Opera Mobile 11.1

Opera has released Opera Mobile 11.1. The big strokes are that Google text and autocomplete are improved, the rendering engine should be faster, and there's now experimental support for Adobe Flash on Honeycomb tablets. Here's the full breakdown:

Improvements include:

  • Added support for Google AutoComplete
  • Added ability to search directly from the address bar
  • Added intelligent domain suggest which suggests your most used domain endings
  • Added support for country domain auto-complete such as .ru or .id
  • Added user agent setting
  • Improved CSS, HTML5 standards support
  • Improved text selection
  • Added support for Google voice search
  • Added exit button option
  • Added support for external keyboard in Honeycomb
  • Added experimental support for Flash in Honeycomb
  • Added support for downloading multimedia files
  • Cache is now stored in Android cache directory
  • Web Search intent support
  • Fix for LTE network speed limit
  • Fix for force close related to volume keys
  • Fix for Opera locking in landscape mode
  • Fix so that 7" 800x480 tablets will get tablet UI
  • Fix for problems with colors on ZT-180 devices
  • Fix for several crash bugs (including crash at startup)
  • Permissions: See bit.ly/opera_permissions
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Check out Opera's video walkthrough after the break.

More: Opera; Thanks, Stephenn!

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Reader comments

Opera Mobile 11.1 brings better text support, faster page rendering, Flash on Honeycomb


inb4the Whocareifyourfirst crowd! But seriously this browser rocks. I tried Firefox yesterday and it appeared to be a little slow and laggy.

Slow compared to stock gingerbread browser. Word wrap populates off center. Too much use of red. Not ready for prime-time. 12MB? Really?

Pages MAY load a TAD slower, but scrolling is WAY smoother than any other Android browser. Don't get what you're saying about word wrap. It works fine for me. In fact, I think it works better than the stock browser because it automatically reflows text when you pinch zoom and automatically gravitates the view to the text you're zoomed in on. Too much use of red? Wtf? Completely ready for prime-time. Yes, 12BM. It's a browser dimwit. It's not just a skin for the stock browser like Dolphin. Plus it can be moved to SD if you're that up in arms about a measly 12MB, the size of like 2 songs.

Well worth the 12MB! I'm not exactly the biggest fan of the color red in general, but I don't think it's overboard. Perhaps they will add themes in the future. I'm pretty sure the desktop version has them. +1 for being ready for prime- time.

I Love Opera Mobile on my g-tab - it works wonderfully. The only problem I have with it is when I click links from an rss reader; it goes to the Opera startup page every time. However, I still prefer the stock browser on my phone (Captivate cm7). I'm going to check if I've received this update right now. :)

This is so much faster than stock on my 3D. I wasn't disappointed of the stock browser until I tried this. Are there faster/better ones out for Android?