OnePlus shows off new custom accessories for the OnePlus One smartphone

So while you may not be able to get your hands on a OnePlus One smartphone just yet due to tight supplies, the company is now showing off a line of branded accessories if you're interested. Unveiled on the OnePlus blog, the OnePlus One accessories will come in a variety of colors and are designed to complement your smartphone. Pricing still is not yet announced, but hopefully the company will make the accessories just as equally affordable as the OnePlus One's wallet-friendly $299 entry price.

The accessories shown off include a clear cover, and colored covers with a bright yellow hue that is reminiscent of what Nokia offers on its Lumia line of Windows Phone, and a flip cover case that's similar to the QuickCover case that Google offers for the Nexus 5.

OnePlus One flip cover shown in a bright orange shade.

Additionally, there will also be some official screen protectors to shield your device's glass from scratches.

The company notes that they "have more colors and much more stuff coming."

Source: OnePlus via Neowin


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OnePlus announces new accessories for your OnePlus One


Alright... New stuff for a phone that's still speculative... Reminds me of the roofing companies that go door to door after a storm...

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I'm glad I passed on those roofers. The mechanic who changes my turn signal fluid every week told me that they're a scam.

While I get the joke, the ironic thing is, there is such a part. The Mitsubishi 3000GT had them. Seriously, it has a dual mode exhaust system. The control (valve) has bearings.

Back when they were sold, I worked in an auto parts store, we would get that joke once a week or more from the local high school kids thinking they were funny. When we would ask what year their Stealth or 3000GT was, they would stop and look at us funny. When we would turn the book around (ya before pictures on computers in AP stores and the internet being something readily available) and show them the picture. They would stammer mostly. We then referred them to he dealer as that was a dealer only part (at the time). We also explained it was a couple hundred bucks, since it did have part of the exhaust connected to it.

Corvettes have a similar system if you have the correct package. They have bearings as well.
Nissan apparently calls some of their donut shaped exhaust gaskets "bearings".

Sorry, was really into cars in the 90's and early 00's. :)

The design engineers were just trolling the mechanics. They were like "Hey, let's include a part in this car that sounds so much like made-up bullshit that everyone's going to think any mechanic working on the car is a crook!"

Sounds great.

However, this is the phone that's harder to get than a winning lotto ticket; so these accessories are pretty much meaningless.

Having signed up at the 1+1 site, and followed much of the promotion, I've decided that the great price for the nice equipment with commercial CM are just not worth the hassle or stress of trying to get one.

It's only a phone, and there are better ones out there. It seems to me that if you like your carrier, and you are eligible for an upgrade, then even the price is no bargain. . .

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I would like one too - But the hype is running me low also-I can only visit their site forums etc so many times-

or dont get your hopes up too early for a device that its own maker has said will be very limited availability.
if/when they are easily available in the uk,then i will buy one,until then,its like most deals that sound too good to be true,just hot air.

Well said that man!
When I can get to watch multiple video reviews and see the retails models put through their paces will I start to think of considering one. Right now just a fantasy

Accessory for a phone that nobody owns and is nothing but hype at this point? Great I'll take one!

The OnePlus One has a removable back cover, so why in the world does the flip cover for the OnePlus One instead cover the back cover (A la HTC with the One M8) adding bulk? its insane, Samsung ,Motorola and LG have realised that connecting the flip cover to a standard back that replaces your other back is a better move

I moved on. This company has wasted enough of our time already. Next...

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Some of you people really have your panties in a bunch. The phone will at some point go on sale to the general public without the need for an invite. Either be patient until then, or buy something else. Whining like a toddler serves no purpose, and simply makes you look immature.

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Very true. I think people are just tired of the "promotions" that One Plus have used before the phone has been released.

+9000 I have to agree with this. People are getting way bent outta shape about this. It's not like there are no other compelling devices on the market, if one is too impatient to wait for a general release.

I think that is a product of the low price tag and high specs (on paper) more than anything else. There are not many other high end phones out right now for $300...

I still do not think that this is gonna be all that great but it could just be me and my skepticism .

It will be highly competitive when they get into full production and shipment late this month, I think. The timing will be perfect for me. By then, I should then have all of the information from reviews and pros and cons comparison that I need to make my selection,

I'm sure they will sell a ton of them, despite all of the current angst.

I heard they where bringing out a phone as well, I'll believe that there are accessories when I see a phone in real life. . this one plus thing is a total shambles and I'll never settle for anything but a nexus because I won't have to put up with all this ball ache

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Yes it will work with gsm carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T. It has the all the bands to get LTE on both as well.

The only issue is you can't buy unless you get an invite from OnePlus. You have to be registered user on their forums and they have some weird criteria if you want an invite soon. Basically looks like the company is run by a bunch of kids. Anyway probably by the end of the month or early next month they should have ramped up production and should be easier to buy.

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Yes pls, announce accessories for a phone that won't be openly available for another month (at the very least!). This whole invite campaign is getting more retarded by the day.

I don't think you understand there is a huge difference between this phone and the g3 because I'm pretty sure the g3 won't cost 299 unlocked lol

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

I do understand the price difference. The price difference does not bother me so that is no issue for me.

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I rather get an phone that will be available instead of a possible wait of 3-6 months for a "cheap" phone LOL

IMHO an invite system is preferable to persistent "out of stock" notices at their website. If they are indeed opting to use this approach while they ramp up supply to meet greater than anticipated demand, I think that's better than playing the Nexus 4 launch game all over again. At least now I'm not feeling obliged to visit the site daily to snatch one before the "currently unavailable" banner is put back up after 5 minutes of sales. As long as when they open up purchasing to the general public in July (or whenever) ppl have no problems ordering, my guess is all will be forgiven. Some of the most vociferous apostates will probably even quietly return to the queue and by one. I mean, $300 is a damn good deal for a device like that after all :-)

Nexus 5

Exactly . People don't understand marketing strategies and business plans, or else they wouldn't keep bitching like so many below have done. Btw, I sold my N5 so I can buy this phone, and I havent regretted doing so.

This phone is already dead. People have already moved on and with good reason. The hype was too great and the supply non existent. Nothing to see here anymore.

One+ has maintained that their devices would not be generally available until mid-summer so how could anyone expect otherwise? The odds of getting an invite are slim and none so there lies any expectations. Reality is a bitch. Their devices may be a useful option in the future........there's a lot of good Stuff out there.

Its widely available via third party sellers. unless you wanna get the cm logo on the back, lenteen has them available and shipped to your house in less than a week, preinstalled with cm11s.

To be honest the hype has bored me. The hype train has left the building! When they announced it to was a killer but not anymore. They didn't move fast enough sure the price is nice. But the suspense has runined it for me.

I'll bet the invite system was designed to mask huge supply chain deficiencies...." We can only make them slowly or can only afford to make so many in any given time frame, so we'll make them exclusive & hard to acquire till we're able to ramp up production " only someone forgot to tell them they actually need devices out in the wilderness to attract & win over fanboys, but good luck with doing everything backwards....
Might've worked had they not tried to ride the hype wave to long....?

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Actually ,it was a business plan from the get go to keep up with demand. God forbid they are just starting this liine of phones and cant roll out millions like Isheep and Samdung

Funny. I was able to find a phone in less than ten minutes of searching on the interwebz. I bet you guys think alien files on the history channel is a documentary too,am I right?