Flight Controla for Android

Airplane-landing games are a dime a dozen now, but the original and best is coming to Android. You might want to consider quitting your job to free up time for this one. [Firemint via @alexessory] Thanks, Rene!

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shizzy1427 says:

Great! Still waiting on Angry Birds too!

Perezan says:

Is this the one that was on the iToy???

shoman24v says:

so i guess i gotta buy this again huh

likwidsoul says:

Didn't really care for it on my storm

JohnnyACE562 says:

Oregon Trail FTW


WAldenIV says:

Isn't this already available?

tyrok3k says:

There is a copycat already available called Air Control.

davidnc says:

Coolio !! I have been waiting for this one ! :)

Dono74 says:

So what's the difference between this one and the rest?