Ouya shipping schedule

All backers still on-track to receive their unit by May 25, one quarter of which will come before the end of April

Ouya founder and CEO Julie Uhrman has sent out a message to the Kickstarter backers of the Ouya console that gives a peek at their projected shipping schedule. We see a sharp uptick today, and another near the end of the month when "larger-scale" weekly shipments are expected.

She also mentions that they have made a tweaks to the process that could shave days off the shipping time. We imagine building, sorting, and shipping out consoles to all the backers is not an easy job. Things can (and often do) go wrong, throwing off projections. Here's hoping everything goes smoothly and backers have their unit in hand soon.

Source: Kickstarter


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Ouya details their shipping schedule for early backers of the console project


I pre ordered through their website and at the time they said it would ship in April. Since then I haven't heard a single word and it seems I'm waiting till June at least. I'm not impressed.

I also ordered mine before the April shipment deadline, guess I just gave them $100 to play around with, and hope someday I will receive my unit.

I ordered right after the kickstarter ended. Last I recall it said early pre-orders would come in April, if not late March. I was starting to think I was crazy.

This is still on the Ouya.tv/FAQ page:

Kickstarter backers will receive their OUYA in March. Orders placed on OUYA.tv prior to February 4th will receive their units starting in April. Current orders placed on OUYA.tv or from one of our retail partners will be delivered beginning in June.

I ordered mine August 9th 2012.

Same. Not even a single e-mail with a single update. April is half over, and I've just been left wondering, "is it coming?" Now it might be May or June. By the time I get it, I have a feeling I'm going to wish I hadn't ordered it. :\ Pretty bad to have buyer's remorse before the thing even arrives!

Jerry. That leak that you didn't get, or ignored about Verizon device payment plans is now official from Verizon. See the article on The Verge.

Four other sites reported this. AC posted how to use Facebook Home all day This is why I'm frustrated with this site.

To be fair, this site is about android, not about cellphone carriers, so Facebook Home is more applicable than Verizon's policies. I think the coverage of Facebook Home, while nauseating to some, was necessary and served a purpose. Soon we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.

I guess you didn't read the AC article on this?


This thread is about the Ouya, why are you trashing it with inane Verizon stuff? If I want to know about overpriced Verizon plans I would Google for it. Can't you email the man directly instead of posting here? Also this is Android Central, not Verizon Central.

Also if you read about it on half a dozen other sites already, why would it be so detrimental to your quality of life that it isn't posted here soon enough? Especially considering his time zone, he is asleep right now.

"Also if you read about it on half a dozen other sites already, why would it be so detrimental to your quality of life that it isn't posted here soon enough?"

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