Sprint Total Equipment Protection

Beginning today, Sprint customers who have previously declined enrollment in the Total Equipment Protection plan can opt-in, regardless of when they purchased their current device. The open enrollment will last through Aug. 31 and will cost $8 per month, per line. The TEP program protects against damage, theft, and loss with a $50 or $100 deductible, based on your smartphone model. The program also offers the following benefits:

  • Service and Repair available at one of Sprint’s 1300 service and repair locations
  • No additional repair costs for in-store services
  • Next business day replacements for loss, stolen or damaged claims
  • Ability to file claims online with email notification of claim and shipment status
  • Extended customer service hours
  • The Protection App which allows eligible devices the ability to remotely locate lost devices, erase, backup, manage and restore contacts.

Sprint customers can enroll by calling customer service, visiting any Sprint store, or online at tepenroll.com. Anyone out there planning to jump on board?

Source: Sprint Newsroom


Reader comments

Open enrollment for Sprint's Total Equipment Protection begins today


Did anyone else notice that in order to be a Sprint Premier Gold Member (in which you get to upgrade your phone once a year) your monthly payment has to be at or above 89.99/mo, while most users have the 79.99/mo plan (69.99/mo for phone + $10 for 4G).. The equipment protection plan costs $8/mo; making your total just short of the required 89.99.. Yeah I see what you did there, Sprint!

I asked them about remaining "gold" after they sent me an update letter last year. They outright lied to me saying that my combined monthly plan was sufficient. Why am I not surprised. This is the same company that gave me an early termination fee when I switched plans and disconnected my phones four months in a row at billing time even though I called them the last two times to be absolutely sure everything was cool before the billing cycle only to have them shut me down again. At one point, they must have marked me as an "unhappy" customer because they had their VRU set so there was absolutely no way to reach a human when I called from my house line. I had to find another line to call from.

I was a bit upset about the membership changes too. Then I realized I was fortunate enough to have 2 lines on my account that have alternating upgrade intervals, so while it's only every two years the upgrade on my main line this year means that I have an upgrade on my second line next year due to when i signed a contract for it :-) so each year technically i can get an upgrade and I will just do an ESN swap for the phones :0

if you've been with sprint for 10 or mores years your automatically become a gold member no matter what your bill is

I'll be adding this to finally get my shattered EVO screen fixed.

Also, to those talking about premier gold... It's calculated based on a 3 month average, so just pay the extra $60 ($20/month for 3 months) to be eligible for the annual upgrade. It's cheaper than paying full price for a new phone if you really really want to upgrade. Especially if like me you got the best buy upgrade program for free when you bought your last phone.

Dude, don't do it. you'll have a $100 deductable to deal with, and be based on over priced service. I replaced mine myself for about $20 - it was very easy.

Just enrolled both my Epic's in this. Sprint seems to do an open enrollment once a year, so when I upgraded to new phones last fall I opted out of insurance and saved half a year of fees on 2 lines.

Now I'm enrolled with phones that are coming up on a year old and more likely to start failing. Thanks Sprint!

BTW my phones are in great shape, I'm not a jerk with an already broken phone trying to get in under the radar.

Maybe I'm just confused: when I called Sprint and they messed up my data on my phone. They said if I wanted to replace it since it was past 30 days; and, no tep was on my account it would cost 35 dollars.

Apparently here it will cost 50-100 with the 8 a month, lol. I guess that 35 doesn't cover everything; but, what if I had tep and the same issue happened? Would they charge me 50-100 instead of 35? lol.

Are you guys really complaining. First of all you only pay the deductable when it is your fault. As In You lose your phone or drop it and crack the screen. I had 7 of the touch pros when they first came out and never paid a penny because I had insurance. It was a hardware issue. Nothing I did wrong. Had a problem with my evo. Took it in and they gave me a new one the next day. Free of charge. I have never paid a deductable in all the years I had the insurance. Only real cases where you need to pay is you crack the screen or your phone is lost or stolen. Things like speakerphone going out is covered. Or any interior hardware is covered without paying the deductable. I have even dropped the phone and I fried something in the phone. Sprint covered that and never paid a deductable. Sprints insurance is the shit. The best compared to any other cell company out there.

This is nothing compared to what Asurion (Which is the company behind Sprint's TEP) charges AT&T's iPhone users. They are getting wallet raped.

So I have a question on this. My wife's Palm Pre is currently messed up. The touchscreen often times just quits working, and you have to slide it open and shut a bunch of times and then sometimes the screen starts working again. If we get TEP can we go into the store the next day and will they fix this? If they can't fix it what do they do, give us a refurbed Pre for no charge, or would we have to pay the deductible (definitely not worth it for a new or refurbed Pre)? I was going to have her put up with it for a month and then get the Galaxy S 2 and let her have my EVO 4G, but if we can get a new working Pre that will at least give me options to not have to buy the Galaxy if it isn't as thin as the Euro version, and I can wait for something that is that thin.

Well if its rooted unroot it before hand because I think that voids the warranty. But its not a big deal if you know what your doing. As for the guy with the pre. They r going to first say u need a hard reset. They always do this by default to make sure its not the software. If it continues to do what ur saying they will replace it at no charge as long as u have the tep Insurance. This is also assuming u didnt do something like drop it in water or something. Haha. U will not pay a deductable. U will get a new phone however yes it will be refurbished. In all honesty tho because I have gotten replacement. I have never had this to be an issue. Even when reselling phones. However. Another thing is if you keep getting new phones over and over. U can ask for a new phone rather than a refurbished one and they can give it to u. I have done that a couple of times. Its the discretion of the store or not. sadly. Lots of the sprint employees don't know shit when it comes to android phones. Then again. We r all android enthusiasts so maybe we expect too much from them. Haha.