Nexus 4

Can't say this is much of a surprise: A day after T-Mobile put the Nexus 4 back up for sale on its website, it's being listed as out of stock. TMo managed to keep it up for sale longer than just about anyone at this point, though, so we're not going to ding it too badly here.

On the other hand, that takes another major retailer off the table at a time when even Google still can't sell its flagship phone.

Source: T-Mobile; Thanks, Frank!

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One big fustercluck.


You spelled it wrong lol.

I gotta stop drinking so early in the day ;)

DWR_31 says:

Sold out online doesn't mean sold out in the brick & mortar stores.


This is true. But, I'm sure that the brick and mortar stores only have a handful of phones on hand. So, same difference lol

mwara244 says:

LG sucks, I hope Google will never use them again. First time in LG history that there has been a customer demand for any of their phones, pitiful that they either delayed production for their own phones or never had the capabilities to mass produce a phone in such large quantities like the other big 3. I wish Moto, HTC, and Sammy would all produce one nexus device every year along with the other phones.

ggalmin says:

This makes me feel like a new "Nexus" is coming and Google is reducing its part on directly selling it and allowing retail partners to take it on. I have hopes for a good Google I/O this year!

coronaboy10 says:

By the time its readily available the 1080p quads will be on sale and it will be an afterthought. I know I no longer want one. I'm waiting for other devices that are coming that are better.


^^^^THIS^^^^ I won't bash the Nexus 4 or the people that managed to grab one. However, by the time stock is consistently available from Google, T-Mobile, and other retailers, it'll probably be spring and the "S4 and friends" will be on the horizon.

cozzy123 says:

There is nothing better besides another nexus. And people who actually know how graphics/optics work will never need a 1080p screen on a 4 or 5 inch device. Thats just so damn stupid.

return_0 says:

THIS. +18002 (twice my usual lol)


Haha I see what you did there lol

Orion78 says:

Yeah keep convincing yourself that. The devices that are about to come out this year will crush the Nexus 4. It's not just about 1080p. What's stupid is this botched launch. You Nexus fanboys need to get over yourselves and this is coming from someone who has a Nexus.

robzon says:

N4 is my first Nexus. I've owned quite a few other Android phones (5 HTCs, a Samsung and a Motorola). Nothing comes close to pure Android experience on the Nexus. I'm so glad I no longer have touchwizes, senses and what not. I don't think I'm ever gonna get a "skinned" phone again.

Geocranium says:

I don't see how a 1080p screen is really necessary on a phone.

I can understand if it's a phablet like the Note, but once a screen has 300+ ppi, pixels are no longer visible, no matter how small they are.

Even a screen with a 5120 x 2700 resolution won't look much different from a 720p screen, unless you look at your phone through a macro lens. All the screen will do is reduce performance.

Gone24 says:

This is all really annoying! Why can't Google get one Nexus launch right?

Rm415 says:

Again! They really don't want people to have a Nexus 4.

PWC Realtor says:

You know people are desperate when they are willing to sign a contract or pay $500 for the Nexus 4 months after launch.


Yeah, I definitely won't sign a contract for a phone (anymore); and once the price is past $450, I may as well purchase a Note 2, or play the waiting game awhile longer.

silk7 says:

I feel sorry that people have to wait for this phone. But i got to tell ya- For me it was worth the wait. Rooted and overclocked. ONE WORD- WOW!!

This has to be the worst sells distribution of any device in history. It has spent most of its market life in a out of stock status. It has kind of worked in favor for keeping interest in the device with media.. I'm also sure the situation has ran some buyers off. I wanted one originally but after two failed attempts, I went with its hardware twin the Optimus G. Considering the trouble people are still having getting one and the little issues and missing features like LTE..Glad I haven't waited...still would like to own a Nexus phone. Maybe the next version.

silk7 says:

Missing LTE?

You gotta to check XDA!!

Mine is up and running with LTE.

PWC Realtor says:

Did LTE for T-Mo go live in Vegas this week or are you just a lucky Canadian?

return_0 says:

OR using AT&T. Remember that it's a GSM network.

TLB69 says:

Just hurry up and sell this thing so we can get too the N5.

Kid1da says:

The Nexus 4 is a great device, best ive ever owned. I just wish google would of judged the demand better.

hmmm says:

Should have kept it in Samsung's court. They had no problem with the G-nex nor the NS. HTC would have been able to deliver as well.

gregmcph says:

ASUS has managed to get the Nexus 7 selling pretty much everywhere, and they did it quickly and at roughly the price that Google sells it online.

But then again, Samsung hasn't managed to get the Nexus 10s flowing either. I have yet to see one of those beasts in the lunchtime foodcourts. I have at least seen a couple of Nexus 4s.

return_0 says:

WHERE ARE YOU THAT YOU SEE N4S?! Please, tell me! I am desperate; I've only seen 2 GS3s, and an ASUS tablet just today, and all the other devices I've seen have been iPhones and iPads!

bobaka says:

this is really ridiculous. WHO's RUNNING THAT CIRCUS?

curley says:


moosc says:

To bad each store got 5 devices to sell

Floss82 says:

this is purely embarrassing for Google and LG smh I guess Apple definitely got one thing right :P

curley says:

iPhone was always out of stock forever, until this 6th version, the 5. How dumb is that? Named the 6th version of the phone the 5, not the 4GS, but the 5.

Nexus One sales = clusterfuck

Nexus S sales = no issues

Galaxy Nexus = Verizon clusterfuck of epic proportions 

Nexus 7 = clusterfuck

Nexus 10 = clusterfuck

Nexus 4 = clusterfuck

Why is anyone surprised? Google sucks at retail. The only Nexus device launch that went smoothly from the get-go was the Nexus S, and that's because they let Best Buy/CPW handle it. 



+9000 Maybe Google will move to a more retail-oriented launch with the next Nexus. Hopefully they do, because I don't want to add the Nexus 5 to your list of clusterfucks lol

rvirga says:

Nexus 7 a clusterfuck?!? Are you so desperate to protect LG to be willing to rewrite history? The Nexus 7 is one of the most popular, most widely available android tablets out there. Kudos to Asus.
Your comment is a complete non-sequitur. The Nexus 4 sells out on T-Mobile in a day, and this should be proof that Google sucks at retail? Seriously?!? What the heck has Google to do with T-Mobile's inventory? If anything, this proves that the problem is with LG restricting supply. Unless you want to tell us now that T-Mobile "underestimated demand" too when ordering the Nexus 4 from LG.

Lemmy666 says:

He was referring to the Nexus 7 release, which essentially was a flustercuck. He didn't mean anything else about the N7 other than that. Please learn to read.


"Nexus 7 a clusterfuck?!?"

The Nexus 7 launch was a clusterfuck because it was available in retail stores before many people received their preorders.

"The Nexus 4 sells out on T-Mobile in a day, and this should be proof that Google sucks at retail?"

No. Proof that Google sucks at retail is the fact that the Nexus 4 can't stay in stock: neither in the Play Store, nor at T-Mobile. Although LG manufactures the phone, Google manages the launch. Google chose not to use other retail channels for the Nexus 4. Google also underestimated demand, severely. Therefore, Google bares the bulk of the blame.

That's my opinion, anyway.

misterfan says:

Who needs a psychiatrist when you have AC to let out all your frustration, right?
It's been over 2 months folks, we get it, Google messed it up...

The stores got shipments of about 10-15 units. At least in my area.

I would love to get my hands on one from the Google play store.

Oh well. Sigh.

bassdelux15 says:

seriously considering going to my local tmobile store and just grabbing one on contract (only $100 up front)

Glerp says:

This is the first Nexus launch I've tracked (other than the Nexus 7 which seemed to be abundantly available) and I'm shocked that 99.9% of the time since launch the Nexus 4 has been out of stock. Like others have said at this point you might as well wait for a newer handset that will come out in March - ish time frame.

The N4 didn't meet my expectations, so I wasn't waiting for this phone but I feel bad for the people that have wanted one for months and aren't able to purchase one.

Mr.Audio says:

As much as I like Google, this is their issue, not LG's. Google sent LG a production schedule based on Google's sales estimates (which were based on previous Nexus phone sales), and LG followed it. It turns out there is much higher demand for an inexpensive, high-end unlocked Nexus phone than Google predicted. Google wasn't ready.

As LG has publicly acknowledged, when they need to make a production change, such as ramping up N4 production, there is a 7-8 week lead time. Their production line schedules are made that far in advance, and there were already other devices slated to use that production capacity. By low-balling the projected demand, Google had to wait for an opening on LG's production schedule. That's how manufacturing works.

Notice that the N4 is being announced in several for carriers all over the place; these were previously scheduled and those orders are being fulfilled on time. And given that it's just about 8 weeks since launch, I would expect that we are only a couple of weeks away from a big batch of Nexuses hitting the Play Store again. Everyone has a better understanding of the demand, so things should get smoother, much as they did for the Nexus 7 after the initial launch.