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ASUS just mailed out invites to events in Milan, Italy, and Taipei Taiwan for a Padfone 2 announcement on October 16. We don't know much about the Padfone 2, but some sketchy benchmarks have been floating around suggesting that we'll see a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor in there.

The original Padfone was a bizarre Voltron of mobile gadgets, with the phonebeing devoured whole by the tablet, which was in turn docked with a keyboard, and was accompanied by a stylus that doubled as a Bluetooth headset. Sheer madness, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria, etc. etc. Check out our hands-on from Mobile World Congress for a closer look. We can only assume that the next generation will follow a similar form factor with a few refinements (thinner, faster), but who knows what else they'll add on top of that; maybe dual-booting to Windows when docked with the keyboard. Crazier things have happened. 

Do you guys dig the form factor? How weird could ASUS get with the next Padfone while still being in the realm of feasibility?

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Padfone 2 set for announcement on October 16


This, to me, is A LOT more exciting than the LG Optimus G. I trust ASUS' ability to develop a quality device and provide updates quickly and consistently more than I do LG. Sorry LG, but your track record preceeds. The Optimus G looks like a great device, but if we see an S4 Quad in the PF2 I think you might be in trouble.

Just another device for Asus to put out and screw up. Then take the money and run like they do with their Transformer products that half work. They should go build products for Apple and stop giving Android a bad name.

This is the future of computers. The only thing they need to do different is include something alone the lines of Ubuntu on Android that launches when you attach the keyboard so you have a full blown desktop OS, a tablet, and a phone all in one.

Did the original Padfone ever make it here? I really liked the idea, but never saw it released (or missed it). Think they may have something if they can make it compatible with the existing accessories.

I want to see the Padfone on Sprint. Basically give us a Transformer Prime Infinity with stylus and speaker capabilities like the new Note 10.1 and a phone screen like the HTC EVO LTE and I will be happy. Keep the Tegra3, now that we can have it and LTE together :)

This is the way modern day technology should work..seamless interaction and cloning of functions between devices. Of course..Big Red will never carry this because that would make too much sense. ;-)

I don't expect this, but my eventual dream for a device would be something along these lines that switches screens when docked into the tablet portion to become a tablet, then does that neat simultaneous dual-boot Ubuntu trick when docked into the keyboard, with a few customizations to the Ubuntu/whatever-Linux it boots into so it's still usable as a phone (with a headset, or just an application for SMS) while in full on laptop mode.

That way you get single device pricing for cell data on a phone, a tablet, and a laptop. Someday... someday...

I would personally prefer to see two separate devices (phone and tablet) that seamlessly sync all content between the two.

Until that happens, then having a phone that powers a tablet would be a good second option.


yes, my most hoped for feature in android 4.2 is app data syncing. That way I can play a game on my phone and then pick up where I left off on a tablet.

Agreed. Data syncing/cloud saves for game, multiple user profiles, and a find my iphone type of function built into android OS would be awesome.

I have used the padfone for about 4 months now. Saved a fortune on bills, been more productive than ever. The next padfone is probably gonna roll in similar concept only with better specs. But I hope they won't abandon us, the 1st generation users.

What happen to the Padfone 1? everyone was on its Vagina when it was announce.. now its like "Screw asus"

The PADFONE 1 came out in Australia.
This second iteration would be really nice if it actually makes it stateside.