Droid DNA

Nope, not done with the Droid DNA yet this morning. Our pals at @evleaks let loose another pair of renders of the coming Verizon smartphone, and this is the one I've been waiting for. The rear shot confirms the design is the same as in the pics we showed you back in October, and you can just make out the little holes to the left of the rear camera lens (even rez'd out here). It'll be interesting to see how much that camera housing sticks out from the body of the phone as well.

And it all line up with evleaks' other shots as well. It's safe to say this is it, folks.

We'll see you at Tuesday's launch in New York!

Source: @evleaks


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One last set of Droid DNA renders confirms earlier leaks


Obviously. But he said the 2 holes on the left. The picture shows the flash on the right so the two holes are not a flash.

anybody have any idea about an international release date ? because i live in germany and i don't have a good feeling for nexus 4 so i wanted to grab this ....

2500Mah battery is not nearly enough for a screen like that, throw in the LTE radio the battery just won't last. The phone as the specs have been reported has 16mb of int memory with no ext sd card. That just sucks for such a large phone that I would want to keep files on. The build quality looks great but the way the phones are being built IMO is just ridiculous. Samsung which is a Korean made phone always builds an open back phone, I understand when you buy a Samsung phone in Korea it is mandatory that Samsung also puts an extra battery in the box, this is just normal practice. From what I have seen in other articles all phones sold in Korea all come with an extra battery. My point is, the culture in Korea demand for the extra battery power so as long as that is the norm Samsung will continue to build their phones with removable back.I like that. The last point is the lack of developer support, HTC and Verizon will probably lock this thing down tite, for those of us who enjoy hacking our phones this is just another phone that will see very little support from the developer community. This phone has so many great qualities but as usual the lack of int memory, not enough battery and locked down boot loader makes the Samsung Note 2 a very easy pick IMO.
Top of the line phones require at least 32gb of int memory if no sd card, plenty of battery and open boot loader. I'm just mad because IMO there hasn't been any other manufacturer that has put together what I would call a top quality phone but Samsung. To chop and cut, nickel and dime a phone to lower the manufacturing cost and leave out very important elements just ruins what could have been the best phone. Thank You to Samsung for what I call the best innovative and quality built phones today.

1) Half of what you posted is hysterical nonsense based on information that you apparently just made up.

2) Get off Samsung's dick. They make some good phones, but they are certainly not the pinnacle of design or engineering.