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The only thing better than that video is the name of the user who uploaded it -- "KoreanFrongMania."

And after the break, the far more subdued bearded dragon.

Thanks to everyone who sent these in.

Youtube link for mobile viewing
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:0 :-/ . . . :-7 . ..ummm.... Sooo Phil I know it's a slow news day and all but LOL really though?

Realist says:

hilarious ending with the frog one... didn't see that coming!

I just saw that part lmao... kinda scared me

shwetshkla says:

freaking hilarious ...hahaha :D

15israellai says:

Yes really hilarious...I'm still laughing now lol
Both videos are awesome though, you normally wouldn't expect a frog to play android games...

kraussca says:

I showed these to my co-workers and we died laughing. Great vid.

the3388 says:

I was just watching the you tube player snow. :D

barzell says:

i needed that lol :)

tostler says:





that is all.

paulmike3 says:

Nevermind. -.-

dacp283 says:

Dragon for the win!

Premium1 says:

That frog showed him who is boss hahah. The frog really wanted to play that game.

richardpandy says:

haha - pretty good.

themuffinman says:

LMAO!!!!! Frog for the win.

Atlewis45 says:


Hand_O_Death says:

Frog video was cute, the ending made it HILARIOUS!!!!!!

fstbusa says:

ahahahahahah that'll teach that guy from stealing that frogs ants!!!

LiterofCola says:

I lol'd