You might soon see (or already have seen) a notification of an update for your Evo 4G, bringing it to version 3.30.651.3.  Supposedly (Sprint hasn't released any official change log), this will address the bug people are seeing with Qik or Tango, and reports from our forums seem to back that up.

According to Sprint, only users with the newest Evo 4G's that come with 3.30.651.2 should need this update, and users of the older versions (3.29.651.5) won't even be seeing the notification that it is available.  That doesn't seem to always be the case though.  We're seeing and hearing reports from several people rocking the older version software and being prompted for the update.  For now, if your not running the 3.30.651.2 software version, I suggest postponing the update just to be safe.  When we get the full story from Sprint, you'll be the first to know.  [Android Central forums] Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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tim242 says:

Now, if they'll come on with the root for this. I just had to jump the gun and download it. Now I can't even flash back to 3.29, or 3.26. Damn it htc for messing with the bootloader!

VDub2174 says:

Gonna wait for a root version of this. Saw the notification on my phone yesterday but ignored it.

Maybe they'll fix the ridiculous mirroring of the front camera pictures, too? Ahh, to dream. ;-)

slag02 says:

The "Mirror" setting has been in the FFC settings for quite some time now....

igobyzach says:

Yeah well the "Mirror" option just flips everything upside down, not what he was talking about (i.e. if you take a picture of text with the FFC it appears backwards)

Brian Rubin says:

Hey guys, I'm new to rooting, so could someome tell me how to get a rooted version of the update once available?

cbhouston says:

"if your not running"

your versus you're

basic english errors abound on the net...