Here's one to take with a grain of salt, simply because as of now it's not official. Sources at CNet say that most of the FuelBand team is to be let go, and that Nike will halt production of the hardware altogether. This includes the planned "slim" version to be released later this year, and everything else the 70-odd member team may have been working on.

Word of the plans also have reached the tech-industry anonymous network Secret.ly last week, where an anonymous poster said:

The douchebag execs at Nike are going to lay off a bunch of the eng team who developed The FuelBand, and other Nike+ stuff. Mostly because the execs committed gross negligence, wasted tons of money, and didn't know what they were doing

Interestingly enough, Nike just launched the Fuel Lab — a San Francisco-based think tank for testing connected devices. It's possible that Nike, who will release an API for it's software services, has plans to partner with another player or players to build hardware.

Now that the rumor is out in the open, we expect to hear more and will keep you updated.

Source: CNet


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Nike rumored to be axing Fuelband hardware division


Maybe they shouldn't have shunned Android. I guess they can thank Tim Cook for that.

Yeah, ignoring something like 80% of the market, that's pretty un-Nike like. Well, I hope the execs at least got a fat pay check from Apple for botching this. :)

Truth they should have gone for the Android market & integration

Apple only app & integration cost them dearly

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86% of Android phones run a version older than 4.3.
They DO NOT support Bluetooth Low Energy, which is indispensable for lower consumption in wearables.
On the other hand, BLE has been supported on iPhone since the 4S and almost 90% of iOS devices are compatible.
In their main target country which is the US, that means that Android (which has an overall market share of about 55% in the US) BLE Android devices represent around 7% of the market vs around 40% of BLE iOS devices.

I wonder if this is because of Tim Cook being on their board and not wanting to compete and Nike can just give Apple the software side for an iWatch.
Get ready for apple to invent the fitness tracker now!!!

I was looking forward to using the Fuelband when I first recieved my Samsung Galaxy S4 and have always loved Nike shoes and Sportswear but never wanted to get an iPhone because I like the wider screened phones! And when I heard the new Nike Fuelband was going to be iPhone only I voiced my opinion on their Twitter! Servers them right! I then bought a FitBit One and never been happier!

Same here brother fit bit got my money since Nike ignored us Android users

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Nobody exercises. Hell, obesity is now considered a disease and being fat is genetic!

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If no one exercised why are there so many gyms?

Obviously people like me do it they would go out of business & you wouldn't need GNC's all over

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This is because the Fuelband is useless, not lack of Android support. Take a device that isn't all that accurate (just like most pedometers) and then make up your own unit of measurement.

Nike Fuelband.

The best thing it had going for it was that it looks cool.

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I'm so over Nike and their Fuelband. They promised an Android version in the summer of 2012. Spring of 2014, still nothing. This is probably because Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) is on their board of directors.

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Well it's to bad I was going to buy one when they released the Android integrate fuelband

Guess it wasn't selling good enough since they were just exclusive to Apple phones

To bad really liked the app & Nike products

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