Motorola Droid Bionic Verizon store

Hey, look at that. An actual Motorola Droid Bionic, in actual hands, in an actual Verizon store, apparently. The picture above is just the latest in the seven-month (and counting) saga that's been the Droid Bionic.

You do get a pretty good look at the screen here, and there's the non-Blur UX we've starting to love a little more each day.

One more pic's after the break.

Source: Howard Forums; via Android Central Forums

 Motorola Droid Bionic Verizon store

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bduran727 says:

This is starting to get ridiculous, announce this thing already!

patfactorx says:

This looks like the same back as the droid 3

erikiksaz says:

Wow, her hands look so small relative to this tablet of a phone


I was thinking the same. I know its comfirmed a 4.3" but it looks huge in her hands! (pun also intended........)

Jowlah says:

That's what SHE said!
(Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Grumple says:

I agree, it looks enormous. I don't think I've ever held a phone with a 4.3" screen but that definitely looks bigger than what I expected it would be.

What? All the top phones on the market for the Past year has a 4.3inch screen.... want to try walking into a store?

Grumple says:

I haven't been into a cell phone store since I got my last phone 2 years ago. I've known for months that I wanted the Bionic so I didn't bother wasting my time looking at phones that I don't want to buy.

Well as my dad would say it:
ill be darned if that ain't the Droid bionic! I don't care what they say id still buy that bad boy!

ScottJ says:

Your dad is into high-end cellphones? Cool dad.

that looks sick

moosc says:

Picture taken with thunderbolt

Good LORD, that's a PHONE!?!?! Damn thing looks like a tablet!!

gcims says:

nah, can't be. tablets are thinner than that.

Are they certain that is 4.3 inches and not larger?

radgatt says:

Let's Get It!

It looks good don't get me wrong but I like the old look better. Still gonna get it. A good phone for my first android device.

Wicell says:

If you are serious about this being your FIRST Android device... Where the F*** have you been?!?! There are plenty of other great devices that could/should have held that title, this should be an UPGRADE. imo :)

CDubNY says:

the bionic will be my first android device as well. back in january of last year when i was up for an upgrade, the only android phone available for vzw was the droid 1 and it really didn't do it for me at that point. had the droid x come out by then i woulda jumped on that. i unfortunately settled for a storm2, a decision i to this day regret, but i needed something to replace my aging moto razr. but as the old adage goes, "good things come to those who wait," the bionic is (hopefully) coming out 3 days after my upgrade date, and it will be an EPIC upgrade to say the least.

I've been sitting on my upgrade wIting for something to catch my eye and this is it. Was looking for a touch screen phone with decent size and this fits the bill. Just sucked waiting for it.

cj100570 says:

The Bionic died to me on June 24th.

lol! Evo 3D FTW!

mtva24#WN says:

It died for me last month when I bought the D3

Man that thing looks huge. It's too late moto I am waiting for the vigor or revolution 2. Can't be an hd screen and the revolution 2 supposed to be as thin as iphone while having lte. Also some proof reading may help it should be were starting not we've starting. Also one more pic not one more pic's. Come on man.

IAmAPhoenix says:

We're, not were. Your punctuation needs help as well. Check yourself before you correct someone else's mistakes. Just sayin'.

You Jackass he said were and I said it should be we're great comprehension you clownass learn to read then try and talk to me.

tehsusenoh says:

... learn to write first?

engineer2001 says:

You are spot-on about the "we've" should be "we're" thing. That's a simple typo, I think. However, the "one more pic's after the break" bit uses a contraction. One more *pic is* after the break.


Anyone wanna place a bet on which phone will come out first; Droid Bionic or HP pre3

I love the quality of moto's products though which is why I will stick with it

coldbluded says:

Too bad that is a moto Rep pimping the phone. Vzw workers wear ties and don't carry a bag of s.w.a.g.

Unlocked bootloader.....make it happen Motorola! Only way to compete with EVO 3D and other dual core devices!

moosc says:

You really don't get it do u. U really think vzw or any carry will sell a phone unlocked. Geez nope that's what devolpers are for. I get tired of this argument its so over played. Come up with a real excuse

Lg and samsung are unlocked Moto encrypts their bootloader which is what people are talking about. Devs can only do so much with encrypted bootloader and have to use only stock kernals unlike with Sammy and lg devs can use different kernals.

moosc says:

You really don't get it do u. U really think vzw or any carry will sell a phone unlocked. Geez nope that's what devolpers are for. I get tired of this argument its so over played. Come up with a real excuse

nbajam says:

You really don't get it do you? Verizon (and every other carrier) sells plenty of phones that are unlocked.

dwhall says:

They do?

MrBucket85 says:

Name one

Revolution, charge, fascinate, any samsung for that matter.

optiiKaL says:

yeah,looks good though

trsohmers says:

That is running the same version of BLUR as the Droid 3... #corrections

tdizzel says:

Moto doesn't call it Blur anymore, so no correction needed.

animatedroid says:

correction stands. When u sync your email with the moto mail app, u get a confirmation email telling you that You've sync your email with Moto's BLUR applications.

unless they like being called MALware.
[Motorola's Application Layer]

tdizzel says:

Actually its Motorola Application Platform, but nice try anyway. And the UI on the D3 and the Bionic still isn't called Blur, so, yeah.

dwhall says:

Funny how half their packages in /system/app are named blur* though :)

trailblazen says:

That's no moon. Its a bionic

dadsterflip says:

Well what's the possibility of a late August release? Granted they said September. Anyone know how much this thing would go with an upgrade? 300? Well I'm torn between vigor but the screen really isn't a deal breaker for me. Plus hd screen sounds nice but how would it actually look? Qhd sounded nice till it came out.
Bootloader. Well as long as it's rootable ill be fine till they release a similar htcdev program but I like how I can do whatever with a tbolt lol.
That phone looks sick plus quality is good like when I had my droid x.

KSDroid01 says:

I want it. Every day when I'm on my OG Droid, more and more I'm thinking "man this thing is small, I need a bigger screen"! Can't wait for all that beautiful real estate! (PS - isn't the "non-Blur UX" officially the "Motorola Applications Platform"? Let's just call it the "MAP UI"...doesn't have quite the ring of Sense or Touchwhiz (although the latter for some reason makes me feel like I have to take a leak..oh never mind).

Wicell says:

Props to you! I actually got it

engineer2001 says:

That's funny you'd say that - my coworkers and I all had a good laugh when we first heard the "TouchWiz" name. It makes me think I wasn't careful in the bathroom and need to wash my hands every time I hear it.

Oh, man, did you just TouchWiz? Dang, you'd better wash your hands - all kinds of diseases can be carried in bodily fluids.

I think I'd rather do like LG and not even have a name for my UI.

IceDree says:

I reed some where that they are naming it "Optimus UI"

dadsterflip says:

Looks skinny from the top view then bam 1 inch thick lol. I know that's not the size but damn lol. Then imagine it with an. Extended battery lol its like back to the brick cellphone days

tdizzel says:

If the rumors and reports are true, this bad boy might not need an extended battery

engineer2001 says:

If it only makes it 14 hours or whatever they said "with data turned on", that doesn't sound to me like I won't need an extended battery. It sounds leagues better than the Thunderbolt (hooray, Moto), but still not good enough.

I use the crap out of my Droid Incredible and got the huge factory extended battery and back cover for it, and I barely make it through a work day. If the Bionic won't go all day with data on and synch events firing every 10 mins, at least two hours of calls, and email reading all day, it needs a bigger battery.

Immolate says:

Does look a lot bigger than an X in that photo.

G1Crank says:

Too big...I tried an Infuse the other day and the thinness of it still haunts me...

falconeight says:

Looks like a SGS2

TTGTOVR4 says:

BLUR is the worst...

tdizzel says:

yeah, good thing the Bionic doesn't have it...

The Dell Streak would be proud.

bladerunn3r says:

Oh I'm getting this ....eventually.

four_zero40 says:

Regarding everyone's comments.... that is definitely what she said.

dacp283 says:

And look how washed out that pentile screen looks......pass.

tehsusenoh says:

You must have magic vision to be able to see that through the blurriness of the photo.

supa_dupa says:

Ouch! Outdated before even released....

Anyone who says "outdated" about this phone is laughable. Please tell me of ANY phone, running LTE, that compares to the Bionic. There is none. Keep comparing this to phones that aren't even out yet. So dumb, my quadcore bionic two with 1080p and wafflemaker app pisses all over your vigor or sg2, those are so outdated. *rolls eyes* geez people, its a fantastic phone, which cares if it isn't 720p, are you REALLY that concerned about high def with a "TV" that's less than five inches????

If you are, that's your problem. I'll be comparing phones and getting the one I want, regardless of "outdated" dual core technology.

This could be aBIG Change for Android users bocz Exclusive Leaked Pics & design of iPhone 5...

engineer2001 says:

I keep seeing you paste in links to your blog in the comments for various articles. I bet you'd get more hits if your URL didn't start with "ihackuall".

Um, a seemingly malicious hacker who wants to hack us all posted a link? Yeah, I'll click that. LOL

Bigsike says:

Anyone else think this def looks bigger than a 4.3?

Cyric311 says:

Nice Friends reference in the title.

gdbjr says:

Without voice and data over 3G, I am stuck with my Thunderbolt. And I really wanted to like this phone. I think Motorola builds a better quality device then HTC.

engineer2001 says:

Yeah, as long as it has been since they decided to kill the original Bionic and dub the Targa the new Bionic, it looks like they could have at least worked in some Voice over Rev A (VoRA) in the design, huh? VoLTE is great and all, but there are still a lot of areas in the sticks with no LTE coverage.

Make a call when in a 3G area, and you can't use data? Um, that kinda sucks when you know other phones on the same carrier can do it.

orlanka says:

The following is a quick rant, saying sorry now, you don't have to keep reading just go ahead and click that 1 star.

It's a girl holding a phone. Her hands are going to be smaller than most of ours so yes, the phone is going to look huge. Move on and stop with the "that's what she said" comments because it's only funny to you.

It's a Moto product, so yes, it's going to look similar to the Droid and the X as they are all made by Moto remember?

Moto does not make quality products. They feel cheap and their UI is disgusting under any name.

Outdated? Really? Does this really matter to 99% of the people out there buying phones who have no knowledge of the rumored Octo-Moto core coming out in June 2012 (although reports show a redesign is in effect and it may slip to Q3 2012)?

Come up with something new except the same comments that we've read in every single story that they have printed about this phone.


OK, so that wasn't so quick and longer than I expected.

Yes, that's what she said.

moosc says:

Sorry moto Droid phones are the best built build quility and have that industrial strength. Sorry not every one wants a iPhone skin on there phones.

orlanka says:

HTC blows them out of the water. Where in my rant did you read iPhone? Try to read through again and sound out the big words.

engineer2001 says:

Those "that's what she said" comments are actually really funny to me, and I didn't even make any of them. So, if you don't like what you are voluntarily reading... maybe you should not read them? I stopped reading yours after the comment I just referenced. LOL

orlanka says:

LOL, that's hilarious, derp.

ccm435 says:

To everyone who thinks that looks bigger than most 4.3 phones. You need to take a look at who is holding it. That is a woman with very small hands. Most people making that comment are men who have much larger hands. So, of course it looks bigger. Just sayin. :)

engineer2001 says:

How do you know how big her hands are? Do you know her? Were you there? Just curious.

orlanka says:

She's 5'3", 36-24-36

IceDree says:

Ya think ? DiNozzo ...

Cosmo ain't got nothing to do with my selection...

kmatheny says:

I can't stand a phone with a screen larger than 4". I don't care if this thing is a quad-core 8gb RAM monster -it'll never be a daily driver for me so long as it's that large of a device. I'll hold onto my OG Droid until another 3.7" comes out. I've gone 2 years, and I could easily go 2 more if no 3.7" devices come out. Remember when we all laughed at the 5" Dell Streak? This device is within fractions of an inch to the Dell Streak in size... I'll pass.

ScottJ says:

You certainly are in the minority. There is such a thing as "too big" when it comes to cell phones. However, I don't think 4.3" is too big if there isn't a lot of wasted space on bezel. I have a 3.8" phone. I recently upgraded to a 4.3" Sensation. Because of the reduction in bezel, the Sensation isn't any bigger. Thus, you get all that extra screen real estate without having to add bulk. I ended up returning the Sensation because I just couldn't get used to Sense after using CM7, but I think 4.3" is not too big if the design is right.

IceDree says:

You know you can have a 4.3" screen in a phone similar to the size of the OG DROID

example :

1\ I've an OG MILESTONE (same as your OG DROID) & I've played with a HTC HD7 & HTC Trophy , when I put them all side by side :

- The MileStone (3.7") is bigger than the Trophy (3.8") , even though the Trophy have a bigger screen

- The MileStone (3.7") is the same size as the HD7 (4.3")

2\ The Motorola Defy have a 3.7" , but the Defy is noticeably smaller than than iPhone 4 (3.5")

xcharles718 says:

She needs a Streak 5.

It's made for Verizon... so it sucks, Verizon sucks in general.

TTGTOVR4 says:

ahhh your exquisite explanation and sound logic created this intelligent remark