No Moto X for this chap

New line of products planned for European market instead, spokesperson tells Pocket-Lint

There's disappointment tonight for buyers in the UK hoping to pick up Motorola's much-hyped Moto X handset. British tech site Pocket-Lint says a Moto spokesperson has confirmed that the device will not be coming to the UK. Instead, the Moto X is apparently the first in a new family of Motorola phones, and more devices in this family will be launched globally in the future.

The site quotes a Motorola spokesperson as saying — 

"Because it is the first one, the Moto X has had a real buzz around it, but the US launch is not about the US being Motorola's priority at all, there are devices coming to Europe. We can't share what they are as of yet, but they are from the same family. They are cool and they are exciting and there is a lot in Europe coming up."

Motorola UK has been fairly quiet over the past year. The British arm's last major launch was the Intel Atom-powered RAZR i last September — a device which although decent, failed to set the smartphone world alight. This year there'll be more Moto handsets for Brits to look forward to — hopefully with a similar feature set to the Moto X. Until then we'll just have to watch, with envious eyes and a stiff upper lip.

UK readers — were you planning on picking up a Moto X? Will you be waiting for Moto's new global products instead? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

Source: Pocket-Lint


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No Moto X for the UK


Just updated to jelly bean on my s2, so no need for a new phone for a while now. On the positive side something better could be coming to the UK, blessing in disguise :-)

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I was planning on picking one up. Not now obviously. Moto have just lost a hell of a lot of sales by doing this.

One or two. I don't think you quite understood what I meant by that (which is reasonable). If you look in the comments on various sites including this one not only are people in the UK disappointed by this, but some of them have said they won't consider Motorola's other devices that they are bringing over here. And to some degree, I agree. Why didn't they just introduce the X over here?

Obviously, they did it because they hate money and were terrified that they'd have too much of it if they sold the MotoX in the UK.

Or, just possibly, that's completely freaking stupid and it's obviously a regulatory issue which makes it either impossible or non-profitable to sell the MotoX in the UK.

Yep, they sent 500 million on marketing for this phone, and it only sells in America, which misses out the following major markets:
ALL OF THE UK, just let that sink in, 500million, and doesn't put it out IN THE UK
ALL OF ASIA (Japan, China, and India are MASSIVE MARKETS)
Australia and NZ, not as major as the others, but sell it there, and you pocket an easy 50 million ATLEAST.
500 Million in marketing to only sell, what? Like 3 million devices, because it only launches in America, that doesn't even cover the marketing costs, let along everything else. bad move Moto, amazing return with an amazing device, but just plain stupid.

I would have liked to see this phone in the UK, I like the design and the UI I guess I will just have to wait to see what Motorola do have in store for the European market.

Why do these companies do this. I believe in One Phone for One world, for all carriers. Samsung have tried and to a degree HTC have tried.

Nexus 5 come and be my saviour.

+1 I agree. I was really looking forward to getting my hands on this phone. Very disappointed and I think Moto could be shooting themselves in the foot by not bringing the Moto X out anywhere else except for the US.

I wasn't planning on getting the Moto X but I still feel that a phone free from carriers shouldn't be a worldwide device

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... a phone free from carriers *should* be a worldwide device.

I fixed it for you. I take cash and money orders lol

Had a few moto's in the past, was looking forward to this one. They don't even say why, so I will never buy another Motorola. Plenty choice out there to keep me happy.

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That's a little drastic. You do realize they're coming out with a similar phone in Europe, right?

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They did say why, they will be making another phone for the UK. Could be they will try to do the same thing there (made in the UK)? Either way expect pretty much the same phone with just a different look.

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Im a little underwhelmed, I know how vital it is that Moto gets its Mojo back so I was expecting great things, following the rumour mill over the weeks prior to today's launch I was expecting something that would make the likes of HTC Samsung and Apple sit up and take notice.
I suspect they will all be taking a huge sigh of relief today.
I can think of a few phones I would go for before slapping any cash down here.
To my mind the only way this is going to make any headway in the UK is if its Cheap - Runs Stock and ideally has a few specs bumped.

I think my advice to friends is hold out to see what replaces the Nexus 4

The general public could care less about stock. If anything running stock might hurt sales. Do you know nothing at all?

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I was interested as I've been rocking my Xoom since it's launch and it's never let me down. But the Moto X wasn't really all that for me. Too much overhyped yank stuff, like the S4

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Samsung is Korean and the S4 is selling all across the world, it is in no way "yank“ stuff (I'm not american btw).

Please tell me you honestly don't think the S4 is an American phone...

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Well mine was made in Korea and assembled in Vietnam. And I live in Mexico. Is that American enough for you?

Oh well, amazingly with all the hype, i'm a little disappointed so i'll still with my Nexus 4 until, the next big thing comes out or the Nexus 5.

I was also very hyped with all the leaks and so forth. Now I actually see it...i dont really care for it. Like you, I'm going to wait for the next Nexus phone

Not worried tbh... my Motorola Defy was horrific. Not a fan of Motorola anymore... and hey, i have an S4 =D happy days =D

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If you honestly think the Defy is actually a good representation of Motorola, you are dead wrong. They talked about this in the latest podcast (#145); go listen to it (again). Not only is the Defy pre-Google acquisition, it's a relic of the crappy side of Motorola that is now gone.

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Not disappointed at all after seeing the details today. All a bit of a letdown. The battery life, if to be believed, is impressive. Otherwise all a bit meh. The voice activation stuff still seems gimmicky. And it's carrier tied with all the issues that brings. I'll be sticking with my Nexus 4 for some time I think.

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I hadn’t been specifically planning to buy the device, but if the price had been right it would most definitely have been on the radar.

Pre-smartphone Motorola were a reasonably popular make of phone over here in the UK, but if this is in fact the case that the X isn’t going to be available over here then I am totally pissed off with them as a company.

At the beginning of the year I had to make the switch from Nokia/Symbian as very sadly – for me – it was a dying platform: there was only one alternative for my needs and likes for an alternative OS and that was Android, and not without a little trepidation I finally opted to buy the XT890.

Well all I can say apart from a slight niggle with the screen resolution I am extremely impressed with this phone and I love it. The build quality is superb, the functionality excellent, and apart from the very occasional lag I can’t fault its performance, which needless to say made me rather look forward to their next offering/s.

So after all the global hype which Motorola have generated regarding this phone and then deemed that the UK market isn’t worthy of it, then eff off Moto and I will never be buying one of your phones again.

It was disappointing to say the least. And from the other posts I read most in the US are not happy at the price for a mid-range phone. I will stick with my nexus 4 and wait for the 5. I hope its not a moto. And I'm all sort of meh at it not coming to the UK.

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...I was REALLY, REALLY anticipating this phone...BUT then the leaked OFF-Contract prices (At&t: $575; US Cellular: $699!!!!) really pissed not just me , but apparently EVERYONE else as well, off!...I've never seen a new phone pummeled by so many Android posters...

Nah was ok from Motorola this is just a medium range smartphone and with Europe having the Samsung mini S4 and the htc one mini there isn't a need for a other medium range phone specially since motorola isn't really such an big player in Europe anyway. Maybe with a killer device it would looked different but not with that thing.

Sony Xperia Z

Hmm, I wonder if this means I can still hold onto hope for a new qwerty slider in teh future.

I can't believe I went from wanting this phone so badly to despising everything it *thinks* it has accomplished in less than 24 hours. It's very sad when a company decides that people who care about specs don't matter and the people who simply want a fashion accessory are more important. HTC effectively reached both, making an impeccable looking phone with internals that were top of the line. It looks like Motorola tried to reach the middle ground and, in my opinion, failed.

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..You're correct; they tried to reach the middle ground while charging TOP-OF-THE-LINE Price for this phone...ABSOLUTE, Marketing DISASTER!

I can't say I'm surprised to be honest. It was inevitable really, the hoards put so much hype behind the X, that Google would finally be a hardware manufacturer, when actually it just looks like Motorola are still doing their own thing for the most part.

Still, it's quite a shame that they're skipping the UK market with this, and another unwelcome nod towards Google's prioritisation of the US market. Although, going on my first point that Moto still seem to be acting quite independently, I'm not so sure that prioritising the US shows much correlation with Google directly doing so last week with the N7 and Chromecast, at least I hope not.

Noooooooooooooooooo! Motorola ignores not america, well im just shocked, shocked i tell you. i mean they have absolutely never ever done that before!!!

Does Sony know this?

I've always assumed there was a secret handshake that Moto would stay out of Europe and Sony would stay out of America.

Now that Sony has been coming to America, albeit late, I thought Moto would change too....

Well I thought they made it quite clear that it's a patriotic phone (made in the US and stuff). So I was expecting it to be exclusive.

Hehe, I see Motorola learned well from Google... First - do not sell the stuff globally, make people wait and hate you, Second - make little stock in any please/shop/e-shop so only chosen can buy stuff and the rest of them can hate you... Third - do not make to many phones at once so stock can run out and people can wait even longer and hate you.. Fourth - loose market as people will find other phones available for less...

Quite disappointed I must say. However I'm holding out hope for a DROID MAXX type device with a hell of a battery in the UK! Interested on what the new nexus will bring though. This nexus 4 is good but battery life could be better.

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For me this is the big issue that both Google and Motorola need to fix. You don't see Apple launching products to just one country (don't follow apple news but at least iphones / ipads always seem to be launched globally).

Googles recent history with play music, chromecast, and the new nexus 7 is just poor from a UK point of view.

In the case of the Moto X it doesn't even make much sense. Why would you launch one product for US and a different product for the UK? Instead of having one development path, one model to support and one model to Market you now have doubled your work.

I should have been warned off Motorola when I got the Xoom, even with a single product the UK still felt like second class customers.

I had hoped it would be different with new google moto but on reflection given googles own failings in this area that was stupid.

RUMOR MILL: In the US, OFF-Contract on At&t: $575 (16gb); Off-Contract on US Cellular: $699 (16gb). If these are indeed correct, my UK friends you ought to be GRATEFUL you won't be getting RIPPED-OFF soon!

I ain't that diasapointed to be honest but yet again the US get priority but when Google is involved it isn't actually surprising. To be honest its actual looks outweigh the specs pretty expensive for a very mid range device.

I am pretty gutted tbh. The plan is now to get it off contract from at&t -if I can pay with a UK registered card. Use Moto Maker, post to friend in U.S.and get it forwarded to me. But I'm going to wait till wood is available. Hope it works :-\

If motorola wants to get back in the game they need to realise there is more than just the US, google needs to learn this in fact with a lot of it's services.

Well put. When will Google learn that to have services and hardware in one region and not in another automatically relegates their brand perception.

Microsoft and Apple products are the same no matter what part of the globe you live in.

The European Market isn't only the UK you know ?
Why do we keep seeing "The UK won't get..." when it should be "Europe" or "the EU" ?
The EU is filled with English speaking persons even if those do not live in countries where English is the official language. Please write your articles while taking that fact into account.

Best Regards.

Such a shame. I'm really interested in the Moto X and was considering it as my next phone. Looks like my money will be going elsewhere.....

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I was looking forward to it. Really wanting a new Nexus phone for the UK though, to be honest, felt this would be the next best thing.

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God everyone sounds so spoilt and entitled over this Moto X. Like Google/Moto owe you something.

Newsflash. They dont owe you anything. They are trying to run a business of selling phones here.

Despite its "mid range" spec as people keep saying, I bet it performs better than the S4. They kept the OS running as close to stock as possible (Just like you asked for) and innovated on some extra features that should make for a superior experience. The ability to customise is a nice touch. It looks fantastic. If I didnt already own a Nexus 4 I'd be seriously considering one.

But to rage over the internets cos you're butthurt that they wont sell it to you at a loss off contract like the Nexus line is ridiculous.

If thats what you want then buy the Nexus 4. It really is that simple.

I think the point most people were trying to make is Motorola built up quite a hype about the Moto X, along with online communities and blogging.
It was a keen interest in their vision for this phone that made it desirable. So its kinda a kick in the teeth to the rest of the world to say "oh, you won't get this. You'll get something similar in our family range"
By no means are they the only company guilty of this, don't get me wrong. But this has been so far the biggest worldwide coverage of a mobile release announcement that isn't intended for a worldwide audience. Bit of an letdown for many who wanted to be a proud owner of the MotoX

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