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MobileFitThere's a week left for the month of June. Which means you've got one week to get your final steps in for our #MobileFit Fitbit challenge. We're giving away a Fitbit Aria to the top three in the group, plus one random prize to a member in the group.

Walk, run and jog your way to victory. The top three participants will be getting the Fitbit Aria, while one goes away to a random member in the group. Right now we've got Johnny Cat, Whayne and Alan up top in the lead, but Hannes, Mainak and JSB are closing in and could sneak into the top three.

Some fun stats from the #MobileFit group:

  • We have 868 members (We'll re-open the group when the contest ends next week)
  • 175,239,393 steps have been taken by us all so far in June
  • 81,643.66 miles have been traveled by us all

Win a Fitbit Aria by leaving a comment down below!

Some crazy numbers right there, which is why we're about to do something crazy. Leave a comment in this post to win a Fitbit Aria. We'll be picking one random comment across our sites to that awesome wireless scale that connects to your Fitbit account. Why do you need a wireless scale that's smart? Just ask Kevin. Earlier today he told us about the benefits of having a smart scale.

Don't forget, leave a comment below to win that scale!

Kick butt over the next seven days!


Reader comments

#MobileFit Bonus Contest: Leave a comment and you could win a Fitbit Aria Smart Scale!


I am close to 200 out of 868. Much better than i expected. Honestly, I don't know how the top guys find time get so many steps/day.

I'm sitting around 140. It's been fun to watch other people on the community page as well.

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I'm around the 75th spot. I'm an outdoor cable technician running around peoples properties installing cables. I have no idea how the people in the top spots can be keep up their pace. I'm friggin exhausted!

My Wife and I just got Fitbit's and have started to train for a 36 hour walking Relay in August. A handy dandy scale that syncs up would be super cool! It's too late for me to join the group (I will see about the next group though!). I'm down 24 lbs since the beginning of February!!

Wish I would have read sooner. I walk 7 miles a day on my mail route. Would love to have contributed those numbers.

Great job everyone and keep up the great work!

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I'm been thinking of getting one of the Aria scales to go with my FitBit for a while. Winning one would be way more awesome, though.

Sitting on number 5 and don't think I can make it into the top 3. The folks on the top are just superb and have some amazing numbers! But would love to have the scale though.

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Great, I would really like to have an Aria, but can't quite justify the cost of a connected scale. BTW, my goal is to finish the month in the top half for MobileFit. Had a strong week on vacation, but will be tough this week.

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It would be awesome to win an Aria! Its funny cause I was looking at Fitbit watches online earlier today

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I'm already part of this group. It doesn't look like I will be part of the top three so here's my entry to try for a scale. Thanks again for this group/contest AC!

Hmm, winning this might push me to join the Fitbit movement.. Just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and need to lose some pounds..

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I was hoping to be ranked higher, but my old knee injury still slows me down. I'd love an Aria though, more motivation to keep pushing and lose the weight.

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I am still hanging out in the 60s. Unfortunately this week is all grading so not getting as much walking in. Kids did well on their algebra final though.

I really need some inspiration to make me excited about getting fit. I used to fit in my gf's jeans, good God I need to get my fitness mobilized!

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I just got my fitness band this month and I love it so far. If nothing else it motivates me to do better, which is nice. And the silent alarm doesn't piss off my girlfriend when I have to wake up.

I am running the fitbit flex alongside a withings pulse. I have to say that the fitbit always seems to count 10 - 20% more steps per day.

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Having looked at the step numbers. I am not convinced on the legitimacy of some of the results. 40000 plus steps a day on a private account. Hmmmm

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that is so kool wish i had one to track my progress at my gym i recently signed up for last month.

Switched from iPhone to a samsung note 3, two months ago. So far just using the built in s health step counter and workout program. Would I do better switching to a fitbit and using their app? Trying to decide between a fitbit or a galaxy gear fit. Opinions?

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40K a day?? I'm good if I can get close to that in 7, but this isn't just about competing but about getting fit.

I am not part of the contest but just received my Fitbit Flex for Father's Day. It has been an eye opener and a motivator to say the least. The scale would pair nicely and help me towards my goal living a healthier lifestyle.

I'm sitting in 84th. Can't complain for a computer programmer that spends 9 hours each workday stationary!

Hey everyone... I created a #MobileFit challenge on Fitt. It will pull in all your steps so far for June and keep track via a leaderboard. You can also friend each other and join other challenges next month. Here's the challenge: Works with Fitbit, JawboneUP, and Moves app.

Just a fat guy trying to slim down so I can see my kids grow up. Need all the help I can get.

Posted the the intergalactic ghetto, Earth.

Wow, a million steps for the leader. Would love to know what he does! I'm pretty active (run 5 miles a day, hiking, walking, etc) and I have 30% of the leader's steps!

I just got a Fitbit and I didn't know about this!!! I want the Aria so I can track my BMI and help gain the ten pounds I've been trying to gain since Basic Training!!!

I'm doing the challenge (though using a Withings Pulse and manually entering my steps), but another chance to win is always good.

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It'd be so much better to actually have an accurate set of data to analyze, as opposed to relying on our less than perfect brains or manually inputting data all the time.

I need to win this, my health seems to be deteriorating, been making some good choices and I have a daughter I need to live for! I need to win this

Wish I had seen this earlier, oh well. It'd be nice to win that FitBit scale though!

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It'd be really cool to have a FitBit Aria. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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I'm in the top 15...however, it'll be interesting to see what happens when 7 or 8 of the top 10 are told to unlock their steps and stride lengths... A 3" step is what some must be using for a stride length. I work ten hours a day and walk 15-20 miles a day at work. To think someone is walking 45 miles a day, every day, is frankly, unbelievable.

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A lot of steps. I think i rack up a lot of steps every day. Need to find out how many.

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My wife wants one of these. She loves her fitbit and saw the aria. This actually would be really cool to give her for a number of other health reasons she's struggling with right now.

I'm way down the list. at the end of May I was in the top 20, now I'm down in the 100's. June has been a slow month

An Aria would be a great addition to achieving my healthy lifestyle goals. Great job everyone!

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I am very interested in purchasing a WiFi scale. Are you going to do an article?

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I'm probably closer to the bottom of the list than the top, but this has been motivating.

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I'm a Fitbit user and i had no idea about this contest... but even so, I wouldn't have made the top three slots. If I were to join, I would rank about 300 steps behind the 11th Slot, which isn't too bad.

i never win but its worth a try! i want one, i think the scale i got now is kind of crazy lol I love my fitbit and seeing my steps after a long days work!

Just started running. Feel like I'm dying after each run but love it. Use my gear for a step counter and my s4 for my music with some wireless earbuds. This scale would be a perfect addition. We are trying to get fit as a family.

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I would love to win an aria scale! The perfect compliment to my fitbit. ☺

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I need to lose weight, so yeah.....I'm game.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk ATT

I got the Flex and Aria will be nice addition to my Fitbit collection.

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I have been seeing fitbits all over the place and from talking to them they are loving it. So count me in.

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I am a server/bartender, and I thought I did a lot of walking at work. I'm sitting at #125 right now. Pretty crazy for some of those guys to be logging over a million steps a week, but good for them!

Very nice job. Sort of wish i had traveled less time this month so that i could have joined in on the fun. Next year.

The wearables are awesome, but it helps to work out with somebody. Motivation for you when you're running low on gas, motivation for the other person when they are.