Should you be travelling through the Eurotunnel today, you'll be able to enjoy mobile connectivity depending on which mobile operator you're currently subscribed to. Vodafone and EE have infrastructure in place to take loads from today, while O2 UK will be going live soon. Utilizing a fibre optic retransmission system, operators have made it possible for passengers to enjoy stable connectivity.

Unfortunately, there's no 4G support. This is a bummer since we're rocking through 2014 and smartphones are becoming more powerful, requiring faster connectivity for video streaming, video calls and more. Baby steps, folks. A neat side note is this launch marks the 20th anniversary of the Eurotunnel, bridging the gap between the UK and the rest of Europe. French operators had their equipment installed back in 2012. Better late than never.

Source: Eurotunnel Via: CoolSmartphone


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North Eurotunnel now has Vodafone and EE service


They are doing something like this in the NYC subway system. Mostly at the terminal stops now but it is a start. Usually once underground it's radio silence. Now at least while you wait you can stay in contact.

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I don't see the point in our mobile networks deploying 2G. Save the money and just get 3G & 4G in the tunnels.

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So... Coverage from EE, Big Red, O2 soon. Looks like '3' were left out of the partnership. Again...

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