Nexus 5 QuickCover.

You'll be able to find cheaper Nexus 5 cases, for sure. But Google's official Nexus 5 flip case is a fine specimen.

There wasn't a whole lot of new ground for LG and Google to cover with its new Nexus 5 QuickCover. We've all grown accustomed to this sort of case/cover combo. So the devil's in the details. Just get them right. And to that end, we've got a winner here. OK, an expensive winner — the QuickCover runs $49.99 in Google Play — but a good product nonetheless.

Let's take a quick look.

Nexus 5 QuickCover.Nexus 5 QuickCover.

The QuickCovers very much mirror their intended devices. You can get one in black, or white. (Or get both if you want.) And like the Nexus 5 itself, the black cover is done in the pleasingly matte, soft-touch finish. The white version — again, just like the phone — is a bit more slick. The color and finish also mean the black case shows fingerprints more readily. 

Is $50 too much for this Nexus 5 accessory? Probably. But at least it's a quality product.

The plastic also feels a little different than that on the Nexus 5 Bumper case — that is to say, this definitely feels like a more premium product. (And since you're paying another $16 over an already expensive bumper case, I suppose it should.) Everything fits as it should. The phone goes in easily enough. And while you can pry up the bottom edges a little, we don't get the feeling at all that your Nexus 5 might come flying out without warning. Oh, and you've got cutouts for the 3.5mm headphone jack and the power buttons, and the secondary microphone up top.

Nexus 5 QuickCoverThe QuickCover also is useful when closed. The volume rocker is hidden behind the hinge, but there are a couple little telltale nubs to use — as in when you're listening to music and just need to turn things up (or down, I suppose) but don't actually need to see the display. The earpiece speaker is left exposed as well, so you can keep the cover closed while you're on a phone call. (It'll be interesting to see how the white model holds up to the dirt and grime and makeup on your face, — you dirty, grimy, made-up person, you. But, again, the white one's a little easier to clean, probably.)

As we noted in our look at the Nexus Wireless Charger, you'll also be able to charge your phone with the case still on. Cool.

And, finally, this case has a magnet embedded in the cover. Close it, and the display turns off. Open it, and you're back at your lockscreen. Excellent.

Again, the Nexus 5 QuickCover is not a cheap accessory at a penny shy of $50. But it's also nicely done.


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Nexus 5 QuickCover by LG


About as tacky as your sunglasses...

Anyway...Phil! You do such a good job at making videos. You should have done a video review for this. (/rant)

I have the same type of cover but for my Optimus G. It really makes the phone feel premium

Posted via Android Central App

No it is not, very silly design as you can't glance at your phone with the cover on and see if a message has been received. Just got the case (paid 25) so not a bad deal,but made this realization too late.

Seems laggy... Can't have a . 0005 wait for the screen to turn on

/couldn't help myself.

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There's no justification to charge 50 dollars for this, even if it functions nicely. Unless it's made of solid gold, it shouldnt be this expensive really.

Would it be? Apple's flip covers for iPads that double as a stand and are made of high quality materials are $39.99...

Those are just covers, not cases... this is a case.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

Even so. An iPad flip cover is almost 4 times bigger than this case. Even adding a case for the iPad it would cost almost the same than this case. Too expensive for what it's worth, in my opinion.

Let them make money somehow on these devices... they are already bringing great devices at great prices. I would much rather have lower priced devices and recoup losses on accessories than any of the alternatives.

Just bought a Nillkin on eBay, looks just the same, for $8.99. Don't believe Google's product is that much better.

I should have been more patient, lol. I found a "Delight" wallet case on Amazon for $10 with free shipping, because it was the only wallet case available at the time.

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Shouldn't it bypass the lock screen? What is the point of making you still swipe?

Posted via Android Central App

I think you would turn off the screen security if it is just in the way...

Posted via Android Central App

Trust me, I agree. I always head straight to Amazon, when shopping for cases, as they always have the cheapest price.

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Covering the LED is a deal breaker for me. I usually leave the phone on a table at home and many times miss calls and text messages when I am in another room. I would miss a lot more without that LED. And yes, I know you can always drill a hole......

I saw an English reviewer on YouTube who said there is a gap where it doesn't come in contact with the device on the right edge. Like the flap is lifted up slightly. It looked really annoying. Did you notice that, Phil?

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Interesting there's a hole for the front camera, I wonder why they did that, perhaps for a security app?

Anyone noticed increased battery drain, as if the thing is on all the time checking that the lid is still closed?

I don't know whether I'm imagining it but I do feel like I'm getting shorter battery life with the quick cover. This is purely anecdotal but the battery life is noticeably shorter.

Hey Phil, where is this magnet situated in the cover? (And how strong is it? Do paperclips stick to it for example?)
Thanks for the review.