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Panasonic may have all but pulled out of the European smartphone market, but that hasn't stopped it pushing out Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for its ill-fated Eluga. The Eluga, which saw a limited launch in June with Gingerbread, can now benefit from standard ICS features like improved multitasking, a redesigned lock screen and various UI enhancements.

Panasonic has chosen a somewhat odd upgrade path for the Eluga, however. The upgrade package must be downloaded from the Google Play Store (check the link above), after ensuring that you've got the required 150MB of SD card space and are running the latest Gingerbread ROM, version 07.5315. It's a little convoluted, but we suppose it's better than no upgrade at all.

The Eluga isn't the only Gingerbread phone getting updated to ICS via a long-winded manual upgrade process. Earlier today Vodafone and Huawei posted details of how Ascend G300 owners can upgrade to Android 4.0, using a similarly complex method.

Anyone actually buy a Panasonic Eluga? If you're out there, fess up down in the comments. Full 22-step upgrade instruction procedure is detailed at the source link.

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Panasonic Eluga getting Ice Cream Sandwich update


I kind of like it. Defies the purpose of the OTA update, but much better than having to use HTC Sync or Kies. Still don't get why more OEMs don't use ANDROID default OTA.

That they launched it with Gingerbread was THE dealbreaker for me. And after months without ICS announcement i finally deleted it from my Amazon Wishlist. Bummer!

P.S.: Still love my Panasonic Viera Plasmas ;-)

I'm confused ... why is pushing it through the play store bad compared to proprietary software (eg kies) or limited OTA push based on specific device ID information?

I have a Panasonic ELUGA. It's really too bad that it didn't take off, it's one of the nicest phones I've ever owned. Hope that one day Panasonic ventures outside of Japan with their phones again. Oh, and I thought the update being delivered through the Play Store was pretty slick.

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