Gold HTC One

O2 HTC One customers who buy between Oct. 17 and 20 will be eligible to win

Remember that 18 carat gold-plated HTC One produced to celebrate the 18th MOBO awards — of which there are just five in existence? Well, HTC UK has partnered with British carrier O2 to give the £2,750-value handset away to one lucky customer. In a post on its official promotional site, HTC reveals that the blinged-out smartphone will be given away to one lucky customer who buys the HTC One from O2 between Oct. 17 and Oct. 20. One of the remaining four will be given away to the winner of the MOBO for best newcomer on Oct. 19.

As we saw during our time with the gold HTC One at a recent event in London, this is a really, really gold HTC One. But we suppose at least the winner will have their other HTC One for situations that demand a less lustrous smartphone.

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O2 and HTC partner to give away 18ct gold HTC One


The phone screams "Mug Me"!

But it also seems to show every little nick and scratch, and will go from looking elegant to shabby in short order, where as my 1.5 year old HTC One X shows almost no wear after all that time without a case.

Honestly if I ever won something like this, I'd slap a vinyl skin like say DBrand and put it an Otterbox. But I'd be too paranoid about losing it. In the end I'd probably sell it.

Realize some nuckleheads in these forums insist "all" / "everone" puts a case on their smartphone.

Seriously, could you imagine owning this thing. Id love to whip this thing out in a room full of gold iPhone users.

"That's cool and all but it's just painted gold" in other words it's fake gold, unlike my HTC One here" :-D

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You also have to wonder how the heck they get a signal into or out of a gold case without pushing it through front of the phone directly through your head.

It's bound to look sharp when polished. I'd never use it, and just put it away to see if its value increased.

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