Omate TrueSmart

With funding secured, the Omate TrueSmart is now available for general pre-orders

The folks at Omate have exceeded their $100,000 Kickstarter goal, with the TrueSmart watch getting $1,032,352 from 4,378 backers. More than just another Bluetooth accessory, the TrueSmart will attempt to be a replacement of sorts for your smartphone, as it runs a full build of Android and has it's own MicroSIM card slot.

On the specs side, it certainly looks more like what we would see in a phone or tablet than a run-of-the-mill smart watch. Running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on its 1.54-inch (240 x 240) capacitive display, it has a dual-core 1.3GHz ARM Cortex A7 processor and 4GB of storage (and a microSD card slot) under the hood. Standard features we see from more robust devices, like Bluetooth 4, GPS and 802.11 b/g/n Wifi round out the mix. Users also have the choice between 512MB or 1GB of RAM, and the device is IP67-rated for water resistance and has a sapphire crystal.

Possibly the best feature is that the watch requires no specific brand of smart phone to operate. It should pair with any Android device, and is truly stand-alone in its own right. 

Now that stage one is complete, stage two begins — where the company tries to meet it's shipping goals. In addition to the Kickstarter pre-orders, which are scheduled to begin shipping to early-birds in October, the general pre-order page is also live. For more information, see the links below.

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Omate TrueSmart exceeds Kickstarter goal with $1 million in funding


I backed this on day one of the Kickstarter campaign.
This is perfect for jogging or other times that you don't want to carry a phone. The only thing I would like to add would be a built-in heart rate sensor.

Posted via AC App on HTC One GPe

I can see myself using the Nike running app and a Bluetooth headset when going on my jogs or running a marathon. My only concern is how stable the watch will be.

I'd prefer to see ANT+, so it could hook in to all the ANT+ sensors, which are generally more readily available than Bluetooth 4. HRM, cadence, power etc.

Wish ANT+ was available in more phones.

For me it needs to to be able to play a video on full screen so it needs to be more rectangle shaped, not square. And at least 2 inch for display.

Looking at those specs... That's one hell of a smart watch! I wonder how you use a full build of Android on it.

Here's to hopping the battery life lives up to at least half the claimed time....

100hrs standby/240min talk...

Removable battery? Microsd slot? If no it's a no go

Posted from my brand new, super slim, gorgeous red Droid Ultra

Amazingly it does have both. Though screws are involved due to the water proof rating.

Posted via AC App on HTC One GPe

I sorta get that position on phones because had similar views but a watch? Its not like you are putting Madden 25 on there or have a huge screen to power

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe YOU aren't putting Madden 25 on there...

Posted from my brand new, super slim, gorgeous red Droid Ultra

Really? You are gonna put that on a watch face and play it? You fingers wouldn't even hit pass

Posted via Android Central App

Will be interesting to see if they hit their aggressive shipping schedule (November this year - that would be something, compared to most of the Kickstarter projects I've backed).

Wow,bummed I missed this. It seems to indicate that you can still pre-order them, but the link just goes to their Kickstarter page which doesn't seem to have any way to do that. Any way to still pre-order one of these?

Huh... With Firefox that link goes to a page with links to the kickstarter page. But I tried in Chrome and that page has order options. Seems my problem was the browser. Thanks...

Silicon band and only black. Yuck. (Can it be swapped out for metal?) And Microsim = only half of the big 4 carriers. No inductive charging, which would have been nice.

Still, seems like the most interesting one yet- most expandable, most compatible, most complete. I am itching to find a reason to order this thing.

Hey AC, why so late on this story? Your usually my go to on anything android. Why cover on day Kickstarter closed? This story has been in the news for sometime but I usually expect you to benon these things first!