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Are you ready for another great contest from Nvidia and Android Central?  One that gives you a chance to win a Tegra 2 device each day for a full six days?  We hope so, because we're about to kick off our 6 days of Tegra madness mega-contest and make it happen.  We've got a big red sack filled with Android phones and tablets, and one of them just might have your name written on it.

Here's how it's all going to work.  Starting in a few hours, midnight EDT to be precise, we're going to open a contest thread in the Android Central contest forums.  You'll have 24 hours to enter, which is as easy as posting in the thread letting us know you want in on the action.  The next night at midnight, we'll close that thread and open a new one, starting a new drawing.  You can only enter each contest once (we're going to check), and if you win one you're ineligible to enter the next.  The winner will be picked at random, and next Sunday (Sept. 18) we'll announce the winners and get in touch with them all using the address used to sign up for the forums. 

The prizes are:

Tegra 2 devices totally blew us away when they first came out, bringing a level of graphics performance to mobile devices that we hadn't seen before.  12 months later, newer chips have come that throw out mind-boggling numbers, but there's something missing -- software optimization.  We poke plenty of fun at our iOS loving friends, but Apple shows us that raw hardware numbers don't always equal the best performers, especially when it comes to mobile gaming.  That's where Nvidia steps in, working with developers to make games and apps that utilize the full power of the Tegra 2's GeForce GPU.  It's just plain awesome, and I've darn near worn through the glass on my G2X playing Fruit Ninja THD, and Riptide GP on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 or via HDMI out to a television redefines mobile gaming.

Nvidia takes things a step further, offering a complete experience with the Tegra Zone.  Available as an app for your Android device or via the web, they keep us up to date with news and articles about Tegra powered apps, offer community discussion, make it easy to share links to the latest games and news through Twitter and Facebook, and have a full set of tools and resources for developers in the Developer Zone.  It shows that Nvidia is in for the long haul, and their dedication to Android is a deep as yours and ours is.  You can find some screenshots, and a link to the Tegra Zone app for Android after the break, and to keep up with everything as it happens, you can follow @nvidiategra on Twitter.

We'll be sure to announce each contest to remind everyone as they happen, you guys just get ready to enter.  Good luck to all!

Tegra Zone

Tegra Zone

Tegra Zone

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vska says:

Count me in too

Joeatrix says:

Yes i am so want in..joe

telhunter says:

Nice prize pack!!! Me want!!!

mobidi says:

Hope I'll get this one

Wilbur says:

...I win with a pair deuces!

mtbusiness says:

Always in'

hydro26 says:

Hook Me Up PLEASE!!! Its my birthday!!! Thanks!!! Woohoo!

I'd give my right eye for that galaxy tab. Awesome give away Android Central.

ToxicLizard says:

I want in!

Superzak says:

PICK ME....PICK ME!!!! Please and thank you.

Superzak says:

Oh....ya....in casethe I forgot to mention.......please PICK ME :)

Snowkitty says:

I never win anything. I am so pumped for this.
I want it.

knoshann says:

I need this :)

dyanesh says:

I ... want this... plzz plzzzz..! i'm in..

Liquid303 says:

The ONE day I forget to enter is the Galaxy Tab day!?? Epic Saturday lazy forgetful fail!

marceln says:

Hey, it's Sunday already. Where the winners at?
Hope I see myself on the big list. But good luck to everybody else too :).

vska says:

Count me in pls. Thx

ngiaquinto says:

The Lenovo would be a great companion to my Think Pad x61 tablet.

Irice0486 says:

I want in yo

chough says:

This would be the best Christmas present I would get.

Miso Bill#AC says:

I am looking for my first andriod phone! Getting away from blackberry. Help me....

I want in good luck

ghettosurfn says:

I am due for a contest win!