Oppo N1 CM edition

All the numbers for those who love numbers

Regular readers know how we feel about benchmarks. A quick refresher — we don't think they tell a significant part of the story, and are just a bunch of numbers that are easy to manipulate and even easier to get caught up in. A better (to us) method is to do the things we do with a new phone, and see how well it does it all compared to other phones, and the way we want it to be done. A number can't tell me how smooth looking through a photo gallery will be, or how well the browser renders.

For my real-life benchmarks, the Oppo N1 CME is doing great. Battery life is good, using a T-Mobile sim card gives me expected network speeds on their HSPA+ network (no LTE in this one), calls are fine and clear, peripherials like the Pebble and Google Glass work as expected, and the performance is good overall. If you were to pin me down, I'd say it's a little faster than the Galaxy Note 3, but not quite as fast as the Sony Z Ultra GPe — which based on the internals and operating system overhead, is just about where it should be. The short version — I've seen nothing worth getting excited over, and am pleased with the performance.

But sometimes, I've gotta buck the system. While I have the Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition here, I'm gonna do a little testing. It's a phone that appeals to people who do want to know those benchmark numbers, and just might be able to do things to make them higher. I asked around a little and ran a few different benchmarks, and the results are in a gallery below.

First, a few details about the testing. The phone is stock CyanogenMod 10.2. I've not done anything in the performance settings, nor have I modified anything other than some user preferences. In the background, there are two Google accounts syncing, complete with Drive, Keep, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Chrome. Nothing was shut down, though I did reboot the phone between tests. Now have fun with the numbers!


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Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition benchmark results


Jerry has a case on the review phone. The case does not wrap around the camera section. So if you drop it, pray that the camera does not meet the floor.

Little bit late, there... Also my cynogenmod note 3 would probably destroy this ;)

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Very true. Although, how easy was it to get CM on your Note 3? I am fairly sure you can't beat simply removing it from the box when it comes to easy.

Download "Cyanogenmod Installer" to both your PC and Phone, follow the instructions, done.

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It is. I think, if it were more competitively priced and more widely available, it would have been a hit amongst the developer community as well as the common consumer (probably to the extent that Nexus devices are).

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

What kind of question is that?

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

A good one. I just get the first pic but in chrome the gallery works. Does the ac app not show gallery

posted from the AC Slater app

I see what you're asking, now. Yeah, it seems, whenever the pics follow the article, then they won't show. But, if the pictures are part of the article itself, then they're all there. I'm not sure, if it's a bug or by design, but I do understand that it can be frustrating.

I apologize, for not understanding your question earlier, brother.

Sorry, but there just is no justifying this phone and its hardware for what it costs. There's a reason that OEMs do their own modding in-house, it consolidates the cost/profit issue. Instead of having just samsung trying to make money, you have Oppo AND Cyanogenmod. This business model simply isn't going to be successful.

The scores look okay, but nothing spectacular. My Moto X, admittingly is 720p so it has less pixels to push, can get the same antutu score on stock. Sure benchmark isn't everything, and its only 720p, but it's good to know I don't have to pay $600+ to get high end performance. I think Oppo missed the mark on this one, not sure exactly how useful tilting camera is, even if its useful it's not compelling enough for the price tag. It's just too big and expensive. I prefer it over HTC One Max and Xperia Z Ultra though, except I'm not interest in any of those oversized phones.

I have the note 3 with CMod on it, very easy and nothing is faster. The phone is a beast. Anyone who wants a beast of a phone that kills it, the Note 3 is your answer. I have just about Every top Android device, nothing even comes close. Through in the S-Pen features and you have the best smartphone to date, IMO better than the new SGS5.

Besides iPhones, Moto X, Nexus, g2 in similar conditions, HTC one, etc.

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Until you try to use it one handed.
The Note is a very nice device, but there's a reason it's not more popular. It's just too damn big.

Oh, and if you have to root your phone to boast about it, your phone has a problem. Whether you're talking about a Note or an iPhone.

No, it's too BIG to use in one hand, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Hmm interesting... my LG G2 is an absolute BEAST right out the box... no cyanogenmod required...

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Z Ultra GPe. So much faster, better screen, better premium sound, much better radios so faster Internet, waterproof, and not tiny like the Note 3. Enough said.

Note 3 is made for people with tiny hands.


Yeah. I went there. 

Better radio than a Samsung device? That isn't saying much. A happy meal toy radio would get better signal than a Samsung phone.

I thought the US version of the Note 3 and the Z Ultra BOTH use qualcomm processors with qualcomm radios.
So, shouldn't the network speeds be the same? And they are both the same 2.3 quad core krait 400 based Snapdragon MSM8974, with identical processing speeds? So, except for the touchwiz slow down, performance should be similar, especially w/CM?

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Can't see what the article is talking about in the Android app. New content management system?

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