When it comes to eReaders, it looks like customers prefer to have a WiFi-only model. Despite Barnes & Noble's Nook product line showing all-time sales highs (thanks in no small part to the uber-popular Nook Color), the e-ink Nook 3G is apparently about to be discontinued, according to an Engadget tipster.  Sales will continue until supply is depleted, but after that, don't expect to see any more of these.

As eReaders only need data connections for downloading books (usually not something you'll do everyday) and syncing, it makes perfect sense that more customers opt for a cheaper WiFi model.

It's been a slice, Nook 3G.  [Engadget]


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So long, Nook 3G -


I have a Nook 3G, and I have purchased a books while riding down the highway (In EDGE land, no less, no 3G for miles).

That being said, it was largely just because I could, not because I needed to. I usually have 3 months worth of reading stacked up on my nook.

On the WIFI model they shed the 3G radios, and the open ended bandwidth bill, and prices came down, (but not enough if you ask me).

If you live in Dial Up land, rush out and get one of these quick, because contrary to its name, it will work on Edge and even GPRS, and does not require 3G.

Well said icebike.

I would buy newspapers on the beach because I could. But if I would have gotten the wifi only as a gift, I would have adapted.

I too recommend picking one of these up if you haven't, its nice to buy reading material on the fly instead of fighting with wifi networks when your out and about.

However, I guess you could just fire up mobile-hotspot on your phone and problem solved :-)

Can you use the 3G connection on the Nook for the Browser. And can you use it on the market if you root? Just curious, don't know how that works.

I'm sorry to hear this, and I'm glad I have mine. I've needed 3G a number of times: on our yearly retreat to the mountains, going home to visit my parents (they have DSL, but their router is incompatible with the Nook), riding in the passenger seat of the car on a rural highway, etc. Call me odd, but I like having a backup connection.

I'd been holding off on getting a Nook Color, hoping that there'd be a 3G version of the Nook Color 2, but this news seems to indicate that that won't happen. :/