Tegra 4

A slide detailing Nvidia's upcoming Tegra 4 SoC has been leaked out, showing the specs everyone wanted and hoped for. A user on the Chinese site Chiphell posted the above slide showing off the features of the new chip, and when combined with the things we already know we have a really good idea of what is to come.

The Tegra 4 will be a 28 nanometer ARM Cortex-A15 quad-core (4+1 as seen in the Tegra 3) system on chip. The A15 architecture is the next generation of silicon, and is already being used in the Exynos 5 as seen in the Nexus 10. The lower power draw and faster processing speed make a remarkable difference when you need it.

The GPU is a whopping 72 core GeForce unit, bringing six times the graphical performance of the Tegra 3. With support for a full 2560x1440 24 bit color display and native hardware decoding for video, it should be able to handle anything you could throw at it in a tablet.

Of course, there is always more and we are only seeing one slide of a full presentation. Hopefully Nvidia shows us more at CES in January. 

Source: Chiphell (Chinese)


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NVIDIA Tegra 4 details leak


Jerry, that SOC looks like a lot of fun! I feel a Nexus 7 II with higher resolution screen coming soon... Also, any idea if this SOC plays nicer with LTE than Tegra 3 did? I vaguely remember hearing that the US HTC One X not having Tegra 3 due to incompatibility with LTE radios... It would be nice if this isn't true anymore.

I believe the ARM7 in this context implies the ARMv7 instruction set architecture (ISA), not the Cortex A7. IIRC I don't believe Nvidia is a proponent of ARM's big.LITTLE design, hence the 4+1 symmetric companion core; Tegra3's companion core was an identical Cortex A9, just like the other four, only down clocked and low-voltage, and their marketing literature seems to indicate a similar direction in future SoCs.

The tegra name pretty much means disappointment. Does anyone remember those headlines? I do which is why I don't expect much from those cats. Nvidia and mobile are not a great combination. To add insult to injury Apple keeps eating their lunch on the graphics side and everyone else pretty much kick their butt these days.



Well... after my Atrix (poor developer support due to Tegra 2 quirks) and the TF700 I got rid of(sluggish and a battery hog when doing anything but video... went through 4 of them before giving up so its not an isolated instance), I have to say those specs look nice, but I'm done with Nvidia when it comes to mobile. If they could deliver on all fronts I'd love to have a Tegra 4 device but history warns me that this too shall have too many compromises.

We always get told about these new power saver super efficient ultracore awesome SoCs but battery life on the products they end up in always tell a different story, you can't blame it all on screen sizes.

Don't get too excited yet it's just marketing bs by nvidia. The way nvidia set up their rigs the A6X from apple would be 36 cores just to give you an idea.