Occupy T-Mobile

Look at that face. No, the other one. Wait. No. Back to the first one. That's what's going to be protested at lunchtime today as protesters from the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and Communications Workers of America march from New York City's Zucotti Park to a nearby T-Mobile store. Apparently they're all upset over T-Mobile's alleged "anti-worker and union-busting tactics," according to a press release that also says hundreds of people will take part. The whole thing takes place at 12:30 p.m. and will hit the store at Maiden Lane and Water Street.

But, again. Look at that face. No, the other one. Is that really what you want to protest?

Update: Just got the following comment from T-Mobile regarding the protest:

T-Mobile USA respects the rights of unions to exist and recognizes and respects our employees' rights to organize or to refrain from organizing.  That said, we remain convinced that it is better for both T-Mobile employees and our business to maintain a direct working relationship between management and employees. The vast majority of T-Mobile employees have chosen not to be represented by a union.

T-Mobile is a great place to work. Our employees receive competitive compensation and benefits including medical, dental, vision and life insurance, as well as a 401K and educational assistance.  We’ve added new stores and new employees in New York City this past year, and we remain focused on making wireless affordable for everyone.  Today’s protest seems misguided.

Source: Press release


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'Occupy' protesters, Communications Workers of America to march on T-Mobile store [updated]


These occupy protestors are nothing but a bunch of thugs. There's no doubt wall street is a dubious bunch, however, it's the federal government that allows this to go on. Our fiat currency is a complete joke and the dollar is worth less by the minute. /endrant

America! F**K YEAH!

Hey keep buying our stuff, keep yourself busy...we don't mind. Your right these protesters are all lazy idiots! I bet they don't even buy Android phones....they probably all have iPhones....Losers!

You sure a dumb..... the reason the dollar is shit because of the banks....dumbass. They gambled away your money.

But hey I'm not protesting...because I live in Asia....we OWN you dumbasses! LOL keep buying our stuff (you know your government use gadgets to keep you dumbasses fat and occupied) while we "quietly" and "brilliantly" take over the world. Thanks for your contribution...ROFL!

This is a troll, but I'll respond anyway.

You're citing debt to Asia, which I suspect you are referring to China. Let's make this statement more grandiose, let's look at ALL foreign debt.

Foreign debt is usually called "external debt." External debt is what is eventually owed to individuals, companies and governments not in the United States in our case.

The news and politicians try to trump this up as our country being entirely owned by other countries. This is then repeated by people at the water cooler, forums and comment sections as is this. It's also thought that the United States is far worse than other countries.

This is false in many ways. First, our external debt is less than a third of our overall debt and places like China are only a portion of that. Reworded, China does not own the United States by any means.

Second, the United States is far better off than most "developed" nations in terms of external debt. We are FAR down the list in terms of debt per capita. Most developed countries have borrowed more money than even their GDP, often times many times over, 200%, 400%, etc. We aren't in that boat.

Third, this debt isn't even secured like a house or a car loan. Obviously there would be consequences if we don't may good, but that is always something to note.

Finally, most of our debt problems are resolved by an act of congress imposing some revenue and spending level changes. (Write your congressman, please)

Things aren't as bad as people say.

thank you :-)

Also, i just want to inject that Ron Paul started this whole thing, but it was called Occupy The FED and somehow it turned into wall street. And i take it ur aware that without the FED most of these financial shenanigans would be impossible to pull off.

Without the Fed (or a similar system) a modern economy is impossible to pull off, too.

Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is an exercise left to the reader.

Notice that the CWA is not marching against Verizon after getting bee-otch slapped this past summer. There's two other carriers besides T-Mobile that do not have union workforces. Why not them?

Not to mention that if the at&t purchase goes through and the T-Mobile workers are forced to unionize they will be even more pissed at the CWA.

Being the tech blog that this is, you probably shouldn't bash a political movement. However, I'd just like to point out that oftentimes CEOs of corps turn into politicians....or a politician loses his spot for a term and needs a job for a few years and gets hired as a CEO. To say that Corporate America and the US Gov't are completely separate is factually incorrect. We live in a Fascist nation, not a Capitalist one.

Bloomberg is the thug.

Kind of hard to look for a job while sleeping in a park for weeks not showering and blabbing about random topics. Oh did I mention the vandalism they are causing as well?

Have to call you out on that one there Tedium.

The Tea Party movement, regardless of whether you agree with them or not, has had precisely;
0 incidents of vandalism
0 rapes
0 thefts
0 violent confrontations with police and other citizens and
0 arrests.

It's protests have been conducted primarily during after-work hours and weekends (basically at a time convenient for most of the protestors, because they have jobs and families to attend to.)

It's results currently stand at no less than 60 members of Congress in both the House and Senate, multiple bills created, and a complete re-orienting of the political landscape during the 2010 elections and the upcoming 2012 elections.

Occupy Wall Street, has had;
multiple thefts
multiple rapes
multiple incidence of violent crimes, including assaults on Police and innocent bystanders
property damage
drug crimes and more
resulting in literally THOUSANDS of arrests nationwide.

It has been conducted in a manner which has required it's members to give up creature comforts and inconvenience themselves tremendously, not to mention expose themselves to disease, malnutrition, the criminal element and arrest.

It's results currently stand at getting several sitting members of the far left in Congress and the President's wife to express support. It has 0 bills created, and has had no measurable political impact beyond alienating the Democrats that support them from the voters.

Yeah, I know who I stand with. Time to Tea Party baby!

The Tea Party movement is part of the overall GOP establishment. Why work towards change when you support the current status quo?

No it is not. Never has been. Yes, the GOP is the natural home for the Tea Party, but it is certainly NOT part of the overall establishment. It is an ANTI establishment movement intent upon taking over the GOP for it's own ends.

Hell, the GOP leadership HATES the Tea Party!

GOP Establishment declares war on the Tea Party:

GOP Leadership faces possible revolt in 2012:

Tea Party remains driving force as GOP leaders risk backlash:

Those are only some examples. The Tea Party is FAR from a GOP organ, even though it claims many members from the GOP. A simple Google search would have told you that.

Sorry, I'm busy working and can't keep up with the same rate of posting as a paid Tea Party shill.

That, or you're unemployed, and I refuse to believe that someone as self-righteous as you are is unemployed...right?

For what it's worth the national organizations like Tea Party Express have long since been co-opted by groups like Americans For Prosperity, a right-wing group run by David Koch. David Koch also publicly endorses GOP candidates like Romney in 2008, among others. That's good enough for me to say that they're a GOP organ.

Of course, anyone can form an organization and call themselves the Tea Party, but the one recognized as THE Tea Party has been long since bought off.

Then you can say the Occupy movement is just part of the overall Democrat establishment. They favor unions regardless of those unions being bailed out. There is no Occupy White House movement, no complaints against Obama. They have no problems with the two biggest recipients of bailouts Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac despite those two government backed companies holding quite a bit of sub prime mortgages while their CEO get millions in bonuses.

Do you have any information or articles saying that any unions were given bail-out money? Repeating it over and over doesn't make it true. You need to provide citations.

Besides, Obama is a pretty good Republican president, so count him in on the protests. He is a right wing corporatist who admires Reagan.

Not supporting Republican and right wing policies does not automatically make someone a Democrat. The political spectrum is broad and varied.

Not that you'll win any converts, but General Motors is a pretty obvious place where the unions got bail out money. The whole "if a company goes bankrupt all the people lose their jobs" is nonsense. Bankruptcy lets companies shed non-competitive units and re-write any labor agreements that make them non-competitive. That last piece is the killer in this case. There was also the small tidbit where the Unions were given priority for their shares being paid even though they were rated below the prime shareholders who should have been paid first. This was illegal and the government was actually being sued over it. Obviously some serious pressure was applied so that would stop.

So, hey, who's looking for to the GN? I ordered my internation version..

Saying that giving GM money is bailing out a union is sort of like saying my employer sponsors large purchases of beer on Friday. It's disingenuous and not arguing in good faith.

Also, labor agreements did not make GM uncompetitive. Making garbage no one wanted for thirty-five years made GM uncompetitive. I can't think of many people under 40 who are excited at the prospect of owning a Chevrolet.

But hey, whatever matches your preset narrative.

Dude you are an ignorant moron!!!!

"Obama a right wing Corporatist"? Are you def, dumb, or stupid, or all three? The guy is as left wing as they come, tittering on the verge of socialism. Are you part of the confused "Occupy" movement? Do you realize that the fact that you call Obama a "Corporatist" (which isn't a word)you display the amount of knowledge of politics you have (I'm guessing is zero).

The movement is nothing more that a bunch of dumb a$$ people with nothing bettor wo do with their lives. People that have no heading, no purpose, and no sense of worth. In this country (one of the few) you can actually grow into luxury by working hard. The reason that this country is the best in the world, it's because there is drive, competition, and everlasting pursuit of happiness.

Get a job buddy, or if you have so much time in your hands, read a little and educate yourself. MSNBC is not the only source for information in this country!


Hey look, you aren't even interested enough in what you're pushing to put in the thirty seconds it would take to not say a stupid thing that makes you look dumb.

Can you tell me exactly how he's "as left wing as they come, teetering on the verge of socialism?" (Socialism is not 'as left wing as they come,' sorry) Once again, saying it does not make it true, no matter how many times you repeat it.

He has a worse record on environmental regulations than G.W.B. ( http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,2091814,00.html ), his "affordable care act" was written by the insurance industry for the insurance industry ( http://repealhealthcareact.org/blog_post/show/41 - Not a great source but the data is verifiable), and he has surrounded himself with corporate shills like Holder, Vilsack, Emanuel, and Cordray.

I'm not going to stoop to your level of personal insults because it would be unfair. You are clearly not a well-educated person.

EXACTLY! They should go for the shit jobs you pass off to the Mexicans! Hey YOU should be my toilet bowl cleaner....your capacity for reasoning suggests that you are only capable of that..... Get your toilet brush ready mmmm k? buh bye now

Correction: Many of them can't get a job that THEY want. Some work for crap pay is better than no work at all, and certainly better than unemployment.

Greed comes in more forms than just the corporate world.

Work is not a virtue when your work won't support you and yours. It just becomes a waste of time at that point.

Almost all pay becomes crap pay when there is a surplus of labor. Look at the situation many recent grads with a JD are facing.

You are sincerely out of touch with reality. Calling these people hippies is not even close to what they are. They are teenagers and twenty somethings. The hippies are the baby boomers (from 40 years ago!) and those people are retired and some are the 1%. They are protesting because they dont have a job. You are sincerely an uninformed person who has no clue what the issue of occupy wall street is about.

Jobs aren't that tough to get if you have realistic expectations. I see some of these dopes coming out of college, turning their nose at 40K a year because they think they're awesome and should be managers or directors making 75-100k. Start at the bottom like the rest of us.

"Them" sitting in a park might actually get You somewhere. I can't believethat so many lower middle class people actually think that Wall Street is benefiting them. The largest transfer of wealth has occured over the last forty years from the middle class to the 1%. Safe to day that no one on this blog is in that 1% category. You are being robbed.

Is everyone here a moron? There are NO JOBS TO BE HAD! I'm very lucky to be employed, but my brother, for example, has been trying to find work for several years without any luck. You're all self-righteous pricks. You should all be ashamed of your inflammatory, calloused comments. You clearly have no idea that these protests are in your best interest. It's about taking back control of our government. You're all mindless, uninformed drones.

Side note, she's hot, but her tooth-to-gum ratio isn't ideal.

What does any of that have to do with T-Mobile? Because they're not unionized, they're part of the big government problem? The company I work for isn't unionized, and I still make just shy of a six-figure income and have great benefits. Oh, we also haven't received a government bailout.

Totally agree with you here.. err.. the tooth to gum ratio bit, not the OWS bit. She's not the prettiest thing ever, but she does have some killer legs.

I kind of miss the Kathern commercials. Even though she's getting long-in-the-tooth, she was/is a pretty lady.


I'm sorry but having no jobs is not the issue here although I'm sure it's being portrayed that way. There are no jobs, no doubt about that. I know first hand, like you I'm lucky I have a job right now. I probably could use 3 jobs but that's aside the point. I work in Nuclear Medicine and just yesterday, because I can't find a second job in my field, filled out an application at Target to make some extra money no matter how little it is and I'm being hopeful that they even call me.

But that is the attitude that most of us Americans do not have. There are jobs, maybe not one's ideal job but the jobs are there. I am currently working retail at a farm store while finishing school and looking for an entry job in my field (I already am a net sys specialist in the Army). I know my dream job won't appear in front of me tomorrow, but I can't seat idle at home complaining about no jobs, I'm no better than people to the left and right of me, and I can do any job offer to me. No matter how unglamorous it looks. All those people in Wall Street are lazy and want things handed to them.

"There are no jobs, no doubt about that."



Check them out... millions of jobs (and this is just online postings, mind you)!

*new* Jobs from indeed.com:
Healthcare: 472,572
Customer Service: 989,632
Sales: 692,225
Warehouse: 46,293
Part-Time: 480,328
Accounting: 162,812
Construction: 65,583
Retail: 370,025
Human Resources: 127,369
Marketing: 312,956
Call Center: 111,524
Clerical: 49,810
Data Entry: 63,036
Insurance: 599,960
Driver: 331,479
Education: 736,793
Maintenance: 331,890
Entry Level: 91,280
Nursing: 404,285
IT: 783,480
Graphic Design: 18,637
Summer: 30,687
Online: 309,033
Finance: 162,891

That's results from just ONE website. Most major jobs are not online...so the scope goes beyond that. If you can't get a job it's because you wasted your college education on a ridiculous "trade" that isn't worth anything. A Fine Arts or Classical Literature degree isn't going to get you shit. I just faced a lay-off a 3 months ago and found a $85k/year job in a month. Why? Because I have SKILLS that are worth money. Jobs are all over the place...sometimes you just have to stoop to temporary levels until you hit your dream job. CLUE: The jobs are in TECHNOLOGY.

absolutely agree, unemployed myself for a long time already. (not recieving unempl. benefits anymore) While I sympathize these protesters and can relate myself to their every demand, I must sadly admit, these people (including myself) are definitely NOT a 99% just look at the hateful ignorant comments here and on youtube (especially) and other sites. I am in NYC and there are a lot of people happy with their lives shopping like crazy in expensive stores dining at expensive restaurants etc. Revolutions/changes happen when majority of unhappy/poor people prevail but at this moment there aren't enough of them. and they are treated as bunch of thugs by the police and other happy citizens. alas.....

Those with college real college educations are finding work. Those that majored in gender studies are upset that they have tons of debt and no job skills.

This job market sucks for those over 40 who are without college educations. These protesters aren't really that demographics. It's a hipster doofus rally for the dumb.

Taking back the government, these people voted for the current leadership in the Senate and in the White House. You might want to study up before you call people "uninformed drones."

You hit it right on the head. My company is hiring and I am directly involved in the hiring process. We have been looking to fill 3-4 positions for 2+ months now and most of the people we interview barely qualify as intelligent life yet alone an employable person. There is still huge competition among businesses for well qualified people. I know... we are competing for them every day.

You are also right on about the college education thing too:

"the unemployment rate for college graduates (that is, those holding at least a Bachelor’s degree) is only 4.3 percent. Moreover, this figure has slowly declined from 5.0 percent in August 2010.

Or, to put it another way, more than 95 percent of college graduates in the Unites States are working – in the aftermath of one of the worst recessions in living memory."

17 million of those college grads are working unskilled positions in the service industry and making the corresponding low wage.

In other words, some of the 36% of the American workforce with a four year degree or better are pushing those without that qualification out of jobs in food service or retail because there aren't enough jobs that make use of their degree.

The solution to that isn't more education for everyone, it's a living wage for people on the lowest rungs and a social security network for the others who can't find work during hard times. (Unless you want the most educated force of busboys and cashiers in the world, anyway.)

So... the solution to overeducated people in low end jobs is to price even more people out of the market for low end jobs?

Make no mistake, "Living Wage" is nothing but rhetoric for "force companies to overpay people for simple work." You know what happens EVERY TIME we raise the "minimum" wage? PEOPLE GET FIRED.

Companies don't have bottomless wells of cash from which they can magically draw unlimited amounts of money to pay people with. When the government forces companies to pay people high wages for low-end work, the company either lets some people go, outsources the work, raises prices to compensate (thus raising the floor for a "Living Wage") or closes down. You CANNOT make every job pay a "Living Wage". The math doesn't work.

If you're serious about your first point, you're going to need to provide information to back up what you said. A living minimum wage is established in most other first world countries and it works. A livable minimum wage and a good universal healthcare system that provides for all citizens are two hallmarks of a first-world nation and two things we don't have in the United States.

We're not somehow magical or different. What works for them somehow mysteriously won't work for us.

Companies might not have bottomless wells of cash from which they can draw unlimited amounts of money, but they could compensate people fairly. Most of the first world pays their CEOs from 11 times the average employee's wage (Japan) to 24 times the average employee's wage. We're up over 240 times the average employee's wage. That difference would do far more good in the hands of the rank-and-file (who will spend it) than it will do in another executive's pocket.

Companies will also outsource no matter what the wage is here, because even at minimum wage an American employee is not economically competitive with an employee in Mexico or Vietnam. The only way to be competitive in that situation is to either A> enact protectionist policies, or B> pay the American worker the same as the Mexican and Vietnamese workers. We're moving towards B, unfortunately.

Many other countries make sure private sector jobs all pay a living wage, and the math does work. Saying over and over that the math doesn't work (without providing supporting data) doesn't make it true. It doesn't work for Fox and it doesn't work for you, either.

I don't know what Fox (or a Fox? Are you a Hound?) has to do with it, But I DO know that all the other nations with "universal healthcare" and "living wages" are either socialistic or communistic, and MOST of them are going bankrupt right now because those things are UNSUSTAINABLE.

I don't HAVE to give you proof, LOOK AROUND. It's not my fault you're too lazy and swimming in leftist ideology to do your own independent research like the rest of us, and it's not my fault that you can't do math well enough to realize that, as Margaret Thatcher once said;

"The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money to spend."

Can you provide evidence of this statement: "I DO know that all the other nations with "universal healthcare" and "living wages" are either socialistic or communistic, and MOST of them are going bankrupt right now because those things are UNSUSTAINABLE."

(Hint, the entire First World outside of the US provides universal healthcare in some fashion, and the entire First World is not going bankrupt.)

Eagerly awaiting proof that you put thought and reason into what you believe, instead of sound bites and gut feelings.

Really? Because the EU is facing another collapse with several countries (especially Greece) facing default.

The EU is not facing "another" collapse (When was their first one?). Several countries are facing defaults and are being bailed out because the rich and well-connected (banks and investment firms like Corzine's MF Global) stand to lose if they are not bailed out.

If you're suggesting that the vast majority of the EU is on the verge of economic collapse, I'm not sure what to say to that bit of gross misinformation.

LOL, I just saw that you said "I don't have to give you proof." You should have proof and know the facts and figures for what you believe, if you arrived at that belief in an educated and rational fashion.

This is the best you can do.

This is why I'm not particularly worried about your ilk becoming anything more than an annoyance in the ideological backwater that is the United States.

No, I don't bother refuting all your points with proof because you aren't interested in actually having a debate on the merits. I did it once already, and rather than attempt to debate me on the merits of my arguments, you made some off the wall random crazy-man statement.

Like most leftist ideologues you never ever respond to actual proof. Once I obliterate one of your positions you simply change the subject and move on to another topic, OR you completely ignore my points (see the "Tea Party" related posts above) and just make some pointless random statement.

However, judging by the content of your posts and the sheer volume of them in this thread, it's clear you are simply a paid shill who's sole job is to flood this community with leftist ideology. Simply put, you are a TROLL and a MORON and I refuse to waste any more of my time with you.

I didn't see any proof, except MAYBE on the "Tea Party = GOP Organ" statement. The only things you've posted besides that are unsupported with anything besides "Well, everyone knows, duh".

That isn't proof.

When you organize your thoughts like an adult and post point-by-point refutations of what I'm saying with supporting information, I will read and respond to it. You haven't been much more than the internet equivilent of an ape screeching and hurling crap yet, though.

Come on dude. This political argument is getting old...But if you are going to make a point, and you're wasting time defending your initial point anyway, don't you think it'd be quicker to just post your proof (assuming you have any)?

Sorry "lldsandsll", but you're way off in left field.

The company I was running was sold by my friend and boss of 10 years. I tried and tried to ignore the incompetence of my new boss/owner of the company but failed. I quit.

That was 12 weeks ago.
Two interviews and two job offers later I chose the job I wanted. That choice was 7 weeks ago.

There are jobs for qualified, persistent, educated, go-getters. Multiple offer situations in fact.

To the occupy folks, I say, you are the 5%. Unemployment at its lowest ranges at 4%~, it is now at 9%. The rest of us are busy working. Stop causing a scene, take your drive and passion and put it where it belongs, on educating yourselves and finding work. to do anything else would just be "moronic"....

I think you may be sadly misinformed on what it's like for the average American. 40% of all American households (both combined incomes if two wage workers are involved) earn under ~$33k. Nearly half of all American households.

We're a nation of the poor.

And our "poor" have a higher standard of living than EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD.

Do you want to know how you can tell whether you are in the "Global 99%" or the "Global 1%"

If you own more than ONE pair of shoes, you are in the Global 1%.

The Occupy people have nothing to complain about but their own incompetence.

" ...earn under ~$33k. Nearly half of all American households.
We're a nation of the poor..."

Show of hands, who here thinks the majority of the world's people think 33K a year = poor?

Just saying.

While I do feel bad for people losing their jobs, I know too many people that leveraged their houses to 100% of value every couple of years with HOLCs that they promptly waisted on junk. Thus making a difficult situation (loosing employment for an extender period of time) into a catasprophic situation of losing your house.

The fat cat bankers are a problem, but they weren't the *only* problem of the last two decades. There's plenty of blame to pass around.


Everything is relative. If you're going to argue that $33K in the US isn't a relatively low wage because that $33K would be astronomical in New Guinea, you aren't arguing in good faith.

You can't compare the rest of the world to the US. 33K a year is alot in Haiti, but is a bottle of water $3 there like it is in NYC? Cost of living has to be factored in too.

Really? Taking back control of our government? Then shouldn't they be protesting in DC, where the FRIGGIN' GOVERNMENT IS?!?

Ah yes, more hypocrisy from the Occupy movement. They side with unions, many of whom have gotten bailouts even though they are against bailouts. T-Mobile hasn't got federal money. I'm sure their CEO is living large, but they dont control any mortgages or student loans so why hate against them?

exactly, you don't like that T-Mobile gives their execs big bonuses? Don't do business with them. It's that simple

Just curious... but is Verizon, ATT, Sprint, etc. score any better in this area? I doubt there's much in the way of alternatives...

The news is full of CEOs and execs who make millions even when they are driving their companies into the ground, or who get multi-million dollar severance packages when they are ousted for poor performance. The Golden Rule still applies: "Those with the Gold make the Rules."

Good for them.

Seriously, I get the anger. I work hard, and I've watched as wall street morons have taken down the economy, destroyed retirements (mine included), and walked away with outrageous severance packages.

Where's the justice?

Don't you think they'd make a better point protesting companies that are, you know, actually making money?

Unibrow, you obviously don't understand the movement. Wall street owns Washington. Until those responsible for the country's economic downturn are punished nothing will change. Wall street has used main street to pay for their mistakes and no ones had to answer for it. That's because our political system is compromised and corrupt with Wall street's influence and money. That is the only reason they were allowed to leverage the economy for massive bailouts. Most of the misery in this economy is caused by their greed. Our government enables them but they're bought by the wallstreet lobbyists.

These people are not thugs or bums. They're patriots.
Wallstreet privatizes its gains and socializes its losses.And they should never be allowed to grow so large they put the rest of us at risks with their greed. Its nothing more than legalized gambling and extraction.Wake up.

Corona, if that were really the case they would be joining up with the TEA party instead of calling them all teabaggers.

I've watched these protests develop and I appreciate the anger and frustration many people feel. My concern is instigating class warfare is not the answer to anyone's problems.

First, the vast majority of people own stock in their 401k and company pensions. If you punish "Wall Street", you also punish "Main Street". How does that solve anything?

Second, a lot of the rhetoric from the Occupy movement implies we need to replace the capitalist system. My question is with what? Communism?

Do many CEO's get paid too much - absolutely! Are they judged sufficiently on their performance - heck no! So take action through public pressure at stockholder's meetings and similar forums. Don't riot in downtown Oakland and damage small businesses that happen to be on your route.

The current tactics being used by Occupy protesters will turn public opinion against them rapidly. They need to rethink their goals and how they want to go about achieving them.

Lol, if you think that the "vast majority of people" are well represented by your two pot smoking buddies who watch sportscenter for 3 hours not realizing that it repeats.... while eating peanut butter out of the jar

The corporate world is full of that sort of person, why do you think drug testing goes away as you move up the ladder?

This country is full of hard-working people who don't have a 401k, vacation tome, and in many cases no health insurance either. That's the end result of the last thirty years or economic and legal policy.

That is offensive! Calling these people Patriots?!?! Wow you my friend are insane!!!!!

Most of them are clueless to what they are even "protesting" and some of them are vandalizing banks and other businesses. I'd hardly call that being a Patriot.

I'd call troops and people who continue to support the country no matter what Patriots but not these people.

Listen, we all know large corporations can afford to spend crazy amounts to influence government. We all know it's a problem.

However, these protests have nothing to do with that. Oh sure, the 'movement' claims that is their purpose, but it's really just a bunch of angry hippies screaming about their GEDs not earning the same amount as jobs that require skills and college degrees. If there are any legitimate people in these things, they are lost in a sea of stupid GREEDY bum criminals.

There are jobs to be had, but they might not pay what you believe YOU deserve. Not everyone starts out in the executive level. But you will never find a job defecating in the grass while smoking grass, and playing with your iPhone and listening to your iPod, while watching news reports on your iPad.

And if you believe there are no jobs, why protest t-mobile because they are supposedly non-union. If they were union, they could not afford as many workers; therefore, some will be laid off, creating more unemployed!

This just goes to PROVE that many of these so-called protesters are UNION backed, and really could care less about the economy except to enlarge their shrinking ranks of union workers.

I noticed the protestors in Oakland the other night helped to increase employment. Burn and destroy does create jobs. Someone has to be paid to remove all the graffiti, burned dumpsters and repair store fronts.

"There are jobs to be had, but they might not pay what you believe YOU deserve."

This is very true. My brother-in-law was unemployed for 6 years because he refused to (in his words) "accept a job that didn't start with executive pay" because everything else was "beneath him". How did he survive for 6 years unemployed? He mooched the $2,000/month he got from his step-father. Guess what happened when the step-father got tired of paying for his lazy ass? The brother-in-law immediately got a job starting at $15/hr as a janitor at a local middle school.

I hope all these OCCUPY protesters put as much effort into voting next year.Any of those protesters who didn't vote in 2010 have no right to complain now.

I'm split on it. I *somewhat* agree with some of the OWS sentiments.

But at the same time; unwashed, crusty, hippies banging homemade drums certainly doesn't represent me, let alone 99% of us.

FYI, for the 53% of us (that pay taxes) this is an interesting site: http://the53.tumblr.com/


"FYI, for the 53% of us (that pay taxes)"

You mean "that pay income taxes." Everyone in the country pays some form of taxes, be it sales, property, or payroll taxes. The 47% who don't pay income taxes have no money to pay them, for precisely the same reasons that people are protesting across the country.

Sorry to let facts get in the way of your good story.

You couldn't be more wrong. 47% of people don't pay tax and you attribute that to not having a job? Um the unemployment percentage is NOT at 47% of Americans.

P.S. The unemployment rate as of OCT was 9%. ;)

Sorry to let facts get in the way of your "good" story.

Let me type this slowly so you can understand.

47% don't pay *income* tax, and it's not because they are all unemployed, it's because they don't earn enough income to be eligible for paying income tax. Our progressive tax rate system has a minimum taxable income threshold for tax liability. If you don't make enough, (which, for a family of four, means under $51,000 or so) you end up with no income tax liability, though, again, we do assess other taxes, like sales, payroll, and property taxes.

So, again -- poorer people do get taxed, even if they do have a job, and even if they're paying zero income tax.

I'm clearly aware of what income tax is as I actually work and pay income taxes. People have become way too entitled in the US lately and it's quite annoying. Everyone needs to stop worrying about the rich and focus on their own lives. I have a few family members who were laid off because of the economy and instead of whining about it they hit the ground running and were able to find a new job. They applied to TONS of different places and ultimately got new jobs in a timely manner. I'm not saying it's easy but if people wanted jobs bad enough they would be doing everything they can to get one. I know some people do and have been but a lot don't because they are looking for the handouts that were basically promised them in 2008.

Sorry to bring numbers and data into this again, but there are 4.7 people for every job opening in the US right now. If every open position were filled tomorrow, the unemployment rate would still be over 7 percent. Companies aren't hiring, because demand is weak, because people don't have jobs to pay for stuff.

Anecdotes about family members or "people" who are too "entitled" to "handouts" don't change the fundamentals of the economy, as much as you might like them to.

Oh yes so protesting and causing vandalism will make the job ratio per person improve. I didn't realize that. My bad thanks for educating me on this issue. *smh*

Maybe having educated talks with Senators or Congressmen could better suit their needs but that doesn't include smashing windows and partying and sleeping in a park till noon daily.

I'll end this with a to each his own and obviously we will NEVER agree on this topic.

Moving on.

The protests have already highlighted the issue to the point where Bank of America just dropped their plan to charge every cardholder $5 per month for using a debit card. Are you a BofA cardholder? Do you know anyone who is? If so, you (or they) have $5 more in your pocket per month, and have OWS partly to thank.

Also, student loan relief and assistance for people who are underwater on their mortgages were both announced last week. Tell me that would have happened if there were not a visible movement in the streets pushing for it, just as healthcare reform was threatened when the tea partiers took to the streets to oppose it.

*sigh* CHANGE BANKS! Seriously, nobody's forcing you to pay $5 to own a debit card. What, are they beating down your door and breaking your legs because you said you wanted to change banks or not pay the $5??? Plus, I'm sure you could probably call and whine and get the $5 canceled for you. Nobody has OWS to thank, they only have themselves to blame.

Student loan relief? I'm fairly certain OWS doesn't have shit to do with that since it's a policy that's been tossed around the white house for awhile now. It's also getting closer to election time so the Obama campaign is playing politics.

Go look up why the banks starting charging the $5. It doesn't have anything to do with greedy banks. Dick Durbin in the Senate had a rider attached to legislation that made the Federal Reserve have input into what the banks can charge from some services. They couldn't charge companies like Walmart for every use of the cards anymore, so they passed it along. Like it or not, these companies are supposed to make money.

I said above I'm not entirely against the sentiment of OWS. I'm just not entirely for it either.

If you're going to get bent out of shape at someone having a slightly different view than you, you're not going to get anywhere.

Finally, I'm not looking to get into endless pissing matches about political issues on a tech site (If I was, I'd go over to Dailytech.com) so I'll just bid you a good day.


There's having a different view, and then there's making up your own facts. You're entitled to the former, but if you're going to lie about who pays taxes, I'm entitled to call BS on it.

But, yeah, a good day to you as well.

That's where income tax credits and deductions come in. It's designed to level playing fields, and refund what you might have paid for sales taxes and other cost of living taxes like that if you are eligible. You automatically get a credit of a few grand if you're eligible, just for existing. Credits are actual MONEY coming to you, not just a discount on something you actually earned. Guess who's eligible? Lower tax brackets. They're also eligible for all sorts of government help (food stamps, utilities, day care, etc). Many families with children actually earn money everything considered come income tax day, and then some.

But I know this will fall on deaf ears. I just wish people got out a f**king calculator and checked what they actually are paying all things considered. You might be surprised. You could just ask someone who does taxes for a living too just what everything means on your tax returns and how it all totals up. And yes, save all your receipts and consider any government assistance you're getting and factor all of that in.

But hey, I know instead people will probably just get angry because they can't be bothered to figure this sh*t out before they go spewing nonsense. It's not perfect but it goes a lot further than you think at helping low-income people out. After all, that's what these protests are about, right? Clueless hippies.

Not only do I work in Manhattan, but I took a subway ride down to the park the other day.

99.9% of the people "occupying" the area are lazy druggies who have nothing to live for. Creating trash and havoc for people who have to work and walk through that area.

I feel for the cops who have their hands tied on this one. These hippies need a good old beating and get their asses tossed out of the park.

No one down there is doing anything positive.

No I don't work on Wallstreet, I'm a union member.

I guess when its hits you you'll get it. Until then it doesnt matter. Theres an awakening going on and many of you just do not get it even still. Its not about being jealous of what the rich and wealthy have. And really stop watching FOX news. These people are doing this for all of us. Dont you realize without a working class there wont be an economy for very long.

And why all the hatred and name calling? If you think the 1% really care about you ask yourself why they keep getting tax cuts when they really dont need them? Greed isnt the answer, but its the problem thats caused most of this. And the jobs you mention, would still be here if they hadnt outsourced them with unfair trade agreements.

The protest arent union backed either, most of them are independent of each other. Also,most are non violent or are trying to be. This is about a failing and outdated economic model that does not work for the average person and is unsustainable.

You don't need to watch FOX news to see that these people are violent. They are wereing Jihad garments (Oakland) and passing out flyers that say it is OK to kill cops (Phoenix). This system is very sustainable, the problem is, morons listen to the President who talks about sharing the wealth and they take it as "I don't have to work anymore". Anyone remember the lady that said when Obama was elected, she wouldn't have to pay her mortage anymore? People can claim that other countries have it better, or say socialism will be better for the "average" person, but they often have a box of cracker jacks in the morning and think the free toy is really cool because it glows in the light....

P.S. spelling errors? of well, I typed this very quickly on my break at work.. not free loading in a park somewhere...

Exactly! What does being upset about not having a job have to do with spray painting buildings or smashing windows at stores or getting into fights or playing music in a park? Nothing! It's a way for most to say they are doing something and to justify not looking to better themselves.

I'm sick of hearing how these people are doing this for everyone. LOL I didn't ask for their help nor do I need their help. 91% of Americans obviously also don't need their help either has unemployment is only at 9% right now. Yes some of us make much less than wall street guys but who cares? I live my life to suit my family not to compete or compare myself to a corporate guy making millions. Who cares?

And what does protesting the supposed "1%" accomplish? Suppose they have some sort of epiphany and change their "greedy" ways. What happens next? A new "1%" emerges to take their place.

If these protesters want change, they should be occupying D.C. It's the government which dictates the laws, creates the loopholes, and allows these corporations to exploit our economy. Until we change the government, Occupy is a complete and utter failure.

"It's the corporations that pay off the government for the change!" Again, change D.C., change politics.

"Fox News is filled with a bunch of liars that are skewing the public perception of what these are about" Don't watch it, still it doesn't change the fact that every single person who came up with the stupid idea of occupying anything except Washington has no connection to reality.

So today, they're off to protest at a TMo store. Great. How many more stores do they have across the nation? Good job organizers, you once again stopped NOTHING. I think I'll just conduct any of the TMo services that I need, online.

Since the announcement of the AT&T merger, the CWA has been trying to get the local (Chattanooga) T-Mobile call center employees to welcome them. It's not working. Why?

Because T-Mobile already offers a better benefits package than any other local call center--by a fairly wide margin. Are the benefits comparable to Deutsche Telecom? No--but no U.S. company gives six weeks vacation time to new employees. (Also note that Deutsche Telecom doesn't have to pay for health insurance for its employees, since the German government does that.)

The local employees see the CWA as making a grab for funding for union dues while having little ability to improve their wages, benefits, or working conditions. Since wages are at or above industry standard, benefits are well above industry standard, and the call center itself is a nice place to work, I'm guessing that they are probably right. (Note: Many employees are unhappy about the switch from a straight customer service call center to a more sales-oriented call center, but that's not likely something the CWA could affect either.)

Why don't you start qouting saul alinsky and his rules for radicals. It has more in common with OWS then Gandhi does...

you know what, let me do that for you....

Change means movement. Movement means friction. Only in the frictionless vacuum of a nonexistent abstract world can movement or change occur without that abrasive friction of conflict. - Saul Alinsky

"99.9% of the people "occupying" the area are lazy druggies who have nothing to live for. Creating trash and havoc for people who have to work and walk through that area.

This just isn't true...sounds like a Faux news sound bite.

No - actually - many interviews around the web are NOT Fox News and show just that. The "starving artists".

I have noticed that the unions have gotten the some of the occupy groups to do their bidding. The phrase "useful idiots" comes to mind.

Much like the "useful idiots" within the Tea Party who literally get their marching orders from Freedom Works and other Big Business-sponsored GOP think tanks.

I have two degrees that I cannot use right now... so am I sitting in a park b!tching and moaning that I am not rich? Absolutely not! I found work after two months of looking and at a hospital for Christ sake... I was a cop in the military, studied construction in college and now am working in a completely foreign industry to me. I am a disabled American Veteran with 5 kids to feed, so I don't want these people to say they represent me as the "99%". I am the 53% and for those that do not know what that is, it is the 53% of Americans that pay the taxes in this country so that the other 47% can sit on their @sses and collect welfare or protest (I.E. 99%). This country may not be perfect and the wealth may not be "equally shared" but this is still the best country in the world for rights and abilities to succeed!

+1 Well said IMO. Most people these days are entitled lazy people who would rather get the handouts then work to support themselves. It's unfortunate but it's reality.

The best thing is "famous" people like Michael Moore and actors joining in on this stuff. They are the "1%" and yet they try and rally the "troops" lol. Moore is such a hypocrite it's not even funny and I guarantee he will make another rotten movie about this entire thing making himself even more money.

Someone please define "Wall St" and "Main St" and tell me the difference between the two. Also there are plenty of jobs out there. Jobs for which many of our workers are underqualified.

1. The actual data says there are 4.7 unemployed people for every 1 job opening. How is that "plenty of jobs?"

2. "Wall Street" is shorthand for the financial sector, "Main Street" is shorthand for businesses that actually produce something valuable for the economy. Banks used to help the economy grow by helping to allocate capital efficiently, but now they just make casino bets, and come hat-in-hand to taxpayers when they make mistakes, paying their executives bonuses the whole time. People have gotten sick of it, so "Wall Street" has a negative connotation -- and rightly so.

Wall Street has gotten a bad name because people don't understand that politics (on BOTH sides) are corrupt and the root cause of ALL of this. So it is not rightly so, it is through ignorance and entitlement that Wall Street is getting a bad name.

Your first point there doesn't correctly represent the situation. Not all unemployed people are looking for a job. Of those that are, many are being picky, and that's the problem.


One common misconception I read about those unemployed, is that they would rather sit at home and collect unemployment that earn a salary. Many people do not understand how unemployment works. The employer pays a premium (like and insurance policy) and those funds are invested (by the State) and used to pay benefits.

A person making $70,000 a year who becomes unemployed (for whatever reason) has to wait 2 weeks before getting paid a single dime. In Texas, the maximum of $415 a week. Why would somebody turn down a job that pays them $2,692 bi-monthly or $33.65 an hour to collect $415 (which is $10.35 an hour roughly)? I'm talking about people with Undergraduate, Graduate and Certifications.

People say, these people should be willing to take any job, even flipping burgers. Again who in their 30's or 40's or 50's and 10 or more years experience will work for MINIMUM WAGE and not be available to interview or network while being bossed around by some young kid (with less work experience)???

I don't agree with parts of the movement. But I do know the government has allowed lobbyist money to dictate policies and it seems the so called "1%" benefits from it!

If the demand for your job field isn't there do you seriously expect a company to hire you? You reasoning doesn't even hold any water. You feel you are entitled to earn 70k a year just because you went to school? Good luck with that. People just don't want to make sacrifices when their backs are against the wall.

"One common misconception I read about those unemployed, is that they would rather sit at home and collect unemployment that earn a salary. "

Not really when I watch interviews with these protesters demanding their student loans be forgiven "just because", and that there should be caps on how much money someone should make because they make "too much"...and that 75% of a business man's wage should be taxed so it can benefit the "less fortunate" (aka, lazy).

"Again who in their 30's or 40's or 50's and 10 or more years experience will work for MINIMUM WAGE and not be available to interview or network while being bossed around by some young kid"

Because they need money and will possibly make more than most unemployment payouts?

"But I do know the government has allowed lobbyist money to dictate policies and it seems the so called "1%" benefits from it!"

So WTF are people protesting Wall Street? PROTEST WASHINGTON!

I think it's ok that people protest if they don't agree with something they think it's not right,BUT it has to be done peacefully and without burning stuff and vandalism and crime. Unfortunately this has happened already, so if you are trying to make a point, this is not going to help you. I'm lucky to have a job and feel for these people, but they are just not doing it right if you asked me.

That is the ultimate issue right now IMO. These people chose to go the uncivilized route thus ruining any credibility they may of had. Oh well that's unfortunately what happens when the entitled get together these days.

Do not discount the whole movement by the actions of a relatively small portion of them. The thousands of people who have been peaceful don't deserve to have their issues dismissed because of the actions of others. Every time a protest turns violent (G8 or G20 conferences come to mind), the public seems to immediately discount every issue involved.

Thats all the wealth thats been extracted by these greedy sharks. Along with the jobs from the unfair "free trade" agreements. And think about all those multimillion dollar bonuses of concentrated wealth going to so few people that could go a long way to employing people that actually produce things.

One last post on this:

You can judge a society by how that society treats it's weakest members. By any measure of that, the USA is a horrible society.

I'd definitely protest if I saw that fat ugly ass face in front of T-Mobile.....uh...not the one on the left LOL

But I see what you did there...."pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" look at this cute girl instead.

How about completely stopping outsourcing and returning all those jobs back to where they should be -USA? No seriously, I call to Citibank someone in India picks up the phone, call Apple tech support - India, yesterday called to Toshiba tech support, well you guessed it India again... Hell when I got my Moto Atrix and had an issue with it back in March needless to say it was India again. When was the last time you picked up something and it said "Made in USA" ? Need a few minutes to recall eh? Just dont call me a racist please I'm being serious all those calls happend to get to the named above country. I dont have anything against any race or nationality (being a mix myself) But I do have something against f$@&p corrupt government and greedy corporations that in pursuit of squeezing each f$@$g cent out of their workers move entire departments to other countries. And then you see those jobless kids in Zuccotti Park while passing by with a subway sandwich on your break and thinking your life happend to be more fortunate than theirs. Yeah... Wait untill your company will start laying off staff for whatever reason (and yes outsourcing too) f)&k that....

I look for made in the USA nearly ever time I'm cross shopping an item, especially if it's for home improvement or a tool.

Because that would just hasten the end of the end of "made in the USA". Sure increase the overhead for every US company, so then they can get undersold by foreign companies. Ok so you put up tariffs on imports and trade restrictions (a fav of the DNC/Occupy movement), which of course then happens to US products overseas so Americans can only buy American goods which cost more and more (thanks to union demands and a overly pro union White House), but no one else in the world will. So in the end US companies cant compete with foreign companies and the US companies still die.

Seems like a lot of people here want to defend our current system with cuss words and willful ignorance. Meanwhile our freedom is being destroyed, and our futures are being gambled away by psychotic bankers who fund both sides of the elections rendering our votes useless. All the low brow "get a job hippie" people will be sleeping in the parks along with the protesters next time wall street takes a big nose dive. After the bailouts, conditions were forced onto the banks. One such condition is the gambling side of the investment firms could not contain bailout money. So the solution was to include the gambling funds with our/your money. With this now in place these greedy and mentally ill bankers are betting trillions on derivatives. When I say "trillions" I am talking about many trillions of dollars PER BANK. This money, because it is OUR MONEY, is backed by the FDIC and the govt is liable for up to 250,000 balloons per person. So what you have is a situation where failure on these investments will bankrupt US, bankrupt the GOVT, and wipe out the banks as well because THEY are betting money THEY DON'T HAVE.

This type of situation will continue as long as the banks are allowed to fund elected officials and or lobby.

Be a complete loser and believe what you want, regardless of reality, or take the time to look into what is going on. While your at it you may want to make sure your next car is Japanese or German too, that way you can tell everyone how you used to have a foreign car when your standing in the soup line.

The problem I outlined for you is only one of thousands that we need to fix if we are to have a future. Make sure you buy plenty of tin foil to makes hats when you completely ignore what is going on in this country and crank out babies that will grow up to have no future.

Make sure you criticize a person who tells you the truth for etiquette and make sure everyone is politically correct because that will save the world, people. Make sure you blindly and with willful ignorance believe everything you hear on the news because its got to be true if its on TV.

Yeah, it's called "Moral hazard". It means you will take more risks with your investments as long as you know the Federal Reserve (us) will always bail out the banks. It doesn't matter that they "paid all of their funds back". If their investments tank, they get bailed out, if they do well, they make tons of money. Nice work if you can get it.

Off topic, though. Why are these people protesting T-Mobile when they should be protesting Apple. Seriously, has anybody looked at the slave labor they use in China to make their products? That's why Steve Jobs was so full of shit with his "starving kids" crap.

Only difference is next time it will YOUR MONEY and 250K per person won't even come close to a drop in the ocean when it comes time to replace it. You and all the other sheeple will be tossing bricks through windows so you can fight over a bag of doritos while the people who pissed it all away had about 100 billion per year shuffled through the islands before it came to rest in some place like London. Untaxed of course.

Your post is merely a testament to how little you know. Dismissing things you know nothing about is what those 1% count on. Good to see your not letting them down.

Only difference is next time it will YOUR MONEY and 250K per person won't even come close to a drop in the ocean when it comes time to replace it. You and all the other sheeple will be tossing bricks through windows so you can fight over a bag of doritos while the people who pissed it all away had about 100 billion per year shuffled through the islands before it came to rest in some place like London. Untaxed of course.

Your post is merely a testament to how little you know. Dismissing things you know nothing about is what those 1% count on. Good to see your not letting them down.

just IMAGINE for one second how if this was the Bush admin how the media would be ALL OVER him for this, this current administration is one of the must CORRUPT in history. REJECTING subpoenas?!


it just gets worse and worse.
a trillion dollars down the drain that did nothing to stimulate anything, it went right back into government and the unions.

the picture is as clear as it can be, if you dont see this then you are blind.
the occupy losers need to protest the WHITE HOUSE, and DC. where the real leadership is.

its all wallstreet?

NO, its all WASHINGTON. while we are almost at our 15 TRILLION dollar debt limit..http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/11/u-s-approaches-15-trillion-...

while DC was just named the city with the highest paid workers, hmm wonder why? these POLITICIANS are robbing us blind, they are walking away with platinum plated pensions that cover their entire family with awesome healthcare us in the private sector could only DREAM of.
also most making 100k+ a year EASY with 15-20 hour soft work weeks.

wanna protest something meaningful? then protest the REAL PROBLEM. not people who have worked HARD to get where they are at and making millions, anyone can become something, and this i want this i want that mentality is RUINING america. you gotta work for it.
ps i make less then 30k a year workin 40-45 hours a week busting my ass and back. i see raises of 25-75 cents a YEAR.

i work for mine, you can too.

Wow, you guys just lost a visitor! You were my homepage but you turned political. What business does an (ostensibly) tech site have weighing in on politics that have little to do with tech?

stop crying!, politics and religion are everywhere except in that cave you have to go to so you wont see or hear it!

Well aside from petty arguments about politics, I think the T-Mobile girl is very beautiful and that Phil is one lucky man. :P

It's clear from posts like these and from the podcast that the Android Central staff is anti-union and anti-worker.

Shut Up!! please...anti-worker or anti-children or more bleeding heart crap! how stupid do you think people are? man it's obvious, but to a very few? I can't believe people actually buy this crap! It is very obvious when someone does wrong and in this world of "YouTube" it's easy to bring out if someone is taking advantage of one or many, but it also shows the other side if the want to do the same but in reverse, like these "Occupy" animals! they totally screwed themselves and what they were trying to get across!
They should all go home and regroup and do it right this time, if they can? but they blew it BIG TIME! they look like spoiled kids who are throwing a tantrum's !!!!

Isn't this a blog about android phones? I'm just saying, because this looks more like the comments section at CNN.

All of us who are tired of these "Sloths" who protest by sitting on their ASS!, really?, I don't know too much about Tea Party?, but at least they were nice, they were here in my town and no problems whatsoever!, but these Occupy people are mean and in your face!, If you are walking by them they yell in your face!, they scared the crap out of my mom as I was walking with her doing some errands,
and I know I am going to get so retards trying to justify these actions that they do?, but you know the "Damage is Done!", they tainted whatever they were protesting about by how they act. and it's not just a few bad apples either, the whole bunch of them but for a very few are rotten. That is my experience with the "Occupy" animals!

Great job, Phil! Way to cause a shit storm on your site. I'm pretty sure the last time I checked, this was a mobile tech site and not one for deluging your political views.

Since everyone else chimed in, so will I!

It was only a matter of time before the occupy movement finally took action. From what I gathered they were a bunch of lazy, hippie, pacifists holding up signs and banging drums. I hate to say this but the only way to get the message across to you suits and business types is through direct actions considering you will not listen to what "we", the working class citizens, have to say. We outnumber you. We're sick of corporate greed, bank bail-outs and using organized labor as a means to express the short comings of the economy.

There has been more than enough time for our government to fix this distribution of wealth problem that plagues us. It is not only this country but everyone else that lives in an "first world" country that experiences this financial plague. There are no more racial boundaries, only financial injustice. It's the rich and privileged versus the working class and poor. Fiat currency has only pushed the working/middle class further into non-existence.

Those of you who buy the propaganda that says the occupy movement raped and pillaged are apart of those who refuse to acknowledge this class war problem. You're probably not even in the same tax bracket as those who are well off financially, but are blinded by your pseudo-patriotism and politics. You have more in common with those concerned about their families future, financial security and job security.

This will only continue to escalate until change is achieved, and that change will NEVER come through Obama.