Free Wifi access in-store for shoppers

British mobile network O2 continues to build out its own nationwide Wifi network, having ditched BT Wifi earlier in the year. Today the carrier has announced that it's partnered with catalog outlet Argos to light up O2 Wifi in 735 of the chain's stores across the UK and Ireland. O2 Wifi access will be made available for free in Argos stores to all customers "regardless of their network provider," the operator says, with the launch timed to coincide with the start of the Christmas shopping season.

O2's Wifi network now boasts 9,000 access points across the UK, according to today's press release, including hotspots in other big high street names like Debenhams, Subway and McDonalds.

Source: O2


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O2 Wifi arrives at 735 Argos stores in UK and Ireland


Just O2 UK? Wales, England, Scotland & Northern Ireland? Or do you mean O2 Republic of Ireland too? The way it's been worded it's confusing

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If it's all the stores then Rob should have them as well, they have been active for a while.

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Got it here in King's Lynn. The signal sometimes overlaps with that of the Costa Coffee opposite.

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