Oppo N1

... And there's a touchpad on the back, too

At an event in Beijing this morning, Oppo announced its new high-end Android phone, the N1. It's a device which scores a number of interesting "firsts" — the first smartphone with a rotatable camera, for high-quality selfies. And it's also the first phone to officially support CyanogenMod, after the project went commercial last week.

The 5.9-inch handset sports a 1080p IPS display, and on the inside it's running a Snapdragon 600 CPU at 1.7GHz, with 2GB of RAM and 16 or 32GB of storage. Powering all that is an enormous 3610mAh battery.

The Chinese manufacturer's also making a big deal about the optics behind that rotating camera. It's a got a 1/3.06-inch, 13-megapixel sensor, f/2.0 aperture and six lenses — another first on Android, it says — and a dual-mode flash designed to work for front and back shots. The Oppo N1 also debuts with "O Click," a new portable accessory that can clip to a keyring and control the device through Bluetooth. The add-on can be used to take shots remotely using the phone's camera, or sound an alarm if the device is list.

And as part of the growing trend towards putting stuff on the back of phones, the Oppo N1 features a touchpad on its back panel, allowing you to scroll by moving your finger on the back.

Not too much is revealed about how the optional CyanogenMod support will work, but the default software on the device will be Oppo's "Color" UI, based upon Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, with "410 design improvements" over Google's vanilla OS.

The device is listed with quadband GSM and pentaband HSPA+ support, so it looks like LTE is out of the question for the moment. There's also no word on any plans to launch the phone outside of China, though an October launch is expected for the N1 in Oppo's home country.

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Oppo N1 announced with 5.9-inch screen, rotating camera and optional CyanogenMod


Let's see, excited about cheap communist crap ?

Rather spend more money and get a REAL PHONE.

Get back to us, when you graduate from your mom's basement and manufacture your own phone.

K. Thx. Bye.

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Didn't you say this is another post? You were saying someone had to come home, do homework, and go to bed?

StealthDroid - Working in the Nexus Lab

Essential is subjective. Perhaps this isn't the phone for you. Just because nobody does it yet, doesn't mean it can't be considered essential. Many would consider smartphones "essential", but they weren't before they existed.

It depends on the quality. Moving parts will wear and eventually fail, but if engineered right, they will probably outlive the rest of the phone. Think of DSLRs that all have delicate moving parts. The moving parts of my 10-year old Nikon work great - it's the electronics that recently failed...

Your DSLR doesn't get shoved in your pocket on a daily basis...

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Ask the sideline photographer at a football game how many times it takes pulling you're phone out of your pocket to equal his camera getting tackled? Even semi-pro dslr's build quality kills any phones on the market.

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Ditto... Non-essential moving parts = potential points of failure you don't need... I mean... wtf, they're really gonna do that? Judging from the look of that pic, the first time that phone gets dropped from waist-height that cheap plastic Chinese "rotating camera" will go flying off faster than a tear-gas canister at Tiennamen Square.
Seriously. Anyone with 30 seconds of US engineering education (or the equivalent masters degree from a Chinese engineering school) can see what a bad idea this is.
For real... That thing is gonna fly off of the phone housing faster than the projectile vomit left my mouth that time I got high and drunk and then (literally) ate a dust-covered dented can of imported Chinese "green clams" with some warm mayonaise and saltines I found at the $Dollar Store$ in Winchester, Kentucky back 2004.
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RFaA (Reaching For an Analogy),
Similies?... They're kinda like... ? Metaphors?
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Agreed. It would be nice to be able to hold the phone at waist height (for example) while recording and still be able to frame/see what is being recorded.


Rotating camera is a great idea on paper, but a lot depends on execution. It could cut down on costs by removing the need for two cameras.

Yeah and who ever really uses the front camera seriously? Only thing I've ever used it for is to see where the ketchup is that I missed.

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What is the use case for a rotating camera?

Its just there to break. You gain nothing. Lets manufacturer get away with only one camera, but puts the risk on reliability

Installing one camera instead of two cuts manufacturing costs (and theoretically retail price).

You will have a full power camera for front or rear facing, so self shots or video calls will have a much better image.

Adjustable angle makes it adaptable for viewing angles, potentially reducing neck or wrist strain (and you wont look so silly holding it in front of your face for longer periods).

So I wouldn't say that you "gain nothing"

How trust worthy are the hinges of the rotating camera?

Is it really worth it or just a radical change with no solid future / practicality?

What ya say?

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From another article I read they said:
"Oppo says the swivel mechanism of the N1's camera has been put through 100,000 times of rotating in a durability test. This means the Oppo N1's camera can be swivelled 40 times a day for 7 years and it'll be as good as new."

Add space for more battery since you do not have 2 cameras but I wouldn't want it

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It is nice to see something different in this industry and this device is very different. Looks to be very solid, and dat battery!

Oh hell yeah! This looks like a sweet device. Although, it may be a bit big for my liking. I have the S4 and that would be about my limit, or right around there. I could never go with the Note 3, it may be fun to play with, but in reality I think it would be too big for my liking.

Samsung A700 on Sprint. I had it for about a year then gave it to my tennage son for a year and a half and still worked fine for a spare phone for another year.

And not one comment on the s600. My god Motorola does it and the earth stops moving. These guys do and not bashing comment on old slow processor.

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I think the issue with Motorola was the case of it being the defining product of the Google/Motorola marriage. People were expecting a super phone and didnt get it. With Oppo...they are a relative unknown in North America plus they are collaborating with Cyanogenmod. Thats pretty exciting for mod community.

Simply asking a question, but what programs or OS operations are optimized to take advantage of 4 cores? They're supposed to have the same krait 300 cores: one has twice as many though.

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this gives me an idea. why not actually build a phone without a camera but with some special port where you can add a camera module or upgrade it with a better camera module, or use the port for other peripherals. The front-facing camera on my Galaxy Nexus no longer can focus correctly and I was actually thinking of getting a Sony QX10 camera lens which is honestly a little bulky to carry around. But if someone created camera-less phones with an option of smaller or bulkier more integrated camera modules that would be great.

Rotating camera = able to face the front with flash = a whole new level of selfies...

On topic - this looks pretty damn sleek and nice.

Oh yes remote feature. So many up skirts pics. This will be fun

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The rotating camera is a pretty cool thing.. for a child's Innotab device.

And 5.9? Jeez. I know Cyanogen is all over this thing but they should pick a good-sized device to start with.

I list my phone once, but it was turned in to list and fownd.The thing I love about this fone is that it will make every other OEM think about it.

It is interesting that really big screen "phones" are very popular in some markets. Perhaps they would use this for everything and bypass tablets entirely. The rotating camera brings some of the benefits of an articulating screen on a camera.

I wish this had at&t LTE bands. This would finally be my perfect phone, but for me, it's too much of a compromise to lose LTE

From the limited pics it looks like the earpiece might double up as a front/read facing speaker. I would take one front facing speaker over any rear facing one. Hope the Find 5 successor follows this form factor but with a 5 inch screen.

If Oppo would support Verizon networks I swear I'd buy one a year.

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Very interested to see how this goes especially with the CM integration. If I had $600 to throw around and wasn't locked it I'd be very interested (but yes I'd wait till the next Nexus is announced)

I wonder what the price point is, 5.9" is too big, or too small for a tablet- phablets just don't really fit my taste anyways. I just like the idea that Cyanogenmod is available for it.

Oh, look at that! A company designed a phone that actually has little to no bezel on the bottom while using on screen navigation buttons. Now if only the main players in the mobile phone industry could stop being terrible and follow suit.

What are you talking about? The picture clearly shows off-screen capacitive buttons in the bottom bezel. Look closely.

This pic up top, not so obvious. The pics on the Oppo site. Very obvious. I'm sorry but for me its on-screen or buzz off.

annnnnnd fail on my part. I watched the hands on video at work later in the day after I made this post. So much for no bezel, the phone has an ass ton of it :(

Capactive button layout ruins it for me. Maybe that's why their press pix don't show it. Everything else looks good though.

Beautiful hardware. Skype type calls would be fantastic with that reversible camera. Choice of 16 or 32gb of int storage. Then the killer feature, CyanogenMod as your OS. Flashing CyanogenMod to your phone is one thing but to build and set up the OS to be used specially on that phone is killer. Running smooth as glass. I want that phone LTE or not. Get this phone to the US market ASAP.


I like it a lot....I wish oppo would make their presence felt in the states...I think this is an awesome looking device. Just look at that nonexistent bottom bezel. It makes a 6 inch screen phone feel more like a 5 inch screen phone

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I had a Samsung slider phone that had a rotating camera. I loved that phone.

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Looks interesting, but I don't understand why these manufacturers announce these products and then don't have release dates or prices ready. Instead of me saying, 'wow, that looks great, let me go check it out in the store and possibly throw some money at it', i'm saying 'wow, that looks great, wonder if it will ever make it to the US. Oh well, on to the Note 3.'

Very cool, wish it wasn't Oppo though, I would rather HTC even though I like Samsung. But go CyanogenMod

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Very nice, I would be in if it supposed Tmobile LTE. Oppo is a good brand...at least it was, dont know about now.

Glad it's only releasing in China for now. They should have all the bugs worked out by the time they start releasing phones in the US and other countries. I have an Oppo Blu-ray player and I absolutely love it. Looking forward to seeing what they do with phones as they get some experience under their belts.

Everyone's banging on about the camera but... What about that touchpad? What's the point?

I can scroll with my thumb. In fact it's easier to scroll with my thumb on the screen than with my finger on the back.

But that battery. Damn! Wish they'd put that thing in the next Nexus

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Man, I can't believe nobody brought up the creeper possibilities with that rotating camera. Taking photos without looking like you're taking photos, now the creeps won't look quite as creepy in public.

It's NOT the first rotatable camera on a phone. About 10 years ago samsung got some phone with it. And a few more brands. It was when 3G videocalls appeared.

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announced RRP is CNY3498, which is around USD564. from the size of the screen and lack of LTE i can tell this product is aimed at its home market, well, for now.

problem with Chinese phone brands is not hardware quality, but software. and Oppo knows it, working with CM is to address that.

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