Nexus S

Alongside recent Nexus S 4G announcements, Google has revealed that the original 3G version of its flagship phone has just launched in an additional 17 countries including Ireland, Australia and most of continental Europe. In other Nexus S news, Samsung Canada has opened a preview page where you can sign up for updates on the phone's Canadian availability.

Join us after the jump for a complete list of territories and links to buy the Nexus S in your country. [@googlenexus]

The Nexus S is now available in -

Of course, the phone is also still available in launch territories including the US and UK.


Reader comments

Nexus S now available in 17 more countries


Why is Canada taking so long? Should be another couple of weeks though I'm surprised that stock became available in the other countries first. Guess it's up to Samsung?

Sprint is going to sell it "supposingly" as a pure Android device, I hope so for Sprint users, even so, if they install bloat and it can be removed without having to go to measures, I'd be OK to that.

I would also like to know when the NAM version of the Nexus S comes out. For AT&T.

Available in Malaysia since last week.

Already outdated,
Retails at US$ 800 (RM 2500)!
i would have still go for it if only it comes with samoled,
instead of SLCD.