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Just as Google Nexus 7 tablets are starting to make their way out to consumers, the tablet has received a minor over-the-air update, the second OTA for those who got the Google I/O edition. As far as we can tell, this is a minor update for the Jelly Bean tablet, weighing just 859KB and updating as quickly as you'd expect for a file of that size. The only change we've noticed so far is the addition of a little more technical info in the "About Tablet" screen. FCC ID, IC and model number have been added, presumably to give folks an easy way of finding that stuff if they don't hold onto the sticker that's fixed to the back of the tablet.

The build number's been upped from JRO03C to JRO03D, too, but we haven't noticed any other changes upon starting our Nexii up with the new version. At the numeric level, JRO03D is still Android 4.1.1. (And yes, the local search feature is still alive and well, so there's no need to worry about that.)

If you've noticed anything new on your own device, be sure to shout out in the comments.


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Nexus 7 gets a tiny OTA update to build JRO03D


Oh, I don't know what it means, but it is close to my name....right?

Beyond that any update to software may be a step in the right direction.

Crazy as it sounds - I almost wish I worked for Google and could be involved in their software developments. Yeah I can code, I can develop, and I can debug....but that's a story for another time.

as i read this,I look over and realize-I DONT HAVE ONE!!!!DARN IT!!!!,now back to lower case!!!

Just as I read this I reached for my Nexus 7 ... and realized I haven't bought one yet. :(

Edit: someone beat me to this comment too. :(

The update JRO03D causes the screen to turn into a 3d display, but only if you have a Google invite. Those aren't going to be started until next year, and it'll be in beta status for 3 years after that.

haha sorry. Saw the build and immediately chuckled at the idea.

Not so fast. What do you mean 3d display? The home screens or all screens and how do we get an invite and why did you chuck the idea?

I have to say Not only is the local search still active it's probably better than ever. I ordered my galaxy nexus the friday before the ban and got it the next monday and jelly bean came within the next week and this is the best phone I've ever had. Received my nexus 7 tablet today and was already promoted with this update which I must say is also quite a treat my google

Did the I/O N7 tablet (we'll call early version) have universal search on it? My first thought has to be another update removing it. I've already dodged two of these bullets this week. I'm feeling a little gun shy lately with updates.

I have the Galaxy Nexus and now a brand new Nexus 7, both running Jelly Bean. They are by far the best mobile devices I have ever owned. And I used to be an iPhone/iPad user. From now on only Nexus. Kudos to Google.

Welcome to the Droid side. You couldn't have chosen two better devices, plus the bonus of being Nexii, (yes I know that word doesn't exist but you get my drift!?), you'll also be party to prompt updates too.

I'm still waiting for mine. By the time Google gets around to shipping the damned thing, something new will be out. Should have just gotten a Kindle Fire, at least Amazon ships those out. I'm so pissed that ordering it from Google didnt get it here any faster. Would have ordered from GameStop had I known their customers would be getting it so fast.

I've never understood "pre-ordering" meaning "first". It always meant to me I was guaranteed to have a copy of the item on release day. Google never mentioned a release day...

Why? Because you assume that to be the case? Obviously retailers ordered from Google and them delivered to their stores and were sitting on them. All it takes is for one retailer to break a street date (keep in mind, a date was never established) before other retailers follow suit. I got my SIII through best buy before Sprint even starting shipping or carrying the phone in store. In that case, there was an established launch day and Sprint customers had a right to be upset. Preordering means when we have them in stock, you'll get first dibs. Maybe you're the retard or like everyone else in this day and again, entitled.

Congrats for those people who have one. I still haven't even received a shipped notice from my preorder which I placed before the Google conference even started.

I love paying more for something and getting it later than everyone who just meandered into a Gamestop a few weeks later. Thanks google.