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The Snapdragon S4-based One X has been rooted, thanks to kennethpenn​ of XDA-developers.  This isn't a bootloader unlock, but it is full root, so apps like Titanium Backup will work just fine.  It's also been confirmed to work on the AT&T version (I'm enjoying root now yay!).  The developer has been nice enough to make a neat little one-click package that will do the work for you.  All the relevant files are installed automatically, and when it's done you have Super SU installed, too.  So no confusing ADB commands to follow on this one.  The usual warnings do apply, you're rooting at your own risk and anything that happens to your phone is your fault and no one elses.  Are you also enjoying root?  Let us know in the forums.

Source: XDA-Developers; More: HTC One X Forums


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HTC One X and One XL rooted


And this is without using HTC Dev? Nice! Even if the bootloader isn't cracked soon, I can certainly live with this. /fingers crossed it works on the EVO 4G LTE

Custom ROMs & kernels are nice, but the Ones are still new enough and efficient enough (S4 versions anyway) that stock isn't too bad... Gotta have Titanium, WiFi tether, etc tho!

Awesome news!! Agree with the others who care more about this than the bootloader (I'll be sticking with stock for awhile anyway), and hope they get the EVO 4G LTE done in the same amount of time!

Maybe the same "fix" will be applicable. :)


If this does indeed provide full root on the EVO4G LTE it means I will be purchasing one, maybe even on release day.

OK so full root but no custom ROMs or kernels. That's not great but not too bad. Hope the Devs/hackers keep at it!!! That EVO 4G LTE is a nice piece of hardware but HTC has gotten pretty ridiculous with it's "Unlock" policy.

Actually they now have full permanent root, and S-off (method not released to public yet), so basically they got it without having to use the wack HTC method so people can not have to worry about a warranty. They will be able to flash custom ROMs, flash kernels and everything else. This is also good news for those who are moving to the EVO 4G LTE, as I am pretty sure the methods will also work on it as well. Which is why they may be waiting until it drops before they release S-off into the wild.

There will be Roms and Kernels soon. They have unlocked the bootloader on the Rogers One X witch is almost Identical to the AT&T phone. It should not be much longer.

I've never rooted a phone.... but it's required for a few functions within apex launcher.

Does this require any sort of backup before attempting? I mean, I'll retain everything on my phone if I do this, right?

Take that Deathstar AT&T! Nice to know I'll have options with purchasing the no contract AT&T unit.

And come fall when T-Mobile gets their 1900Mhz spectrum up and running, I'll take my One X to their network.