Portal on Shield

No word on exact release date or wider release to other Android devices

There wasn't a whole lot of mobile news coming out of the opening keynote of the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference today, but one of the bigger pieces dropped on us is that the insanely-popular game Portal is coming to the NVIDIA Shield. It may not be the most recent title, but anyone who has spent a decent bit of time playing Portal will appreciate the complexity of bringing such a great game to a mobile device.

Neither NVIDIA nor Valve is spilling the beans on when exactly you'll be able to load up Portal on your Shield, or what this could mean for bringing the game to other non-Shield Android devices. Right now the best thing they can offer us is a big "coming soon" tease, reminding folks that Portal will be just one of over 300 Shield-optimized games available when it launches.

Pair up great top-tier titles like Portal with a Shield that has a new price of $199 and you could have a nice little mobile gaming rig on your hands.



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NVIDIA partners with Valve to bring hit game Portal to Shield


I think most of us would agree that Valve's time would be better spent working on Portal 3 or Half Life 3 than adapting Portal to a mobile platform.

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The way Valve works as a company is very different from traditional game companies. The ONLY reason they are working on this is because there are employees interested in this project, nobody is "assigned" to any team, you choose your own work in Valve.

This would be pretty epic. Portal is one of those timeless games that may have not revolutionized the industry, but sure showed a new way of looking at things. I have picked up this game randomly twice sense my original playthrough to play through it again. It is a truly unique experience.

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