OnLive announces Ouya support

Cloud gaming service provider OnLive has just announced that they will plug into the upcoming Ouya Android gaming console. This means OnLive customers will be able to access traditional console games through Ouya, as well as a vast library of free, TV-optimized Android titles. Of course, Ouya's set-up stipulates that every developer has to offer something for free, so OnLive will give 30 minutes of play time for  each game for free, and if players like it, they can pay up and buy the game directly or sign up for their subscription. 

Ouya quickly met its Kickstarter funding goal after their launch announcement earlier this month, and promises to do great things for Android gamers looking for a more in-depth experience. Usually we hear about OnLive as a way of accessing AAA games on Android phones and tablets, but they also have their own dedicated set-top box that could have just as easily been a competitor to Ouya as a partner. Luckily, OnLive is more interested in being available on as many screens as possible, and partners up regularly - including Vizio, for their apparently popular Co-Star Google TV box

Ouya is still going through funding on Kickstarter if you're interested in preordering one of the consoles. Any OnLive subscribers in the house care to comment on the service? Would OnLive support get you to pick up an Ouya, or would you be willing to give OnLive a shot if you were getting an Ouya anyway?

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Reader comments

OnLive cloud gaming announces Ouya console support


I have a general Onlive question. Can the Onlive controller be used on non-onlive games via bluetooth on either a tablet (like a Transformer Prime) or a PC? I'm looking to get a gamepad to play things on my tablet and as well as possibly on a PC and if the Onlive controller will kill both birds at once, I think it is the way to go.

I was going to get an OnLive controller anyways for the CoStar because I was told it would work with tablet games any ways. I look forward to seeing how this will play out as well.

And this announcement puts to rest, my reservations in investing in OUYA's Kickstarter. Definitely looking forward to it more now...

I think I'll wait for a next-gen GTV box with Google's rumored Game Center app and an OnLive controller. I'd prefer to kill gaming AND media playback with just one stone... ;)