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Only one way this ends ...


The new book coming out next year has the alternate ending! The book will be half the size. Apple will then file lawsuits against God for the use of the bible cause Apple invented the book too.

Steve jobs died when he did just so he could beat this ruling right here to heaven.

Watch out Angels, Steve's company invented WINGS, HALO'S, THE GOSPEL, THE TRUTH. They also invented LIGHT, but they're having a tough time sliding that one past GOD....

I was thinking he was in Hell suing the devil for the unlicensed use of heat. Apple products run hot so I'm sure they invented it somehow.

I bet Steve Jobs is in heaven (or hell) using a Nexus Prime right now laughing at us cause we still have to wait for its release :)

Problem with his whining and indicating that he would spend every last $ Apple has to destroy Android... to me, he comes off as a kid whining that he can't get a candy-bar/game/etc and is having a temper-tantrum. It only makes him look like a pompous blow-hole but if you've been assimilate into Apple's collective, you probably will defend it toot-and-nail and not even really know wethter any of his rhetoric is trutful, speculation, or otherwise, and will just defend him because he's Jobs and ran Apple... poor, pathetic minions.

This seems like an unfair characterization of a man that I seriously doubt you knew. "Whining", "having a temper-tantrum"? We can't make these kind of implicit judgment calls about Jobs' statements or his state of mind when speaking them. Perhaps he was calm and matter-of-fact? Perhaps he was simply stating how he felt?

We don't know; all we do know is what the author tells us (I haven't read the book, so I don't know that either) and we have to rely on the author knowing those things and faithfully describing them.

You're correct, I don't know him, but when you're in a position of that type of power, ANYTHING you say is scrutinized well above the scope of you or I. For him, or Bill Gates, Obama, Buffet, etc to say anything so extreme... I will spend ever last dollar to destroy them... is a major faux paux on his part. Whether he was losing his mind or not, the biographer should have noted, he was under heavy sedation at the time, or joking, or if I remember reading somewhere, it was VERY PISSED when saying it... so not knowing the man, but from what I've read about his words, my statement that he's whining, still holds true.

Whenever you weild that much power with your words, you need to choose them carefully, that's why I will probably never run a major corporation, you brazen-subhuman-numbskull. :) (said in jest.. in case you're wondering)


Let me guess.... psych major....

All we know about Jobs, is that, at least from the book, he is portrayed as an absolute " blow hole" to quote the gentleman before you.

But it does not take much to understand that Jobs was a type A terms of occupy Wall Street...he is the 1% of the 1%. The man did what he wanted, how he wanted, and basically when he wanted. Most world leaders are the same type of person. These folks can do great evils or great things because they move people.

I don't need to have been his chum old buddy, old pal to see some truths in the rhetoric of the book....his demeanor when he stated it....may have been passive, but I'm willing to state that when he originally said what he said about Android, a couple vein burst, fists where pumping and banging on tables, and curse words where flying out like no's human nature!

It's been pretty much agreed upon that Steve Jobs didn't have an attitude that made him easy to get along with.

Before making such a strong public statement, please check your spelling. Otherwise it's hard to take you seriously.
"assimilate" - assimilated
"toot-and-nail" - tooth-and-nail
"wethter" = whether
And, yes, I'm a retired school teacher.

LOL - this is the Internet, who doesn't make a strong public statement? You base a personal attack on typos (there's a difference between a typo and a spelling error) without taking into consideration at all what the poster said or offering anything constructive to the conversation.

Making hard, decisive choices and not accepting anything but perfection is what got Apple (and Stevie J) to where they are today. You can't expect the guy to have have a cuddly teddy management style. I think what this biography reveals ultimately is that he was a regular guy - he felt betrayed by Android, was maybe a little jealous of its success and just became bitter.

Yeah I agree, to say Android is stolen after saying great artist steal is blasphemy. I def think it makes him look like a child. A rich one but one none the less. "Android is for porn" Yeah well Android it is then Steve!!

The thing that gets me is that we have all these quotes from little Stevey (yes, he often comes off as a whiney kid to me as well, hence the name, sorry fans), insulting Android. "It's for porn" - "It's stolen and that is so wrong" - (even though he said he loves to steal things since it makes him a "great artist") - etc etc. But I don't ever see any quotes from Google employees insulting Apple. I'd be curious to see some - even if they said something, I doubt it'd be filled with as much hatred and whines as little Stevey's quotes.

I'm sorry to all his fans, and I'm ESPECIALLY sorry that he passed away (I may not like the boy but I wouldn't wish death on him), but he is definitely a whiny kid. Just listen to him talk about Android in interviews (and this book). He has always acted this way, it's nothing new - the only thing new is that now we have another quote from him we previously didn't know of. Yet another paragraph of hatred and crying.

Insulting Apple!? How about delaying the Galaxy Nexus/ICS event to HONOR the man? Shit actions speak louder than words in this case and Google/Samsung showed that. Jobs and his minions on the other hand are still whining and suing away because they realize that their time is up in the smartphone market just like it happened to them when commodity white box PCs running Windows turned the Mac into nothing more than a niche device. Game over Apple.

Jobs was obviously innovative. The fact he admitted many of his ideas came while under the influence of hallucinations induced by LSD makes him a little nutty.

"Innovative"? Nah - I'd just label him a pretty good thief. And then of course able to market the hell out of all of his stolen adventures. I suppose somewhere that's a gift...

He clearly believed that the rules did not apply to him. In the book he even says he drove his car without a license plate... Why? "Because I do"..
If that's not someone thinking they can do, say and act how they want I don't know what is.

I'm an androidian, but I did not have anything against apple until, they lost that iphone prototype a few years ago and raided that guy's house. Now that made me think the whole company is full of assholes, and that usually comes from the top down.

The fact that he wanted to see Android "Die" for doing what he did to innovate makes me not like him. The fact that I believe that the Android community respects Apple products and would not like to see them or the company destroyed rather continue to offer choice makes me happy to be part of it. His patent fight, desire for world domination, and Asian labor force make me sick as he is held up as a hero. Bottom line: Lloyd should be sitting on a toilet while reading the book.

EXACTLY! I feel the exact same way you do. I'm an Android user/fan. But I have the highest respect for Apple products (in fact their innovation drives Android to improve and vice versa--see iOS 5 Notification Center). But I hate the way people deify Jobs in despite his faults. Yes, he was a great innovator (or thief, depending on your point of view) but he sometimes came off as a jerk which lead to the creation of an army of "appholes" who parroted this hatred for everything not Apple (first it was Microsoft then Android.)

The end of the book should have the epilogue.. 'However Android is winning and Steve is dead, make of that what you will.'

No matter what you may think of him personally - and no matter what the recent android vs. apple battle had grown into one thing holds true in the death of Steve Jobs: His death is a great loss to modern technology. Who knows what may have been developed that we will never see because of his passing. Any man - independent of if you "liked him" or not that passes at such an early age and from such a terrible disease is a sad occasion. He earned respect for what he brought to this world. We have all acted behind closed doors in manner that if a public light were shined we should be embarrassed.

Who knows what new great developments and deeds could have been done by death row inmates, drunk driver accident victims, aborted fetuses... Sorry, but I'm not going to mourn a guy I didn't know for things he never did. I'll celebrate that his innovations stimulated a lot of things in the tech industry, but I don't count the loss of a single innovator as a direct loss to modern technology. Everything he created is still there, his ideas will continue to inspire, and new innovators will keep technology growing. His death is a loss to his family, not modern technology, IMO.

As an aside, I wonder how closed the doors were if these vitriolic quotes managed to get published, and if he would actually be embarrassed at all.

Oh come on, this one writes itself.

Jobs is in Hell, suing the devil for patent infringement for use of the forbidden fruit.

Jobs was smart, clever and brilliant at marketing. I can admire the man and still say I never drank the Apple Kool-Aid. Not a condemnation of their products or their marketing strategy. I simply prefer to think for myself and make all my purchases, especially high-end tech ones, after much exploration of the alternatives and I vote with my wallet to buy products that suit me and my lifestyle. That about covers all of us doesn't it? (Yeah, I know, I'm dreamin'!)