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Deals site Woot is the latest outlet to offer the original Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch at a cut-down price, as Samsung's latest wave of wearables comes to market. Woot has the Galaxy Gear in lime green, oatmeal beige, wild orange, mocha gray and rose gold for $159.99, a significant discount on the regular asking price. And although the next-gen Gear 2 Neo will sell for around $199, the OG Gear boasts a built-in camera, if that's your thing. [Woot]

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OG Samsung Galaxy Gear down to $160 on Woot


I think that's still overpriced lol. I won't be getting a smart watch until the good ones are $50. Just not worth it IMHO.

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I don't think the moto 360 will be more of an improvement except the compatability to more devices

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You're welcome. I bought mine during the Best Buy sale. It works great with my Note 3.

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I got one from Best Buy for $100 and love it! Not sure why people think smartwatches should be $50. You can't even get a decent regular watch for that/

Woot is off my list of vendors. Tried to cancel an order 1 minute after hitting enter and they refused to cancel the order. a very poor customer service vendor.

It specifically states when you're ordering that you can't do that. Its like complaining you can't get a hamburger when the sign outside says Kentucky Fried CHICKEN.

IMHO, I had the original gear watch and I returned it. Don't get me wrong, I loved it. What I hated was how uncomfortable the watch strap was with that bulky camera. I'm very excited for the Gear 2 ' s arrival at Best Buy in 2 days and 9 hours. I'll let you know what I think when I get it.

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