Nikon has big glass and new ways to share what it sees with your smartphone in 2014

Android Central @ CES

John P and Dan spend a few minutes talking with Zurab from Nikon about the new Nikon gear at this year's CES.

From nine (count 'em — nine) new Coolpix models to the new D3300 DSLR, Nikon has something for everyone. And their new Wifi models will connect right to your Android so the pictures you take can be edited, cropped and shared right from your phone.

While pictures from your phone are good enough for most things, sometimes you want or need a real camera. Companies like Nikon are making it even easier to fit one into your lifestyle.


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Nikon talks serious cameras at #CESlive


I have been considering one. Just still a little steep price wise. Time to start saving

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we need touch screens in 5 series and above dslr not a useless sharing feature

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