Dragon Mobile Assistant has been updated with new biometric features that lets you access hands-free features without having to unlock your device. The app by Nuance can now recognize users based on their "VoicePrint", and continues to offer a bunch of voice-activated controls for messaging, calling, and maps. The workflow is a bit speedier than you might be used to, as you can spout out the wake command and the task command at the same time, as opposed to waiting for your phone to initiate listening before getting on with it. The update also includes a new embedded browser which brings back web search results quicker than ever.

The last big update added the ability to automatically shift into Driving Mode (which reads messages out loud to you) when it detected you were moving above a certain speed. Before that, it added location-sharing and dictation functions.

Check out the download link above to give it a shot. Any Nuance Mobile Assistant users out there? How often do you use hands-free commands and feedback from your phone?

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Nuance Voiceprint brings new levels of personalization to Dragon Mobile Assistant


Nuance provides voice print authentication to our corporate call centers...pretty cool to see this filter down to their smartphone app.

I wish the 'OK Google' activation worked like this so that it only works when it has recognised your voice, rather than going off at anything that sounds similar.

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This is a fantastic app for the car. I constantly use it to do hands free texting and initiate calls. It works relatively well, as with any voice recognition software it has it's issues. Once you read out a text it will repeat it back to you and give you the option to change it, cancel it, or send it. I use it w/my G2 and the app works through my cars speakers via bluetooth so you don't have to worry about turning down the music in your car to hear your phone.

I don't know if it's still the case but when I first heard of Dragon mobile assistant, probably here on android central, Google Play said it wasn't available in my region, the UK.
However, I happened to visit the USA and then I was able install it.
I quite like it, but my SUV is too noisy for the speech recognition to work reliably.

Why isn't this app available in Canada?!? It blows my mind that the Canadian government is legislating distraction free driving laws and trying to enforce this rather than ensuring Canadians have access to the latest software that will enable allow us to use our phones without having to touch it!

Speculatrix, Did the app still work when you returned to the UK? Are you able to receive software updates?