Notion Ink's Adam

We've been talking about the Notion Ink Adam for a good while now, and finally we have some news about pricing and release dates.  In case you haven't been keeping tabs on this one, the Adam is a Tegra 2 packing 10.1 inch slate, with all the goodies you'd expect from an Android device, plus a SIM card slot and standard USB ports.  Now that we're on the same page -- the pricing breakdown:

  • LCD version -- WiFi only $399, 3G version $449
  • Pixel QI version -- WiFi only $449, 3G version $498

Release info -- Notion is set to begin manufacture and submit to the FCC in early November 2010.  The final date will depend on the FCC.  If the device can clear sooner rather than later, expect a release before the end of the year.  If the FCC doesn't get things clear until January, Notion will release the device at CES 2011.  I know it's been a long time coming, and we still have no exact dates, but just look at the thing.  You can't rush perfection. [Notion Ink via Slashgear] Thanks Daryl!


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Notion Ink Adam pricing and release news


Genesis is Notion Ink app store for Adam and other Notion Ink tablets. The next tablet will be Eve.

HaHa, Man i hate when people get me with that.

But I might have to cop one of these, looks better than he first one I seen.

File this one under "believe it when you see it."

It's gorgeous vaporware, and I have very high hopes for the Pixel Qi screen... but if they haven't even submitted this thing to the FCC yet, production is still a long ways off.

Yeah yeah, another prototype. This will probably be several years before seeing it like the rest of the market. All these manufactures love to show off prototypes but none are doing anything about production of them.. *yawn*

Notion Ink is a small company. They had to show off the prototype (back in January) to get funding. But it sounds like they're actually serious now. Unfortunately for them, I'm tired of waiting and the Galaxy S tablet is coming out in the next month or so. (Hopefully, the announcement during the first week of September is the day they ship, like the Nexus One, and not a pre-announcement like the iPad.)

There could always be another setback, but I'm sure we'll be seeing this before the mid point of 2011. And that late is only if they run out of money and have to sell off to a larger company.

Can't freakin' wait! This device will change things! Hooray for the Indians for finally bringing an amazing product to the market! Can't wait to start seeing some video/screen shots of their custom UI.

While Adam remains vaporware, if it really does come out, i'll be all over this like bitch on ex-wife.

These specs just seem too good to be true. My only concern would be the OS. At first I thought it would be Android. Since it's a proprietary OS, I'm guessing no access to Market, which really devalues it for me.

Hardware wise this thing is everything I would want.

Did you read the same article I did? I think it says it's Android. I wonder if they'll launch with 3.0, or if the buyer will have to upgrade from 2.2.