The Nexus One has been through a lot -- it's been strapped to a rocket, had mutiple cameos in HBO's hit show "Entourage," it died and came back to life again as Google's main dev phone. But this saga doesn't end there; Google's Android Developer blog put out word that the Nexus One has now been put on backorder by HTC. According to Tim Bray, the inital batch of unlocked phones flew off the digital shelf. But hey -- I guess when you're this popular, everyone wants a piece of the pie (or frozen yogurt). [Android Developers Blog]


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Nexus One too popular even with devs, is now on backorder


Not all that surprising assuming HTC is probably focusing on producing other handsets. I have yet to find another handset with such great build quality aside from the original Droid.

Agreed. The Evo, DInc, and X all feel flimsy and cheap to me. The Nexus and Droid have a solid build that doesnt feel like it will break if I hold it wrong.

htc just needs to make another phone similar to the Nexus One, throw 2.2 on it and put it in Tmobile stores. Thats what shouldve been done with the Nexus One in the First Place. let google and the Devs have their back ordered baby. if they woulda put it in stores they wouldnt have this problem.

Why does it have to be another phone.

HTC has every thing they need to fire up the Nexus One production line and sell it out of their own on-line store as a non-locked phone.

I don't know what rights Google has to this phone, but I'm sure they could come to some agreement. Its still being sold in EU, so its not like they have to start from ground zero.

There needs to be a non-carrier locked phone.

I am a very proud owner of what I and many other think is the best made device. Perfect size, build quality and the looks are killer. You can not appreciate this device unless you had some real time with it. Root it and go wild. I'm hoping that HTC and Google comes out with The Nexus Two. PLEASE

Sadly speaking this is the only GREAT Android phone AT&T got. I remember I used to go everyday to Google's phone store to check if they released it for the AT&T frequency and almost fainted when it was finally available [exaggeration :)]

What do we have now...that POS-built Samsung Captivate? Ha! Or the identity-confused Dell Streak who's wearing 1.6? Ha!

Yeah, we need HTC to step it up and built us another great Android device and release it unlocked for the AT&T freq.

I agree that we need more selection of high-end android phones on AT&T...we only have one at the moment - Captivate. Then there's the mid-level Aria, and the low-level Backflip.

I have an EVO and if the Nexus One was available on Sprint, that would be my phone of choice. The fact that you don't have to wait until the Carrier/Manufacturer to release their official update is awesome.

Yeah, that is going to make it really hard to leave the Nexus. I can't see myself getting another phone until there is another official Google phone released.

Ive had problems with my N1. Im on my second phone and they both have horrible 3G issues.

2.1 - Horrible 3G

2.2 - Fixed my 3G issue. Full bars most of the time.

2.2 (FRF91) - Back to shotty 3G. Hardly ever have 4 bars. Normally 0-2 bars. On 0 bars a lot and never switches to EDGE.

But are you having trouble using the phone?
Or are you simply obsessing about the bars?

Mine has been perfect. I have had one dropped call in three months, down from 5 per week with my iphone. And I never even glance at the bars, because I know the call with go thru every time.

I have had the Nexus One for longer than most, I am very pleased with my device. You can either leave it alone or go crazy with flashing custom roms. Of course you can do this with plenty of other devices. I have had few problems with my Nexus that were not easily researched and fixed. There are faster phones coming out, we can all agree that is inevitable. But for the time being Nexus One owners still have plenty to brag about. If it wasn't for 4g, and t-mobile's upcoming HSPA+ phone's, I would keep my Nexus for a very long time(2 years at least ;))

Moral of my statement: Nexus One is a very creative and sexy device indeed. It's hard to knock a phone until you at least tried it for a couple weeks.

I have one for sale, for AT&T. I'll stick with the $530 price tag. It's new. I've taken it out of the box and powered it on but that's about it. Find my email address at