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Samples from the OnePlus One's 13MP Sony Exmor-powered camera have reportedly leaked out. We have had the impression that the OnePlus One will deliver some high-quality cameraphone pictures, but this is the first chance anyone has had to take a peek at them — provided these are accurate and from the final revision.

While we don't see anything spectacular from these samples, we do see what's important. It certainly looks like the OnePlus One's f/2.0 aperture and crazy six-lens setup can deliver clear pictures that anyone would be happy to share on the Internet. Have a gander below, and visit the source link for a few more.

Source: MyDrivers (Google Translate)


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OnePlus One camera samples leak out


Agreed. As much as we have heard about how great it pictures of the actual device either

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This will be the low cost device of the year. Hands down. Hopefully people will step out with CM.

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Doubt it'll be better than whatever Nexus phone we get :p

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True.... my nexus 4 is still as smooth as it was the day I received it in 2012. The oneplus will deliver a 5.5" display and and 3100mAh battery two things I don't think the N6 will match.

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I'm excited. All I want is a decent camera, long battery life, and a great UI. The OnePlus One seems like it's the one for me. Or the Sony Z2. Or a rooted LG G3. Those are my choices.

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Given it's rumored price. You could probably get 2 for the price of a Z2 or G3

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They could have at least named it something original. Oneplus One sounds ridiculously close to Htc ONE and Htc's ONE+.

The front camera on the note 3 is about the same, if you compare the big pappy/Obama selfie to these.

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Very easy not buy it..go and buy a similar phone with twice the price and same specs...good luck

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

T-Mobile FTW!!! Sprint wasn't too bad when I was on it. T-Mobile is just way better though in every way.


If it works with ATT or Tmo, it works with ST.

Buy the phone, pop in your existing ST sim, change the phones APN settings, enjoy your new device.

And Verizon claims to have the best phones available, I hate them.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

I love my HTC One M7 camera. I can't really imagine having a better camera outside of resolution. Good job Sony!

You know what would be a curve ball here? What if all of these were taken with the FRONT camera. Would you all be more impressed?