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Panasonic showed off its first Android smartphone for the western world, the Eluga, back at MWC in Barcelona. Fast forward a few weeks and release information for the mid-range device is starting to appear. 

The 4.3-inch, dust and water-resistant phone will first be available in Japan on NTT Docomo starting on March 29. A European launch for the Eluga will then follow on in April. 

Sadly both versions will be launching on Gingerbread. Like other OEM's, though, Panasonic has already detailed an Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Eluga. We're expecting to see it in the summer, though which part of it is still unknown at this time.  

via The Verge

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Reader comments

Panasonic Eluga available from March 29 in Japan, Europe in April


Why must they do things like this? ICS has been out for quite a while now! ICS on launch or nothing!!!

I like that it is dust and water resistant. If I had the choice with my carrier, I'd take that over the latest specs and software every time.

Gingerbread or not, I would totally buy the Eluga if it came to the US on Verizon. I think it's great Panasonic is getting back into the cell phone game. Hopefully something will land stateside eventually.