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It's not every day that you see smartphone nerdery atop some of the nation's biggest newspapers. But darting through the airport this morning, we found the Google Nexus One stripped across USA Today; as a hotbox on the Wall Street Journal, referring to Uncle Walt's review (shut up!); and as the centerpiece of the San Francisco Chronicle (natch, seeing as how the "Google Versus Apple" battle is in its backyard).

Say what you will about newspapers (and I can say plenty), but it's good to see the old establishment giving some smartphone love. How about you guys? Find the N1 in your hometown rag?

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Nexus One gets above-the-fold love


This phone is overhyped.
Too overhyped!

It's a conspiracy!
Good luck with changing the market google

The Iphone is overhyped too, but the Iphone and its network are both POS. I would never own one. I tried blackberry, Iphone, and I will never own neither. BB storm was an utter failure. BB wants a phone that can compete with the iphone, yet they take their ancient OS, well maybe they have made changes but it ALWAYS looks the same for the most part on all blackberry devices. Iphone is just garbage, its like a chick phone and even they have problems using it.

I got my droid and I love everything but the physical keyboard, so maybe I will get a nexus one if it comes to VZW because I never use the physical KB, so it would be better and lighter to not have one.

"like a chick phone and even they have problems using it."

Yeah and I heard chicks are also no good at math, can't drive, and have cooties as well.

In all fairness, this is not Google's phone, so the title of the USA Today article is just plain wrong... Not that I'm surprised that a generalist newspaper like this is just so off the mark, but it saddens me every single time.

HTC is making and selling the Nexus One. Google is distributing it. It is just another Android phone, even if it is very well done.

Got no problem with TMo. I just won't switch to them if I can only get individual plans. The price difference between a Sprint family plan and multiple $80 TMo individual plans is too great. Might as well be paying Verizon or ATT prices at that point.

It IS Google's phone. They went to HTC and had them make it.

I'm not so sure why this phone is such a big deal to the media. It was on my local news last night....they never have tech stuff. Whatever the reason this is good for Android as a whole. Whether the N1 be the greatest phone or not this coverage is good for the operating system.

same reason the iphone is. Hype sells, not specs. When the iPhone came out everyone went apeshit despite the fact that it was far less capable than other smartphones. What it did have was a nice big screen and a consumer-friendly look. That drove the hype and pushed it to the critical mass that it holds today. Google gets the same kind of hype as a company that lots of people use and look to for innovation. Until the 4th gen iPhone comes out with a most-likely larger and better screen along with a Tegra or Snapdragon-class processor, this will be best in class for smart phones. The constant drive to outdo the competition keeps things from getting stale.

I created post in the forums titled "Is Nexus-One the Next iPhone Killer?". Some including the moderator didn't think it was about Google vs. Apple but instead Google vs. Blackberry. And while I agree that most of the Android converts are Blackberry users, this Android Central article as well as the USA Today article prove the point for which I wrote it: No matter what the case is, the public (outside of us phone aficionados) is going to draw this up as a war between Google and Apple.

That said, the press has this all wrong. Sure, hype the fact Google has a new phone. But from a technical standpoint, there's nothing really "new". From a cultural standpoint, it's ground breaking. Finally the U.S. is moving to the European model where you pick your phone AND your carrier. Phone makers won't have to delay their device along with extra money to satisfy carrier (read: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint) bloatware extortion policies.

And for that, I'm glad the Nexus-One is out even if I am leaning toward the Xperia X10.

I have this Nexus One in hand already.

Let me tell you...overhyped or not, this is one sweet piece of tech.
Fast, beautiful, efficient with battery life.

I've put other phones behind me now that I have this. Nothing even compares.