Opera Mini, a browser many of us have grown to know and love has just updated to Opera Mini 6, bringing many enhancements. While there are many browser options available for Android, not all of them are as clean and smooth as Opera is. This update has enhanced the smoothness of the scrolling, added true pinch to zoom, and they have also optimized it for use on tablets. If you are already an Opera Mini user, be sure to update, and if you have not yet experienced it, be sure to download. [Opera]


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Opera Mini 6 now available on Android


Wow, this is lightning fast compared to Dolphin HD or Skyfire on an Evo.

Like to pick the mobile versions of sites even though it's set not to. Some bookmarking should solve that minor annoyance though.

Opera Mobile the big brother application has been updated as well, and now plays nice with Flash. You and prevent it from choosing the mobile versions of websites by navigating to "Opera:Config" in the address bar and searching for the User Agent String-ID preferences. Change that to reflect a desktop web browser and you're all set. Shame it doesn't work like that out of the box.

Note this only works with Opera Mobile.

This has to be the fastest version of Opera Mini ever!!! Feels like I have 4G. Loads web pages in seconds. I've always enjoyed using Opera Mini because it caches the web pages, and allows me to go back to previously viewed pages quickly without having to reload them.

Opera Mini has a few features like Flash stripped out for lower end phones like Blackberries and Symbian or even low end Android. It also uses server side compression before downloading to the phone to limit data and load times, but it doesn't behave and look as nice as the full version.

Opera Mobile is full featured so you get Flash and HTML5 as well as some other back end improvements that make browsing better. It behave more like a desktop browser.

On my Evo, I didn't notice much of a difference in load times just that Mini didn't look and scroll as nicely. But I could see Mini being useful on a slow connection for casual browsing. If you have a higher end phone I'd recommend the full version.

Well folks, Opera didn't pinch to zoom on my Evo. I even got it using the QR code read with my camera (that was slick!) so I don't believe I screwed the DL up. I SOOOoo uninstall ed that mess!