Ouya on Kickstarter

Update: As of 9:20 p.m. EDT, they've passed $8.3 million. Insane.

Tonight's the night, folks. Ouya's record-breaking Kickstarter campaign comes to a close, and then begins the wait for what may prove to be one of the most highly anticipated gaming consoles the world has ever known.

Wait. We're getting a little ahead of ourselves here. (Then again, that's kind of the the point.) Ouya, if you haven't heard, is a proposed Android-based gaming console. The idea is to make it easy for developers to get their game into gamers' hands, and to make it easy for gamers to play. To that end, OnLive is on board. As is VEVO. And XBMC. TuneIn Radio. iHeartRadio. If this thing doesn't take off, it won't be for a lack of backers.

And tonight, it all comes to a head. Oyua has nearly 59,000 kickstarter backers for $7.96 million in pledges, as of this backing. Will it break $8 million by 1 a.m. EDT? We'll find out.

And full disclosure: Android Central is one of those nearly 59,000 backers, despite there not actually being a physical product to purchase. So we're going to take this ride together.

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Ouya's Kickstarter campaign ends tonight - did you pledge?


This is EXACTLY what Google should turn the Nexus Q into... Nothing would be more intriguing to me than a Pure Google Gaming System... And what if people didn't have to buy a stupid controller? Turn your phone into the controller, use the NFC to automatically share games, get a text or a call? Maybe receiving that text or call pauses the game automatically... I'm giving away gold for free here

Neat idea. I admit I'm a little turned off if they have their own custom app store, just because I have a bunch of great games from the Google market.

Also, I think a big draw is having a physical controller.

If they have their own custom app store, it will ruin everything for a lot of people I am sure...

I agree with the physical controller as a draw, but I remember when I bought my PS3 the last thing I wanted to do was go spend 180 dollars more on 3 more controllers so my friends could play with me, so I guess let me rephrase, have the phone as an option because 100 million more people purchased an Android phone last quarter, so just last quarter 100 million people could have instantly purchased the next big gaming system controller, and if they want a more professional feel? Spend the money and get the xbox looking controller that comes with the system

Well, if it comes with its own app store, unlock the system and install Play Store. They've said they're going to make this easy to unlock and root. As a dev, I'm PUMPED for this to come out. I just wish I'd had the money to put down on a pre-unlocked system. But I don't see it being an issue if it has its own appstore if you want to use the Play Store bought apps.

True, that's the beauty of an unlocked system. At that point, I'd have to wonder how many of the Play store apps will support the controller, but I'd guess at least some of them will natively, and if not, then through a DualAxis-type setup.

I keep thinking that I might as well get an MHL adapter and a PS3 controller, but then I realize that I'm already up to $70 or so in accessories, so it's hard to bash the OUYA too much on that front.

And what happens to kickstarter money if a developers decides they don't want to continue with a project after they have received the money?

Condos in Rio is my guess.

This project is 844% FUNDED, with $8,021,077 PLEDGED. There are a lot of believers out there, and a lot of people would be disappointed if it fails or if they take the money and run. Such a huge failure would attract governmental investigations, and invite regulation of crowd funding in general.

Probably this project won't go that way, because if you can get 800+% of your asking money, the potential for even more when it hits the shelves is very high.

But sooner or later, some project is going to take the money and run and people are going to get burned.

You have to look at it as Vegas Money.

This is my first time on Kickstarter. I'm in Canada, and wanted the special edition plus an extra controller. So, I picked the $140 level one, and then edited the pledge to tack on the extra $50 for controller/shipping. Is this the correct way to do it? Or do you just select the $140 level, and when they go to ship you pay the extra $50? Never done this before.

They will send an email to backers, it will let you tell them what you want or what you are spending the extra money on so they can ship to you when its ready. as for the shipping cost, they will take that along with the rest of the money at the same time, then you tell them in the email they send that so much is for shipping.

Hope this clears things up.


Me too. I was nervous about backing anything on Kickstarter as I haven't heard of one successful crowdfunded project. I was curious about how it works, but according to Kickstarter, when the products get closer to ship you get contacted about setting up your reward.

So I purchased the $99 system and paid an additional $30 for a second controller. So they should ask me how I want the money dispersed. I "should" just have to say an Ouya and a 2nd controller and be set (no shipping in the US that I saw).

I figure even if it tanks as a console the hardware is worth the $99 just to play with. And given how open they're promising it to be I'm sure there will be plenty of people hacking and customizing it. The Q looks like fun but I just can't spend $300 on one. $99 for an android box with good specs for my TV is much more reasonable. Yeah there are already <$99 dongles out there but they're so sketchy and varied I just don't see the kind of grass roots development happening that I'm convinced will grow around this.

The Q is way over priced, but if a kick starter can turn android into a gaming system, Google can do the same thing only way better and more efficient not to mention their pull for instant game designer backing across the map

Agreed. If this thing fails, well so be it. Given the support for the device already, I can at least use it as a media center. They announced today that PLEX will join XBMC as supported apps. So for that alone I should be good.

As for the controllers, well if they support Android 4.0, perhaps they can be used with other Android devices such as my tablet and phone.

The way I look at it, you can't really lose out here. Worst case scenario is someone ends up with a nice XBMC without the requirement to build out a PC.

Well, you could go with the Vizio CoStar.. for $100. Which to me, offers the same functionality. Again, YMMV based on your needs.

Yes...but...the CoStar is a google TV box, not a standard android system. And it's not open. It will probably get rooted/hacked...but the Ouya is promised rootable out of the box.

And while I want to like Google TV...the lack of Skype and the way google doesn't seem interested in doing much with the platform leaves me worried. The Q just makes that situation even more confusing and less inviting to me.

Even before XMBC was announced I figured this would be a good fairly low cost but flexible and powerful set top android solution. The more they announce though the less it sounds like this will need the kind of hackery I was almost looking forward to :D

I actually love my Roku and was planning on getting a Co-Star as well. There are some things about GoogleTV that bother me though. Such as the lack of emphasis seemingly put on it by Google. Why would they work on the Nexus Q and leave GoogleTV to languish, when GoogleTV could do all that the Q does? As for Vizio, I am very pleased with them. I have a 55" LED TV with VIA on it. The problem is they don't ever seem to update them. As an example, the TWIT app hasn't been updated since TWIT moved away from MediaFly. I want to see that Vizio continues to support the platform after release.

I just haven't been able to bring myself to put out $99 for what essentially is, at this point, vaporware. That's really more of a concern about the kickstarter model though.
I admit the concept is very intriguing. I keep thinking, though, is $99 the retail pricepoint? It will be hard for it to survive at any higher, so I would think, yes. Especially if this won't exactly be cutting-edge by release day, hardware-wise. It seems like since they already have more than enough backing, there isn't a huge downside to waiting and seeing how this plays out.

That said, every time I see another OUYA story, my credit card tries to sneak out of my wallet...

Not into gaming that much, but the Kickstarter model is intriguing.

I haven't seen anything come down the pike that is so likely to be scammed. You just have to look at it as throw-away money, or like a PayPal donation to some project you like.

Unlike an donate button on a web site, the flashy kickstarter web site lends credence to projects that they is likely would not garner on their own. This is both good and bad. Good because a tinker in a garage with mad skills but no web experience can get funded. Bad because it is sure to attract dishonest people sooner or later.

8 million! Well done guys, is this now the highest funded project on Kickstarter? Glad to hear that you have Namco Bandai on board, you know what would make the Ouya launch feel official? A Ridge Racer game at launch lol, nah seriously ill just be glad to see the machine out and in my living room.

Excellent!! I'm glad to hear AC is backing them :) I haven't been able to support them financially myself, but I plan on buying one when it launches next March!!! I hope they get some big game developers signed. They've only announced a few...and the ones they have announced are great, but I'd like to see insomniac, R*, activision, etc join the ranks. I think it's got a lot of potential, and with the heavy hitter companies developing there's no way it could possibly fail!!

This system is going to be great. I really hope it picks up traction. I placed my funding last night for a system and 2nd controller. I have found as I get older I tend to enjoy XBox Live Arcade type games much more than the big sellers. The only "hardcore" games I have gotten into in years are the Mass Effect games. This could be an excellent device for the independent gaming community to make the games I enjoy playing. The type that do not require me to give 80 hours of my life to enjoy. That said, I really hope they do have developers make "hardcore" games because that broadens the appeal.

I'm Sorry but if XBMC, android games, console games, netflix, tegra 3, android integration extendablity, free to hack, all for $99 is VAPORWARE... then I am STILL sold.

not to mention the fact that a controller is included... thats like 30 bucks on its own! up to four controllers, wireless (which people paid $99 bucks alone on for xbox 360!), 1080p hdmi? thats an easy impulse buy. any of you that said "nope" will end up quickly getting one just to see what all the hubbub is about.

Agreed. If my Roku (who knows what OS it runs) the size of a Hockey puck can do what it can, this thing should blow it away.

I am hoping the big three apps come to this: Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus (come on now, you know regular Hulu isn't getting on this), and Netflix.

This device is turning out to be what would happen if say a Google TV and Nexus Q had a love child after a bender at an Open Source convention.

I agree with E_man. It will still be Hulu Plus, just not with a free trial like on a Roku or XBox 360.

You do know what vaporware actually is, right? Announced hardware or software that never actually comes to fruition, is cancelled, or is never released to the public. Technically right now, the Ouya is just an idea and a beautiful idea at that. If they jump ship and run, there is nothing stopping them. So until this hits the hands of backers and store shelves alike, this console doesn't exist beyond our imaginations. I'm considering backing it because it sounds nice, but I feel as though I might as well just wait to see how the launch goes first and pick one up then.

A fool and his money...

Seriously, people complain about how high prices of consoles/video games are.. yet they throw over $100 at the wind on just an idea on something that might happen. Wow. Don't get me wrong.. I'm all for new consoles.. but if you think I'm just gonna throw hundreds of dollars at an idea in hopes of a saving grace to the video game world.. you gotta be out our your damn mind. Unless you have money to burn.. PASS.

Oy no - I'm interested in a there finally being a cheap and good Android based set-top box and the additions of gaming is nice to be sure. I'll wait to see what they actually ship and let the kickstarters beta test. I'm all for it, but I don't feel a need to be on the ground floor.

Can't wait or his to come out also noticed visio charged my account for my co-star today too another thing I'm ready to play with.

Maybe it will come out, maybe it won't.
I'll roll the dice and give a pledge.
It'll be a pleasant surprise if it comes together.

androidcentral loves to talk about this ouya. 8million sold or raised 8million dollars. yeah it would of been something to bark at if it was 8miillion sold already. with it only being $100 i don't see why it's not in the millions. If i get it it will be because it's cheap and Im a techy guy but i wouldn't invest much into it after buying it. Sofar from what I see it does everything your phone or tablet can do(which already lets you use a controller) so..............

Although I want this , I could not justify buying this after i ordered a costar. Hope it does well, and I hope all investors get much back on there investments.

androidcentral loves to talk about this ouya. 8million sold or raised 8million dollars. yeah it would of been something to bark at if it was 8miillion sold already. with it only being $100 i don't see why it's not in the millions. If i get it it will be because it's cheap and Im a techy guy but i wouldn't invest much into it after buying it. Sofar from what I see it does everything your phone or tablet can do(which already lets you use a controller) so..............