompro53 says:


jhotmann says:


Dark_Blu says:

Really. Hmmmm.... I guess that's the end of iPad AT&T exclusivity. LOL!!! Too bad it's on AT&T, as I won't be getting one. Don't need anything other than my 4.3" HTC EVO Tablet. LOL!!!

johnny99 says:

Archos 70 has a capacitive touch screen for the same price as this thing.

rog152 says:

The Nookcolor is even cheaper with better specs.

JagoX says:

Ha! What's funny is that as soon as I saw the headline with the words "Pandigital" my first response was "So I guess that means it will have a crappy display..."

They're digital frames look absolutely terrible so I'm surprised that they would do the usual thing and skip out on the most important part of the device.

voiceonly says:

Dumb question: What's the difference between Resistive (and what would be the other) and something else?

What's the DroidX have?

JagoX says:

Resistive means you actually have to press down on the screen for it to pick up your finger input...or you need to use a stylus.

The Droid X (along with other Android phones, all the iOS devices, WP7 devices, Palm Pre, etc. all have capacitive screens.

pseudoelf says:

ARM 11 why not at least a cortex A8?

bdmridgback says:

I bought the 7" Pandigital for my mom and it was JUNK!!!

Went and got her a Nook Color... Much better.

Don't waste your $$$ on this crap

crxssi says:

>"2GB of integrated memory"

Doubtful. It probably has 256MB or 512MB of memory. Memory=RAM. Why the marketing people can't seem to get that right baffles me. Now, it might have 2GB of STORAGE, or FLASH.

Either way, Pandigital usually makes junk. Junk tied to a 3G carrier is even scarier. Pass.

We want a quality, 10", WiFi-only, 3.0 tablet for around $400. Waiting!!!!!

JagoX says:

You forgot to add capacitive screen to that list of requirements ;)