It's not surprising that Google launched the Nexus One, and it's not surprising that the Nexus One will be available both unlocked for $529 or with T-Mobile contract for $179, we've heard those numbers before. What IS surprising is that the Nexus One is headed to Verizon. Yes, the Nexus One Phone with Verizon Wireless will be available. According to, there'll be an option to buy the Nexus One on Verizon (and Vodafone) in Spring 2010. Verizon is still making sure that they have the best Android devices available. Go Big Red



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Nexus One Coming to Verizon


I'm assuming the VZ version will be CDMA but I'm a little worried it might be LTE. I say that because I'll be buying an unlocked VZ version and taking it to Sprint if I can...

If AT&Ts network cant handle the increased demand for data that it experienced Sprint doesnt have a chance. They cant even afford network technicians. Verizon is built to run. Bring on all the smart phones you can, there's plenty of room.

Once again no Android device for AT&T. I love my iphone, but deep down I hope AT&Ts bonehead decision to shun all things Android will f**k them in the end.

I have the DROID and cannot WAIT until the Nexus comes out for Verizon. I will get that like I have got every other new phone that hits the market that looks interesting. It's called progression son. Learn about it. Android 10 - Other Team 0.

But Android 2.1 will come to the Droid, maybe even before the N1 arrives on VZ. So you'll probably get all the voice stuff and all the other improvements. Honestly not sure whether to wait for the N1 or just get the Droid. I kind of like the thinness and shape of the N1 better, but other than that, it's pretty much a wash.

The Motorola Droids has dual 528mhz processors and more resolution then you can shake a stick at. The phone is awesome and no one that has one should be pissed. Just my opionion your mileage my vary

Waht, you didn't see the press release that AT&T has already contracted for 5 Android phones by the end of 2010?

nah bugless beast on droid is just as good if not better and plus i love the keyboard would not trade my droid for nexus one for nothing

Is no one counting that the droid comes with a 16gb microSD card as opposed to the Nexus's 4gb card? Trust me I am a little upset I already cut up the box for my droid rebate but I suppose I can survive with it for a year before I get the Nexus :)

^^Pissed why? The N1 doesn't outperform the MotoDroid by LEAPS. Yes the processor is a tad faster and has more RAM. But the Droid can definitely hold its own against the Droid.

In any case, This is a win for ALL Android device owners.

And Bravo to Verizon for making sure they have all the Top of the Line Android Devices.

Yeah, but the difference is the Droid is ugly and made by Motorola, the Nexus isn't, and that is what makes it better.

Well nobody forced them to buy a phone if they thought it was ugly or substandard. Likewise, not everyone feels like they need to buy the newest thing the moment it comes out. That road will always lead to disappointment ;)

I can't wait for the N1 to come out and drop the price of the MotoDroid. I love getting the next to latest stuff at half the price of those who bought it at release a few months earlier. No software glitches to deal with and my wallet approves.

Vzw must be trying to make up for the idiotic decision to not take iphone.. They do has the best droid devices now!!

The shoe is on the other foot. Now AT&T is the fool by putting all its eggs in the iphone basket and completely ignoring Android.

Vzw was approached by Apple first and said no. They didnt want to give up an arm a leg and both ears, which is what Apple was asking for. So if you see AT&T limping youll know why, and if they dont do any thing about the complaints about their network it because they can hear.

I have a DROID now but will probably buy the N1 when it arrives! Love my DROID but I don't use the keyboard as much as I thought I would. Still I'm a phone whore and I love that VZW is indulging me FINALLY!!!!

Are you kidding!? CDMA has FAR superior coverage over GSM. GSM sucks! I could take my VZ phone anywhere and get a signal. AT&T and T-Mobile suck donkeys.

i was told CDMA is dead on the live blog. while i wish verizon ran GSM, there's just no network that can compare to them. this is what makes google worlds smarter than apple.

Yeah, the Droid seems like a great phone but I'm not a slider fan. I was hoping the N1 would be released on VZW but I can wait a few months, and if their are any bugs with the N1 hopefully they'll be fixed before the phone hits Big Red.

I wouldnt worry about many bugs with the N1, Htc makes a great phone, and googles android operating systems are intuitive and stable.

Greaat news for verizon.
Thatwill give them several weeks to come with another sluggerfest of an ad campaign. I am goona call it first, 1 million plus verizon N1's sold in the first month!!!

Will this be coming to Orange UK network? If not, will I be able to use the unlocked N1 with my Orange UK simcard and still use their 3G?? Any help would be great!

Verizon-specific N1? So what is the use of having an unlock N1 when you can't seamlessly switch between carriers and use 3G, say from T-Mo to Sprint, or from Verizon to AT&T, or any other way?

Why can't Google or HTC finally makes a phone that works on both GSM and CDMA platforms on all bands, including 3G bands? Or simply Google and HTC do not have that capability and again leave it to Apple to pioneer.

Verizon is not leaving it to Apple to pioneer. The radio chip is not made or designed by Apple. It is made by another company, under contract. At this time, Qualcomm is the only one making CDMA chips. Qualcomm is also pioneering the CDMA/GSM chip. That chip should hit the market within 18 months.

Why can't Google or HTC finally make a phone that works on both GSM and CDMA platforms on all bands, including 3G bands? Or simply Google and HTC do not have that capability and again leave it to Apple to pioneer.

If coming out with the first US phone to use the Snap Dragon 1gig processor and the new low power brightes screen on the market is not pioneering then what is. Any way how many people do you thing are going to pay for two data plans?

Why can't Google or HTC finally make a phone that works on both GSM and CDMA platforms on all bands, including 3G bands? Or simply Google and HTC do not have that capability and again leave it to Apple to pioneer.

Same reason people can't manage to post just once ;)

Seriously, that would require a whole mess of radios, drivers, and approvals. What has Apple done anywhere close to this and what leads you to think they will somehow "pioneer" this kind of tech?

well damn, i'm up for an upgrade in a week on VZW so now do i go with the droid or wait for the n1?

I'm not interested in an N1, as I truly hate virtual keyboards. But it really pisses me off that Sprint can't keep up with the latest phones. Verizon used the be the worst at bringing new phones to their network, but now that seems to be Sprit. No Droid, no N1, and lame delays in putting 2.0 (or 2.1) on the Android phones they do have.

I hate Verizon's data plans, but I'm beginning to hate Sprint more.

So basically because as of the past 2 months Verizon has gotten a single Android device better than Sprint's and will be getting another good Android device within the next 4 months they are somehow leaps and bounds better than Sprint? Do you really expect them to put out a new flagship device every few months? Sprint got the Hero before VZW. They got the Pre last summer and at the time that was the only phone that matched the specs of the iPhone. What did Verizon have last summer? Not much but some BB Storm stuff.

The nature of this business is that new things are always coming out. Today it's TMobile getting the must-have phone. In a few months it might be Verizon. When the Bravo or LG Prada 3 running Android or iPhone 4th gen or whatever comes out, then it will be some other carrier. Get used to it and pick carriers based on price and coverage in your area.

Switched to vzw back in Oct from sprint. Very quickly became a crackberry addict. Grabbed a Droid in Nov because I needed another line. Motor Droid is tops and one I'll stick with at least until Nexus Two.

Does ANYONE know when the Nexus One is hitting verizon(exact date)...or if they are getting it for sure??????

i, too, am curious about this. it appears pretty obvious that verizon will be getting it, but does anyone have any inside information as to what "spring 2010" really means? to me, it seems like that could be anything from february '10 to june '10. i anxiously await whatever that date may be.

I've been waiting YEARS for this phone. Totally pissed off because VZ snubbed the iPhone, but am stuck with VZ because its the only decent network and AT&T sucks. The Droid comes out, but someone forgot to tell Google that REMOTE WIPE is needed or enterprise people aren't going to support it, an my company took over my cellphone and won't let me have a Droid!! More waiting. Now the N1... will it support remote wipe? Apparently not. Yes, there are third party apps to do this, but my cheapo company won't go there.

So... I wait for the N1. More waiting, but at least it's coming to VZ. And no, VZ has ALWAYS sucked at getting the best phones. Look how long it took them to get the Treo - years! Sprint always had the cool phones, but they're like Chrysler; cool looking products with lame service. VZ got the Droid, and thank god for that. Finally, they have cutting edge tech. they lost a ton of business to the iPhone. Maybe now they'll get some of it back. But please, VZ, make it "early" spring and not "late" spring. Very early.

Now i am very confused do i return my droid because i am with the return date policy and wait for the nexus phone to come out on verizon network or do i be happy with what i have becuase i still love the Droid.

So glad I decided to hold my NE2 for a little while longer. I just hope "Spring 2010" doesn't mean at the end of it.

Damn! I'm eligible for an upgrade now, Vzw always screwing us over. 1st the iPhone and now we gotta wait till spring for the N1. When the hell is the iPhone coming to Vzw

I'm actually glad that we have to wait a couple months. They made T-mobile customers the Beta testers. Look at the 3G problems and the touch screen problems. All of the bugs should be resolved, before VZW gets it.

- Display: 3.7 854×480 vs. 3.7 800x480 pixels.
- Camera: 5 mega pixel flash vs. 5 mega pixel flash
- CPU: 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 Processor vs. Qualcomm QSD 8250 (Snapdragon) at 1GHz.
- Memory: 256 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM vs. 512 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM
- Battery: 1400mAh Li-ion vs. 1400mAh
- Talk Time: 7 hours vs. 7 hours
- Standby Time: 450 hours vs. 290 hours
- Dimensions: 60.00 x 115.80 x 13.70 mm vs. 119mm long, 59.8mm wide, 11.5mm thick.
- Weight: 169g vs. 130g with battery

it's going to be smaller less bulky but that's about it.

2.1 for the droid will have it doing the same things as nexus one, and from the looks of things us Droid users will be using it before anybody!

Forget about droid and Iphone

Think the Nexus One will require a data plan when it is on Verizon? I heard on various websites that it won't... wishful thinking? :)

I was wondering when the Palm comment would arrive. didnt have to wait long, did we? I also was Palm years ago, then Berry. Both excellent, but Android is where I am now

VZ is the only carrier I can use successfully in the outermost rural that I live in, for that reason I've been with them for a few years. Always had to pay data plans, I am thinking it will be that way for the N1

umm, this seems like a no brainer to me, maybe because I travel internationally all the time.
what we need is a droid which is cdma, and has an unlocked gsm slot - and if the stupid american carriers want that sim slot to be locked from their networks I'll give that to them. but I need to have a CDMA plan while in the states, then be able to pop in a pay as you go sim when I get to europe and use the same device.
I live in new york city, and there are gsm dead zones all over the city, as well as on the way to and IN THE TERMINALS! which make att and tmobile unusable for anyone who's in business. VZN and sprint are the only choices.
yes I said it - sprint! near identical service to verizon, because where they don't have towers, they rent access to verizon towers. I can talk from here to montreal without one dropped call. NO gsm carrier even makes it to the NYC limit.
there have been world phones for years - why won't somebody make a droid version?
and why don't I want it to be an iphone? - cause apple apps suck, and translating your data back and forth between different OS never really works 100%.

It's funny how many customers are dissing Sprint, but the Verizon and Sprint networks are shared and roam off each other seamlessly. ie its the same damn network!

Save 50% and give Sprint a chance...

I wish you had some data to back up that assertion. I would contest that just because they use the same signal there is no reason to assume that they happily share their valuable CDMA carrier slots with each other. There are circumstances, like when I lived in VT and had Sprint service, that a Sprint phone could roam on the CellularOne and Verizon towers as part of your plan. Unfortunately, that is simply a result of Sprint negotiating (paying for) access through the competitors' towers. It is not implicit that access will be granted across the networks (as I am quite sure it certainly is not) and in special cases like rural VT, those contracts expire and must be renegotiated on a specified basis. People's largest concern with Sprint is that they don't even own their own towers. They sold them off for $670M and now license access from the TowerCO. Just Google it really quickly if you want to experience some heavy blushing in the face...

I can confirm that Verizon and Sprint phones can roam off each other's network (voice and data). It is listed in each of their websites. The main differences are in the smaller third party carriers that each has negotiated with. Also, during high volume periods, whoever's network you belong to will give you priority over someone who belongs to another carrier.

To answer whoever was commenting on vzw using CDMA over GSM, vzw uses CDMA because a GSM network would not support the number of verizon customer required. Each tower is permitted 416 channels by the FCC. GSM technology allows 8 calls per channel. CDMA technology allows 50 calls per channel. i.e sacrifice an almost unnoticable amount of data speed for nearly guarenteed service :)

I went into Verizon to test out the Droid and Nexus One on 3/30, and none of the employees in the store had any clue that the Nexus One was coming. They even said they'd heard it was a flop elsewhere, so it probably wasn't any good. I have 30 days for it to come out and trade in my Droid, so hurry up and get there Nexus One!