Just a quick heads up for those of you with Onkyo receivers that the Onkyo Remote Android application has been updated for improved compatibility with a few models. Here's the breakdown:

  • Home Media Function added for the TX-NR414/515/616
  • Added compatibility for the TX-NR1010, TX-NR3010 and the TX-NR5010.

You can check out our full look at the Onkyo Android app here.

Download: Onkyo Remote for Android


Reader comments

Onkyo Remote for Android updated for greater compatibility


Love this app and my TX-NR609. Sonos is more user friendly, but for the price and quality of the lower cost Onkyo receivers it's a great way to go! Also, no Nexus Q for me. I see no place for it in my life. If it was full on Google TV plus Google Music, then yes. Again, if I'm going to build a streaming music setup for my house, Sonos is the better way to go.