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This the only Verizon Galaxy Nexus post we intend on doing today, unless actual news breaks. But it was just too good to pass up. This store in Memphis, Tenn., apparently didn't get the message. Either that or it has a cruel sense of humor. Either way, it'll be here when it's here.

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Not so much ...


I feel so sorry for you.. I really do..

If you are not Grandfathered into the Unlimited Data Class, Then why are you not going with the GSM World Phone and hooking up with ATT now that they have Blazing 4G LTE in the S.F Bay Area, L.A. Area, N.Y. Area as well as Texas.. I am sure at least 40% of you are in one of those areas.. Geez.. To have $800.00 burning a hole in your pocket and nothing to spend it on sucks.

Blazing on my 1,300 mhz Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL...

Yep... They are here... My Radioshack has them in the back room but received a call this morning saying to "Halt Sales Until Further Notice".. But, at least you guys now know 100% they are in the back room.. So, Get your $800.00 Ready !

Blazing on my 1,300 mhz Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL...

And getting the hell out of your way!!! On Your Marks.. Get Set!...

FU Verizon... simply FU...Customers again bent over the desk with no lube. I wish just ONE of the other carriers improves their call signal so I can leave VZW!! LOL

wow.. you know.. people argueing like its gospel how the droid is the devil and the nexus was going to be completely ignored by verizon, and sabotaged etc..



that is all.

You do realize that it is an electronic sign, right? They could very well have tons of ads on it for any phone they have, including the entire DROID lineup.

I just left a verizon store in Atlanta, and they had the nexus on display with a $299 price tag. I didn't try to buy one cause I'm happy with my RAZR, but the sales rep was trying to sell it to a customer.

Holy crap I'm in Atlanta, sucks I can't get it either way since my contract won't end until next year October, but I'm going out to see if it's really there.

OK, now officially delayed. Verizon run by clowns. That's what you get with a company full of legacy telco employees counting the days to retirement. It is no nimble Internet company.

The Verizon "testers" are probably standing around scratching their heads trying to figure out how to plug the phone in to their RJ11 wall jack.

Now I don’t want to make a big stink about this ether but a friend and I just walked into a Best Buy and asked the young female sales clerk “Do you have the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus?” after a seemingly long pause she replied “Tomorrow”. I wish I had a camera to capture the look on our faces but we were not expecting that answer. We just stood there with our mouths open unable to respond. Our thoughts, Was she lying? Did she hear us wrong? Was she just messing with us? Damn, do we look that stupid!?!?!?!

So you talked to a ditsy blonde... yeah there's a lot of those in the world. Oh and Pic or it didn't happen. lol

It's not false advertising as long as it's in stock. I bet the dm decided on this being a A store to do this and the phone got a little delayed. I want it so bad but hey it will be out soon.

Sprint will get their version soon enough. It will not have bloatware (most likely), it will not have the NFC blocked, might not even have a Sprint logo forced onto it, the plans will cost significantly less AND be unlimited data, and with a voice calling area identical to Verizon.

But you will also have a much smaller 4G footprint, a smaller 3G data footprint, and usually an overloaded/congested/slow 3G data network.

Life marches on...

yup, I'm not touching anything on Sprint till second half of 2012 for the LTE. no reason buying a deprecated technology.

Haha this is post is toooooo hilarious oh yeah and sad at the same time :( well lets go T-Mobile release noooowwww!!! Lol

You know, I really like the verizon coverage for my phone (still on original Droid Incredible)...but this has morphed from nice marketing strategy (i.e. build up anticipation and then release the phone to the hungry dogs...that's us) to a situation that is really just an embarrassing lack of communication and poor customer relations. Maybe the delay is related to a power struggle for a corner office between the VP of Marketing and the VP of Customer Care. Ha ha.

My theory is that it is a power struggle between Verizon and Google. Verizon is using the release date to try to force last minute concessions from Google and Google isn't budging. Customers are in the middle.

I really hope this is the only Nexus post AC does today because Verizon is laughing their way to the bank with all the free publicity blogs give them. If tech blogs would take a break maybe Verizon would have to do their own hyping, and hence release some actual information.

Not to be a Debby Downer, but I seriously doubt they're going to release it on Sprint, considering they publicly advertise only releasing it using HSPA+ or LTE technologies, which Sprint has yet to even start rolling out the technology for.

Not to mention, even if they DID decide to release it with a WiMax band, you know as well as I do that there is not going to be any chance of that hitting Memphis. :P

hello i work for verizon fios the nexus will avalible monday the 12 was email send to our local vzw the problem was 4g was donw thank you

So glad I went ahead and picked up the amazing RAZR two days before Thanksgiving. Google/Moto will update this baby fast, and I'll have ICS on a device with a good radio.

OH no, what ever will I do with a later release date for overhyped software upgrades? I Must have the most up to date phone even if it means I'll pay a $35 re-stocking fee every month for the rest of my life!

Baaaaaahhhhhh (sheep sounds)

You're expecting a fast update to ICS for the RAZR? Given past history, I say the chances of that happening quickly are between slim and none.

How can you take that picture and not then walk in ask for the phone and then put the response here along with the picture. Phil - we need more from the photographer. Did they go in? What did they say? toramorigan you have to let us know what happens.

No problem! I'll go in tonight and take some video footage/camera pics. This is definitely the phone that my holiday bonus is going towards. :D

I called that particular store and asked about purchasing a Nexus. The nice young lady said that she could not. She confirmed that they did have them in stock and that she hoped it would just be "a few days" before they were released.

The Verizon Store in the Detroit Renaissance Center (The General Motors Building) has them in stock also, got to play around with it... Can't believe how light it feels in your hand. Only made me want one even more!!!! ARGH! ...and of course was told that they are waiting on word to go ahead and sell them.

The oddest launch ever!

This reminds me of when I wanted my Galaxy S2 on AT&T and everyone mentioned Sept. 16th or whatever as the "rumored" release date. It came and went and no phone people went bananas. I almost switched to Sprint to get the phone but sucked it up and waited until October 2nd when it finally came out.

This reminds me of it all over again LOL. Difference being, nothing special about this phone when compared to the Galaxy S2 IMO. ICS will be on GS2 in due time, I have removable storage, and a better camera.

...move along. :)

Just looking at the Galaxy Nexus page on Google & some of the screens now say "Buy Now" but when you click on them they just got to the register page... cruel cruel trick! Damn you Verizon!

I just went into my local Best Buy and casually asked "do you have the Galaxy Nexus?" she said yes, we got a shipment last night, it came out today. After looking up my info and then talking to a fellow employee she came back to me, with a Galaxy Nexus box in hand and said "it won't be available until Sunday."

I know! A scene played out in my head like a movie scene where I would slip here a little cash while she handed me the box.

Seriously considering Sprint now. Especially considering the phone is immensely cheaper everywhere besides the US (assuming it is $300 w/ contract.) I'm getting tired of Verizon's "we'll do it because we can" mentality.

I went to my local Best Buy this morning and approached a BB Mobile saleswoman and casually asked "Can you check to see if I'm due for an upgrade? Do you guys have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?" She responded with a yes. I asked if there was a floor model I could look at and she said "We just got a shipment last night, so it's not out here yet." She then looks up my information, says I'm eligible for an upgrade and that she'll be right back.

I'm waiting there with bated breath while she emerges with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus box in her hand and she goes to speak to another salesperson. She comes back and says "unfortunately I can't sell it to you until Sunday." I ask "Really?" and with a look she says "yes sir."

Two hours later I called Best Buy and stated "I came up there this morning and a saleswoman said that the Galaxy Nexus will be available for sale This Sunday but I've been reading online reports that the soonest date it will be available will be the 15th." She responded with a "No sir, it will be available on Sunday."

Just my little tidbit......

They are in the Back Room at Radioshack waiting for a "Go" from Big V... But I'm..

Blazing on my 1,300 mhz Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL...

So I went to the store tonight to see if they indeed have it. Turns out they do, but here's what I found out:

1 - The signage is actually controlled by a third-party company that pushes new animations for use with that signage. When I got there around 5:30 PM (CST) it was gone, and only showing things in regards to tablets and other 4G things.

2 - I went in and talked to a person, asked if they had a demo unit. They said that they didn't have one out yet, and admitted they saw this post on Android Central. I had to poke fun with them for being ousted all over the world. They said that "they had the wool pulled over their eyes by Verizon, and that they were intending on selling it starting today," but there's a no go on that, obviously. They were just as confused as other customers coming in asking about it.

3 - They do indeed have the phones in stock, but they said that they expect the delay is a network or software issue, and according to a post in the forums, that is indeed the case. However, the rep I talked to let me give him my number and said he'd call me when they started to sell the phone.

Jesus, some of you have lost your minds. It's actually quite entertaining. The emotions, the rage, the tears. Pop a Xanax and calm down. I love it how some of you think that Verizon is delaying this phone for reasons other than business. Yeah, they're evil and trying to manipulate us. LOL!

Us phone fanatics make up the tiniest sliver of their customer base. Most people haven't even heard of this phone, nor do they care. The average person is just looking for a pretty phone that does everyhing they want it to do. And guess what? There are a TON of phones out that meet though qualifications.

Verizon didn't even officially announce a release date, did they? So, technically, they haven't really done anything wrong. If you're having emotional problems over this, it's not Verizon's fault.