Just don't get naked

"Ladies, no nudity please."

That's the admonition in the "Ladies First" OnePlus One invite contest, this time targeted for "ladies (and only ladies, sorry guys, ladies first)."

All the ladies have to do is take a picture of themselves with the OnePlus logo visible, post it to the OnePlus forum, and give OnePlus the rights to use that picture however it wants. (That's pretty standard legal stuff, but still.)

"The 50 most well-liked ladies will receive an invite and a Never Settle t-shirt," OnePlus says.

Oh, and try not to get naked. Because OnePlus knows you ladies apparently are just one contest away from GoneWild.

Update: Looks like we're not alone in letting OnePlus know it's still not doing things well.

Update 2: And ... the contest has been canceled.


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OnePlus apparently thinks ladies are dying to get naked for a phone


Too many ones and pluses in the brands me thinks. Or the combination thereof.

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Yeah, you're right...
Don't let all these trolls fool us.

11 (binary) is 3 (decimal).

Trust me, I'm Asian.

Especially when people start abbreviating oneplus one as OPO and there's a different company actually called oppp. Very pointlessly confusing

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I was getting confused by that just today browsing the forums! Was driving me nuts. I love the phone and I haven't even held one, but damn that name sucks.

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Pretty easy to buy one on Swappa if you want one. Not much markup and no taxes.

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They make an alright phone. It's no better than any o the other flagship phones on the market. And no, the price doesn't make it better. It's a good price but when you factor in the piss poor customer service and the (s)ugar (h)oney (i)ce (t)ea load of issues the phone ships with (the furums are chock full of threads detailing both), it's more of an also ran than a game changer.

I have the phone, shipping was a breeze and I haven't had any issues with it all. no yellow band, no dead pixels, all of my parts were there. The OPO forums are full of people complaining. try the subreddit on the OPO and you will find people who are actually using the phone not making multiple accounts to try and blow things out of proportion.

No. They didn't. I've had it for a few days and sold it. The Nexus 5 is still much better.

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Yeah, and that's the only woman that's not smiling proudly trying to get an invitation (of the few pages I glanced at). Ladies first is chivalrous. Please, no nudity may be coy, but it sure as hell isn't sexist.

I agree with the other people here. The phone is great for the price and I would like to get one, but going into their forums to look for a invite is a complete mess. People there are begging and just throwing up discussion threads like crazy hoping to get an invite. Complete chaos.

You know, I used to lime this company! But they seem like they're just toying around with people just because they make an awesome phone with an awesome price tag. Forget that company. Nexus 6 FTW!

Delivered by the Nexus 5 or the mighty Surface Pro 3

Totally agree. Just take their money and tell people it'll be four to six weeks or two months or whatever

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Because they're giving phones out to women and put a disclaimer saying no nudity please? Holy crap people, get over yourselves

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This world is becoming very, very stupidly sensitive.

Get over it. When they found the name of a football team offensive, I knew the this country was done for.

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I so wish I could up vote this. I could maybe understand cause they wanted pictures of girls but let's be honest a lot of girls like to take selfies. I see no problem with them asking people to keep it clean, look at face book girls are practically naked on there and they ain't even trying to win stuff.

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Hey One Plus, instead of coming up with the cute little advertising campaigns, why not mass produce your product so us simple people can walk into say a Best Buy and check one out? I have this thing about having to feel something before I buy it. I tend not to take peoples word for how good or bad something is. Maybe it's just me.

This coming from the same company who ran a promotion a while back asking people to break their current smartphone in hopes of winning one of these. Wow. Just wow.

Announced on earth day no less. (Maybe the day before...) They really do seem to be run by a bunch of dicks.

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I hope this phone goes away quicker than it's being released. They are trying to generate hype with this invite system, and it's a scam. Let's call it what it is. This is your run of the mill "flagship" phone, that certainly isn't a flagship killer.

Bottom line: this phone caters to enthusiast and tech reviewers. They can't mass produce this phone because they can't afford to. There is no interest in it beyond what I just mentioned, period.

This is a damn good phone. I want it. What I will not do is spend hours crawling their forums and the internet hoping to receive an invite or buy one. That is pointless and irritating.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel creepy begging complete strangers for an invite on their forums. Just seems very weird for some reason.

No, OnePlus thinks that *some people* are willing to get naked for a phone, whether or not they're women. "No nudity" is a standard rule in any of these contests, and while this specific "no nudity" rule is targeted at women, that's because the entire contest is targeted at women. (Whether or not the contest in general is sexist is another debate in and of itself, though.)

This is a bit ridic. I went ahead and posted though because my boyfriend really wants one ( guy at his job got one and he's been drooling over the idea) so what the hell. Was thinking of just buying on swappa for him but he doesn't want used so we shall see. I do wish this company would get their ish together though

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I really would like to buy one of these phones, but these games are a turn off. Sell the phone to people who really want the device. Time and time again I see posts from people that got invites and deleted them. Stop these games and sell the device already.

We're talking about OnePlus, which means whatever they're doing is working. :/

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Political correctness at its finest...

Everyone knows that there are a ton of skanks out there more than willing to show it all off to win some stupid contest. Hell, they show it all off for nothing anymore.

With that said, this is on a public forum and "no nudity" is a pretty general rule for pretty much any public forum. If they said that about a contest for men only, nobody would care, but since it's for women... well I'm not allowed to say. Political correctness...

"If they said that about a contest for men only, nobody would care"

Actually if that happen, the entire internet would be on an uproar, and I would be inclined to agree with them. I don't think they should have a contest pointed toward a specific gender, it's a big issue in the prejudice world we're living in. You're bound to offend someone which ever gender it is.

You're bound to offend someone just by breathing the wrong way in this politically correct world we live in.

I can kind of see where you're coming from with the gender-specific contest, but the article is complaining about the "no nudity" comment. Phil is spinning this off to sound sexist, but I read the post and it didn't sound sexist at all to me.

I can understand why people would say that the gender-specific contest is sexist, but it doesn't really bother me. I can't enter a stupid contest because I'm a male, who cares. Should I cry because I can't be the next Miss America too?

I gotta say, this is a stupid contest. Nobody loves the ladies like me and there some nice looking pics, but it is sexist, they should put more energy into prepping for general availability. Glad I already got mines

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If Motorola puts out the X+1at around $400 starting price it'll be game over. Especially if they are still using the stupid invite system.

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Ya, that was the last straw for me. This company may as well stop existing as far as I care now. Terrible management!

You do realize by you posting an article about their "tactics" they are in fact, doing a good job of marketing.

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Doesn't mean anyone has to buy it. Definitely doesn't mean anyone can actually buy it lol. Due to the invite system. Love the device, hate the marketing

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I wasn't interested in the OnePlus One (too big), but might have considered them in the future. But after reading this I'm now not going to.

Publishing this story may be giving them publicity, but it isn't good publicity. I suspect this stunt has cost them more potential customers than it has gained, in which case it certainly would be bad marketing.

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Had they not wrote that on the post. These articles would still exist. Only they would be saying that One plus is holding a contest to GET nudes.

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Lol what a bunch of clowns these guys are. They still don't realize how broken their invite system is.

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"Look another major Android blog just posted links to our invite contest and we didn't have to pay a dime!" said the head of the +OnePlus​ marketing department as he cashed yet another bonus check.
Keep feeding the beast.

My AC App signature lacks a witty comment.

Anytime you talk about something you are potentially promoting it, regardless if you're saying something good or bad. So... AC should never write a negative word about something because it'll help promote it?

You are correct Phil. I guess because it came across as more editorial I thought a direct link wasn't necessary. I am not 100% up on my journalism ethics.

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And now the other side of the argument, did the AC article (with the link) lead to the consumer outrage that appears to have made the contest dissappear? If so, well done Mr. Nickinson.

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99.999% of the ladies I know don't even know what the hell a one plus one is. & have no interest in owning one.

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I really don't see how this contest is degrading to women. If they put No Nudity please in the rules, then clearly they weren't trying to just get some eye candy.

It's sexist because they required the women to be in the picture and then have the picture be rated in order to possibly score an invite. If it wasn't sexist, then why did any part of the women's bodies have to be in the picture at all?

Anyway, everyone--including Cyanogen--was against the contest, so now it's been cancelled.

I'm pretty sure the men on that contest website are leftover Neanderthals. The thread reads like a sexist trainwreck.

I hope women don't take part in that competition.

Yeah the contest link is gone. Think they killed the contest. If only someone had this idea 24 hours ago

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Crap phone, crap software (the forever early beta that is Cyanogen) and crap marketing. I dont even want an 'invite', in fact i'd go out of my way to avoid one.

Haha have you used one or are you just going off of other people's opinions? I own it and it's one of the best androids/phones that I've owned, and I've owned quite a few.

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What's the big deal? Anyone with social experience knows that out of 10 women, 1 of them is willing to show breast to win over a crowd.
So you pissed off people honestly don't think that in the entire world, there isn't one chick whose going to take her shirt off and lick her lips for a free phone that every one wants?
That's life. They understand it. Why can't you

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Lol wow all this hate for a great phone I have one. Their are people with issues. But guess what. Every other phone I've had had issues. Everyone had bugs in the software. Mine is great no yellow screen, great build quality, great user experience. Just because you don't agree with the invite system doesn't mean that the product itself isn't great. And trust me I've let more than tech enthuist use my phone and they loved it. So ill save my money and use a phone with great specs while most over pay for a similarly specd phone. On the software side only sense can compare to it. So keep on your blinders and hatred for this company going. I'll continue to enjoy what I find to be a great phone.

It's a great phone but if I didn't have one, and wanted one, I wouldn't like the fact that I had no chance at an invite just because I'm a guy. The phone is awesome and the company has more potential than any small manufacturer in the business but they could have came up with some better ideas to win invites. Some companies have you make a song about them, make a video yelling "I want a OnePlus one” in a crowded area and post it to YouTube. Talk about OnePlus one on Facebook or twitter and see who gets the most likes or retweets. Hell all those I just named were good and free marketing ideas. They should hire me

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Lots of comments.. People may not read this, someone may even have stated it. But it's the fact that the company is just saying no nudes because frankly women do think that men would go for the nude pics over other pics.. It goes both ways Ya know.. The company doesn't want all these naked photos then we get mad cuz they receive them and then say " well you shouldve had a terms and conditions stating no nudity" people just need something to complain about.. All they were doing was trying to be nice. Obviously they're more men than women interested into techy things because of whatever reasons.. But all they were doing was a friendly gesture and put out there saying no nudes. They wanted a photo contest.. But sometimes girls do send crazy pics.. That's the world we live in.. So who's really to blame.

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So basically they just collected a whole bunch of legally cleared photos of chicks for free? (after taunting them to "not" be naked)

Weird writer makes assumptions about OnePlus totally outside of the REALIZATION that Apple had their combined marketing snafu in #iBendOverEasyGate along with #iSpreadEmNakedCloudGate episodes recently! ;-P

I mean really isn't it obvious that OnePlus is targeting Apple's Bad Press to poke fun at? lol..... Get a clue and wake up to REALITY!!!! ......it's Apple that f'ing up big time.... not OnePlus! ahahaha.....